This Week in 1B

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This week we will continue talking about all of God's creation. The children will understand that God created all things, and his love shines through us.

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 In ELA, we will continue Chapter 1. We will go over the short sound of letter a in the beginning and middle of words. In comprehension, we will learn about the main idea of a story by looking for the details.  In grammar, the children will be introduced to what a noun is. There will be a spelling, comprehension, and phonics assessment on Friday,
September 22nd.

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In math, we will continue Chapter 1. Students will begin to learn concepts of addition, putting objects together, and understanding math signs.


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In science, we will be going to the science lab and talk about science safety.


Social Studies
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This week in Social Studies, we will talk about 9/11 and what is means to be brave. We will also talk about our school as a community.


*Thanks to google images for the free clip art.