Mrs. Deborah Vinciguerra

Welcome 2019

Our Schedule
Tuesday-Technology and Spanish
Wednesday- Art
Thursday-Music and Skills
Friday- Physical Education(Gym)

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Children must have a note if their dismissal changes at any time. 


We are nearing the end of the school year.  We will only have two more spelling tests, and at least one more in each subject area. Assessment will be on going until the end of the year. Continue to practice phonics and decoding skills along with math facts.

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We have started Chapter 12 Subtraction with 2 digit numbers.  Our test for Chapter 11 will be tomorrow, Wednesday.  The children are doing very well with addition.  I am confident that they will do well on their test.  Also, they are doing amazing on subtraction. Our Math classes are very productive, and the children are catching on very quickly. Many children are able to do mental math.  It is a pleasure to work with the kids.  If you think your child is struggling, then I suggest flash cards. Flash cards are $1.00 in the dollar store and will help your child to learn simple addition and subtraction problems very quickly.


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In Phonics we are learning Vowel Digraph oo.  We will also introduce possessive pronouns.  Read this wonderful story with your child!
This week, we will begin Unit 5, Lesson 24.  We will have our final formal spelling and ELA tests this Friday, May 24th. Assessments will be ongoing until the end of the year which will be informal. We will continue working in our Journeys reader and Reader's Notebook until the end of the year.  We will read the stories in Unit 6, but not be formally assessed.  You may begin sending in the last reader, Unit 6, after the Memorial Day weekend.  There are many great stories I would love to share with the children.  We will continue to learn new phonics skills.  We will not complete the entire workbook, so feel free to have the children finish pages over the summer.
This week our essential question is, "What happens to a tree as it grows? The story this week is, "A Tree is a Plant". We will learn about the life cycle of an apple tree. Our phonics skill is the long /u/ sound as in few and you. We will also learn spelling pattern /oo/ as in moo or boo. Our comprehension skill this week is sequence of events and questioning. In grammar, we will work with indefinate pronouns. Our paired reading is, "Grow Apples, Grow!" 


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In science we are learning many new things.  We are growing watermelon seeds and learning about the life cycle of the watermelon..We are learning about other life cycles too.  We watched a video about the life cycle of the frog.  We learned that it takes 7 weeks for the egg to grow into a frog.



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This week we will conclude our lessons on transportation.  We finish with reading about explorers Lewis and Clark.
As part of our ELA chapter this week, we will also learn about people and schools from the past.


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Students must bring a snack, lunch and  drinks for the school day , in a labeled lunch box. If you are purchasing lunch, please label the coupon with your child's name and be sure to circle the choice. Please put the coupon in your child's lunch bag and put the lunch bag in their folder.  If your child attends aftercare please send an extra snack labeled Aftercare.  
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Dismissal Procedures:
If your child attends aftercare regularly please write a note indicating the days he or she will attend. 
If there is a change in your dismissal procedure please send a note explaining how he or she will get home. 
 ex : car rider/ school bus

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All supplies of crayons , tissues and baby wipes are community property and will need to be replenished during the school year.  

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We continue our Lenten journey this week.  In our classroom, we pray daily for others using our prayer chain created by the children.  We continue to be reminded that Lent means sacrifice, almsgiving, and prayer.  Many of the children have "given something up" for Lent.  We will help each other to keep our promises to God. We have also discussed almsgiving. The children have come up with some ways they can collect money for donations or donate their time and effort for others.  The third part of Lent is prayer.  We all pray daily as a school, but the children were reminded that this means "pray more".  They can find a quiet place in their room where they can talk to Jesus and pray for others. 

In addition, the children have been coloring in triangles on their stained glass cross. Each triangle represents an act of kindness that they feel they have done. Pleasse encourage your child to be self-less during this Lenten season.
Remember to pray with your child everyday.  We pray in class for our family and friends.  I encourage you to attend mass with your child on Sunday.