This Week in 1B

This week we will learn about the Resurrection of Jesus. We will read about the appearance of Jesus to his
disciples after Easter. Students will learn
about the Ascension of Jesus, and Pentecost. 


In E.L.A. this week we will begin Unit 5 Lesson 21. Please send in Journeys text 1.5 if you have not done so.
         Our whole group anchor text this week will be the fantasy story: "'The Garden' from Frog & Toad Together". Students will also read the science-themed informational text "Garden Good Guys". The essential question we will address is: "What grows in a garden?" We will revisit the comprehension skill of "story structure". We will identify characters, setting, and plot within the stories we read. 
          Our phonics lessons this week will focus on r-controlled vowels ar, or, and ore. Our spelling words this week contain the "ar" sound. Students will be assessed on these words on Friday, April 28th. 
           In grammar lessons, students will be introduced to pronouns. We will continue write complete sentences. Students will practice writing their own story sentences about the Spring.

In Math this week students will continue Unit 9-"Measurement".  The essential question for this unit will be: "How can you measure length and time?" This week we will also begin to tell time to the hour, and half hour. By the end of this week, we will complete Unit 9. Students will be assessed on the unit next week. In class, we are also continually practicing addition and subtraction skills.  



 Science and Social Studies

We will be completing our unit on Astronomy and beginning our studies of plant life. This week we will be planting seeds and watching them grow.

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