This Week in 1B

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This week we will ask ourselves, "How does God ask us to be friends with one another?". We answer by understanding that
God wants us to take care of others. We will make connections to Thanksgiving in the past and Thanksgiving currently.  We will talk about our families traditions, and what we do for others this time of year.  We try to teach the boys and girls to be more selfless during the holiday season.
We will also discover the sacrifice God made by giving us his only son. We learn from Jesus that that he teaches us about God's love.

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This week in Journeys, we will begin Unit 2, Lesson 7.  We will read the non-fiction story, "How Animals Communicate". The Phonics focus this week will be reviewing the short /i/ sound, blends wirh /r/, and phonogram -ip. The comprehension skill this week is review of Main Idea and Details. Our Essential Question is: "How do animals communicate?". As part of our comprehension practice, students will learn to infer and predict what is happening and what will happen next.
 In grammar this week, we will learn how to use a comma in a series.  We have been doing a great job writing our sentences. We will make lists of our favorite things in order to practice placement of commas. We will also learn how to use the Glossary this week.  They will be tested on this at the end of the week.

There will be a spelling and Words to Know test on Friday, November 16th.

We continue in chapter 4 this week this week.  The children will learn about fact families and checking addition with subtraction. Please continue to practice math facts to 10.  This will help students with this strategy.  


subtraction equation
fact family


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We will finish our Health Unit on Nutrition this week and next week.  

We will be having a test on November 20th.  A study guide will go home this week.

Social Studies
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This week we will learn about the first Thanksgiving.  We will take a journey on Mayflower across the ocean and discover the difficult challenges they faced.  We will learn that the Pilgrim's left for religious freedom, and met new friends when they arrived who helped them survive the harsh conditions they encountered.



*Thanks to google images for the free clip art.