This Week in 1A

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       In E.L.A. this week we will explore begin Unit 5 Lesson 25. The Essential Question will be: "What can you learn from someone from another country?" Our whole group anchor text this week will be the realistic fiction story: "The New Friend".  The paired informational text will be "Symbols of Our Country". We will focus especially on characters, and analyze what they say and do, and how they feel.
          Our phonics lessons this week will focus on the vowel digraphs ou, and ow. Our spelling words contain these two vowel digraphs. Students will be assessed on these words on Thursday, June 1st. This unit will continue through next week. There will be an ELA and Spelling next Thursday, June 1st. No tests this week.
           In grammar lessons, students will revisit contractions. 

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         In Math this week we will continue
Unit 11-"Three Dimensional Shapes". In this chapter students have been introduced to different types of 3D shapes: cones, cylinders, cubes, rectangular prisms, and spheres. This week we will use the shapes we have learned about, combine them, and create new shapes.
            Science & Social Studies

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In Science we will continue to learn about life cycles of living things, including butterflies and frogs.

In social studies we will review what we have learned about natural resources. Students will receive a review guide. Students will be assessed on these concepts next week.


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This week we celebrate Ascension Thursday. It is a Holy Day of Obligation.
We commemorate the day Jesus ascended
and returned to his father in Heaven.