2nd Grade

April 2017

Grade 2 Parent Newsletter

“Give thanks to the Lord, who is good, whose love endures forever.”

Psalm 106:1 Easter Basket

Religion:  As we draw near to the end of Lent, children will read about the Triduum, which begins on Holy Thursday and continues through Evening Prayer on Easter Sunday.  We will explore Holy Week as the time we recall Jesus’ dying and rising.  We will participate in prayer in our lessons and prepare our hearts for the joy of the Resurrection.   In Chapter 11, Seek Forgiveness, students will relate an examination of conscience to a prayerful way of reflecting upon our lives and examine how in the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation, God’s forgiveness is given through the Church.

ELA:  This month we continue in our Journeys text with Unit 4.  Reading comprehension skills that go along with the anchor texts will include understanding characters, author’s word choice, and target strategy skills will analyze and evaluate the story.  During phonics and spelling lessons, students will be learning the long e sound for y and changing y to i, words with ar, and words with or, ore.  Grammar lessons will focus on the verb Be, and Commas in a Series.  Writing lessons will include writing a descriptive paragraph, writing a fictional story, and writing a problem-solution paragraph.

Math:  In April, students will continue Chapter 9, Length in Metric Units.  In this chapter, students will use a concrete model to measure the lengths of objects in centimeters, estimate lengths of objects in centimeters by comparing them to known lengths, measuring lengths of objects to the nearest centimeter using a centimeter ruler, and solving problems involving adding and subtracting lengths.  Then we will begin chapter 10, Measurement and Data.

Science:  As we begin the season of spring, our classes will begin a unit on plant study.  Students will be exploring the parts of a plant and their journey from seed to an adult plant.

In science lab, students will examine a cross section of a lima bean plant to identify its parts.  Students will be growing their own bean plant in a clear casing in order to observe the stages of plant growth.

Social Studies:   We will continue our study of American History.  Students will read about the contributions of historical figures that have influenced the nation.  Then we will begin Unit 6, People and Places in History.  In this unit, children will learn about immigrants and how they contribute to the United States.  Students will be exploring their family heritage and researching a country from which their family originated.


                                                                                Miss Rossi and Mrs. Santoro

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