This Week in 1B

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This week we will review our first three chapters in religion.  There will be a test on Tuesday.  A study guide will go home this week.
We will also be learning about giving thanks for all that God has given us in preparation of the Thanksgiving holiday.

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 We will review this week chapter 8 with the Anchor Text "A Musical Day". Our essential question is, "How is music part of your everyday?". The paired story is "Drums" The comprehension strategy this week is story structure. 
Our phonics skill this week is reviewing the short /o/ sound, l- blends, and phonogram -ock. This week we will be learning how to write a thank you note. 
In grammar, students will learn about sentences that are statements.

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We will begin chapter 4, subtraction strategies. Students will learn strategies count back, take away, and what the difference is.


count back
subtraction sentence
take away

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Our next Unit of study is Energy. It will take several weeks to explore the different types of energy we use and create.

Social Studies
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We will continue to sing our community song in class each day. We will continue to explore local maps this week and the things we see in our town community.We will also begin our brief unit on Thanksgiving. The children will explore the journey of the Pilgrimson the Mayflower.


*Thanks to google images for the free clip art.