This Week in 1B

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During Holy Week, we will complete a Holy Week wheel, talk about palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. We will go to the Living Stations of the Cross on Wednesday to watch the 7th graders put on a beautiful performance that is truly moving.

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This week, we will continue Unit 4 lesson 20.  This is the last story for this unit.  As a reminder, please begin sending in the new reader by the end of this week.

Our phonics skill this week is review of short /e/ in vowel pairs /ea/. The children will also be introduced to compound words this week. The childen grasp this concept quickly, but need time to practice writing these words. In essence, its as if they are writing 24 words. We will also practice writing sentences using prepositions and prepositional phrases. Our comprehension skill is cause and effect.
Our essential question this week is:How can you help a friend who feels sad? Our story this week is "Little Rabbit's Tale". The paired reading is "Silly Poems". 


This week we will continue with chapter 10. The children have been learning what a tally mark is and how to read a tally chart. They should know how to collect data, read data, interpret data, and create their own data chart.  They should also know how to find key words like, more than, which will mean the subtraction operation. We will compkete this chapter when we return from vacation. I will keep you posted about a test.  This chapter is only 5 lessons long.


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We will review this week for our Unit test.  There is a lot of information that we have covered.  I have potponed the test until we return from vacation. I want them to be fully prepared.

Social Studies
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We started talking about wants and needs.  We will continue when we return from vacation to discuss the economy and government in this country.  We will also learn about the states and our American symbols.  This unit will take several weeks to complete.


*Thanks to google images for the free clip art.