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Grade Two

December 2018 Grade 2 Parent Newsletter

“For today in the city of David a savior has been born for you who is Messiah and Lord”-Luke 2:11

Religion:   Advent is a season to prepare for Christmas when Christ’s first coming to us is remembered.   Students will read and discuss ways to wait and prepare their hearts for Jesus. As we approach the Christmas season, we will learn about the Advent candles and what each candle symbolizes.  The children will complete activities to retell the Christmas story. They will be performing in the Christmas Pageant on December 14th.

ELA:  During December students will be discovering how animals and humans interact with each other.  Phonics and spelling skills will include base words and ending -s and -es. Comprehension skills and strategies focus on drawing conclusions, author’s purpose and making inferences.  We will also be completing a Unit based on the chapter book, Flat Stanley, Stanley’s Christmas Adventure, by Jeff Brown.  Stanley finds that he has to help Santa’s daughter, Sarah, convince Santa to deliver presents.  All spelling words, comprehension, and skills lessons will be from the book. They will include using cause and effect, text prediction, character analysis and using graphic organizers.  Grammar lessons will focus on alphabetizing words in the correct order. Writing lessons will have students write their own ending to Flat Stanley, Stanley’s Christmas Adventure.  Students will complete a culminating project at the end of the Unit.  

Math:  This month we will begin chapter 4 Addition: Two-Digit Numbers.  Students will use models of tens and ones and place-value charts to add without regrouping, and regroup ones to make a new ten.   Then students will begin two-digit addition with regrouping. Students will create and build STEM projects as part of our Christmas theme.

Science: As part of our math unit, students will complete a STEM activity Building Bridges.  In addition to working in groups to design and build a bridge, students will explore how heating and cooling can change matter.  They will observe different ways matter can change.

Social Studies:  Students will be completing their landform project and continuing our study of chapter 2.  Lessons will focus on knowing how and why people have moved to the United States from other parts of the world.  Students will be asked to get information about their own cultures and Christmas traditions.

We wish you a happy and blessed Advent and Christmas Season!


Mrs. Santoro and Miss O’Hara

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