2nd Grade

June 2017

Grade 2 Parent Newsletter

“May God help us be strong in our faith. May God bless us with Peace.” -Psalm 29:11 Beach.png

Religion: We will end the school year learning about God’s personal invitation to each of us through scripture, our responsibility to spread the Gospel message to others, and explore the importance of prayer in strengthening our relationship with God. Students will read about the lives of Zacchaeus, Saint Brigid of Kildare, Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and Saint Alphonsus Liguori. We will discover that the Holy Spirit strengthened the Apostles to share what Jesus taught them.

ELA: Students will explore how we can learn about animals that lived long ago as well as what we can learn from reading a fairy tale. Foundational skills that we will focus on are “oo” as in “book” and “ow”, “ou” as in “down” and “found”, respectively.  Reading comprehension skills include identifying the difference between fact and opinion, knowing the author’s purpose for writing the selection, sequencing of events, and comparing and contrasting two stories.  Students will complete opinion writing pieces and grammar will focus on adverbs and possessive nouns.

Math: With the completion of the math curriculum, we will begin to review our math topics chapter by chapter. Beginning with chapter one, place value, students will practice the necessary second grade skills to further their mastery of the material. Students will revisit major topics including place value, double-digit addition and subtraction, money, telling time, and word problems.

Science:  Students will begin our next topic, The Nature of Science.  In this unit students will conduct investigations in which they use science skills effectively.  They will use tools and materials safely.  As part of a STEM activity called Strike Up a Band, students will use materials to produce sound of varying volume and pitch.  They will test their design and evaluate their instruments.  

Social Studies:  During the month of June, students will use their social studies textbooks to explore our country today and understand more deeply the branches and functions of government. Students will learn about government vocabulary including mayor, citizen, governor, congress, president, freedom, motto, and monument. Students will differentiate between local, state, and federal government and learn their unique responsibilities.  

Continue to read throughout the summer months and enjoy your time off from school! See you in September!


Miss Rossi and Mrs. Santoro

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