This Week in 1B


This week we will learn how we share God's love with others.
We continue to hear stories about the miracles of Jesus and how he healed others.


In E.L.A. this week we will begin Unit 3 Lesson 15. Our whole group anchor text this week will be the informational text: "Animal Groups". We will use the skill of "compare and contrast" to tell how groups of animals are alike and different.
Our phonics lessons this week will focus on cvce pattern of long i words. We will also learn new digraphs: kn, wr, gn and mb.
         Our spelling and ELA assessments will be this Friday, February 17th


In Math this week students will complete Chapter 6-"Count and Model Numbers". It is an exploration of place value. The essential question for the chapter will be "How can you use place value to model, read and write numbers up to 120?" This week we will review Chapter 6 concepts. Students will be assessed on their understanding of concepts on Thursday, February 16th. 

 Science and Social Studies

Our Science studies for the week will be integrated with our ELA lessons for the text "Animal Groups". In Social Studies, we will learn about our presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

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