This Week in 1A

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           In E.L.A. this week we will explore Unit 4 Lesson 19. Our whole group anchor text this week will be the social studies-themed biographical text: "Tomas Rivera". Students will learn about the writer Tomas Rivera, while learning the importance of studying the past. We will revisit the skill of "sequence of events".
          Our phonics lessons this week will focus on long o patterns (oa, ow). We will remember the rule: "When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking." Our spelling words will follow these patterns.  In writing this week students will learn how to write a letter. In grammar we will learn the future tense. We will also revisit the vocabulary strategy of synonyms.
         There will be a Spelling test this Friday. 

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         In Math this week students will complete Chapter 8-"Two-digit Addition and Subtraction".  This week in class we will use place value to add two-digit numbers, solve two-digit word problems, and review learned strategies.Students will be assessed on these concepts on Friday. In order to prepare for the assessment students should review completed homework pages and the review test. Students will bring home the review test on Thursday.

         Science & Social Studies

In the coming weeks we will continue our "Astronomy" unit of study. Throughout this unit we will explore the day and night sky. We will also learn about the sun and the planets in our solar system. Social studies themes will be incorporated into our ELA lessons for the week, and the study of people of the past.

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    This week we will continue to draw and write about our journey to Jesus. This week we will learn about the importance of prayer,
and different ways to pray. We will specifically learn about the special
prayer Jesus gave us: the Lord's prayer.