This Week in 1B

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This week in religion, we will continue to develop our understanding of the Bible.  We will talk about the Old and New Testament. We will listen to our first Bible story, The Creation Story.

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We will continue our Journey's series this week. 
Our essential question is: What is important about being a friend?.  Our phonics skill this week is words with short /a/; consonants n, d, p, and f.
Our story will be "What is a Pal?" Our comprehension skill is Main Idea. The grammar skill is identifying Nouns, and writing will be labeling.


This week we will review math concepts; addition, subtraction, and signs.  We will work on a new strategy called counting on.


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This week we will begin our first science unit on "Energy". We will begin with sound energy, and investigate why vibrations occur and how sound travels.

Social Studies
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We begin Social Studies with our first unit My School, My Community. Lesson One will teach
 us about being a good citizen as well as knowing our responsibilities in school and in our Community.

citizen leader
responsibility   government
right     governor
  vote     president
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*Thanks to google images for the free clip art.