2nd Grade

May 2017

Grade 2 Parent Newsletter

“May God help us be strong in our faith.

May God bless us with peace.”

Psalm 29:11 Illustration Of Pink Tulips.png

Religion:  Students will be preparing for their First Holy Communion.  They will be learning the parts of the Mass, prayers said during Mass, the gifts God has given us, and preparing to receive the Eucharist.  First Holy Communion for St. Mary students who belong to St. Mary School Parish will be on May 6th.  

ELA: will be exploring  how friends help one another, how art is connected to the past, and explore why some stories, called tales, are told over and over again. Students will practice spelling homophones, words with –er, -est, –y, -ly, and –ful endings and words with the prefixes re- and un-, over-, pre-, and -mis.  Students will be refining their skill of informational text writing, compare and contrast writing, as well as research-based writing.

Math:  Our class will continue the month of May using tally charts, picture graphs, and bar graphs to help solve difficult questions. Students will be gathering information from tally charts and converting that data into other graph forms. Our class will be creating their own bar and picture graphs to help organize their own data and display this data in useful ways. Then we will begin Chapter 11, Geometry and Fraction Concepts.  Students will identify and describe three-dimensional shapes by their number of faces, edges, and vertices.

Science:  Second grade students will finish our study on plants and continue our Life Science Unit.  Students will be caring for their own caterpillars and observing and recording their growth from caterpillar to butterfly. Our students will be studying the unique life cycle of a butterfly as they watch it take place first-hand. Students will be using the graphing techniques learned in math to display their recordings on a useful bar and picture graph. We will release our butterflies after they have emerged from their chrysalis.

Social Studies:  Students will take a look into their own culture as they explore their unique family history and from which countries their ancestors came. Students will need to gather some familial information to help us further explore in the classroom. Students will be using their social studies textbook to learn about Ellis Island and the meaning of an immigrant. They will also take a look at some of our American landmarks and compare them to other influential landmarks around the world.


Miss Rossi and Mrs. Santoro

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