Mrs. Deborah Vinciguerra

Welcome 2019

Our Schedule
Tuesday-Technology and Spanish
Wednesday- Art
Thursday-Music and Skills
Friday- Physical Education(Gym)

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Children must have a note if their dismissal changes at any time. 

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doubles plus 1


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This week, we will begin Unit 4 lesson 17.  Please note that there are now 12 spelling words and eight sight words. The children "need" to practice reading, phonics, and sight words daily to improve fluency.

This week's story is ,"The Big Trip".  The essential question is: What are some ways that we travel?


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We have already started our unit on the Earth, Sun, Stars, Moon, and Planets.  This unit will take several weeks to complete.  We have been talking about the seasons during the rotation of the Earth. Tomorrow for lab, we will create shadows. The students already know that shadows are formed when an object blocks the light therefore sending the light around the object creating a shadow.

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Social Studies
This week we learn about some of the Presidents from the past.  We honor George Washington as our founding Father and Abraham Lincoln for his honesty and actions toward all mankind.

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Last week we learned about the journey the Three Kings took in search of baby Jesus.

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Students must bring a snack, lunch and  drinks for the school day , in a labeled lunch box. If you are purchasing lunch, please label the coupon with your child's name and be sure to circle the choice. Please put the coupon in your child's lunch bag and put the lunch bag in their folder.  If your child attends aftercare please send an extra snack labeled Aftercare.  
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Dismissal Procedures:
If your child attends aftercare regularly please write a note indicating the days he or she will attend. 
If there is a change in your dismissal procedure please send a note explaining how he or she will get home. 
 ex : car rider/ school bus

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All supplies of crayons , tissues and baby wipes are community property and will need to be replenished during the school year.  

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Remember to pray with your child everyday.  We pray in class for our family and friends.  I encourage you to attend mass with your child on Sunday.