Mrs. Deborah Vinciguerra

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Our Schedule
Tuesday-Technology and Spanish
Wednesday- Art
Thursday-Music and Skills
Friday- Physical Education(Gym)



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This week we will learn about the first Thanksgiving.  We will take a journey on Mayflower across the ocean and discover the difficult challenges they faced.  We will learn that the Pilgrim's left for religious freedom, and met new friends when they arrived who helped them survive the harsh conditions they encountered.


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We will continue Chapter 4,
 Addition and Subtraction relationships within 10.
Our math words for this chapter are:
related subtraction facts
related addition facts
fact family
 missing addend 
bar model


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Red Folders went home last week.  
They will go home again on Friday!

This week in Journeys, we will begin Unit 2, Lesson 7.  We will read the non-fiction story, "How Animals Communicate". The Phonics focus this week will be reviewing the short /i/ sound, blends wirh /r/, and phonogram -ip. The comprehension skill this week is review of Main Idea and Details. Our Essential Question is: "How do animals communicate?". As part of our comprehension practice, students will learn to infer and predict what is happening and what will happen next. 
 In grammar this week, we will learn how to use a comma in a series.  We have been doing a great job writing our sentences. We will make lists of our favorite things in order to practice placement of commas. We will also learn how to use the Glossary this week.  They will be tested on this at the end of the week.

  We now are in a routine of decoding, blending, writing, and comprehension. 


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 We are working on Nutrition for our Health class. Children made their own healthy plates.  We talked about  the sugar and salt in their snacks.  We will work on the food groups and group posters.  Children will be assigned a food group.  Please continue to send in magazines with pictures of foods.

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Social Studies
This week we focus on Thanksgiving and all our family traditions!

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Chapter 4- The Holy Family

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Students must bring a snack, lunch and  drinks for the school day , in a labeled lunch box. If you are purchasing lunch, please label the coupon with your child's name and be sure to circle the choice. Please put the coupon in your child's lunch bag and put the lunch bag in their folder.  If your child attends aftercare please send an extra snack labeled Aftercare.  
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Dismissal Procedures:
If your child attends aftercare regularly please write a note indicating the days he or she will attend. 
If there is a change in your dismissal procedure please send a note explaining how he or she will get home. 
 ex : car rider/ school bus

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All supplies of crayons , tissues and baby wipes are community property and will need to be replenished during the school year.  

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Remember to pray with your child everyday.  We pray in class for our family and friends.  I encourage you to attend mass with your child on Sunday.