2nd Grade

April 2019

Grade 2 Parent Newsletter

“He is not here, for he has been raised just as he said.”-Matthew 28:6

Religion:  We celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ!  We will be practicing for the children’s First Holy Communion with unconsecrated hosts.  Students will know to step forward and bow before the priest, place their hands in a “throne” position; if right handed, place the right hand under the left.  If your child is left handed, they place their left hand under their right hand. When the priest places the Body of Christ into your child’s hand, they say “Amen”, place the Eucharist onto their tongue, and make the sign of the cross as they step to the side and return to their seat to pray.  You can practice at home with a small food item such as a piece of bread. We will also continue reading in our “Eucharist” book to prepare for First Holy Communion.

ELA:  This month we continue in our Journeys text with Unit 4.  Reading comprehension skills that go along with the anchor texts will include understanding characters, author’s word choice, and target strategy skills will analyze and evaluate the story.  During phonics and spelling lessons, students will be learning words with ar, and words with or, ore.  Grammar lessons will focus on Commas in a Series.  Writing lessons will include writing a descriptive paragraph, writing a fictional story, and writing a problem-solution paragraph.

Math:  We will be working in chapter 8, Addition:  Three-Digit Numbers.  In this chapter, students explore adding with 1,000.  They build on their understanding of place value and two-digit addition to find sums of three-digit numbers, with and without regrouping.  Upon completion of chapter 8, we will begin chapter 9, Subtraction:  Three-Digit Numbers.  Students continue working with subtraction as they explore using place value to subtract three-digit numbers.  

Science:  As we begin the season of spring, our class will begin a unit on plant study.  Students will be exploring the parts of a plant and their journey from seed to an adult plant. In science lab, students will explore the inside of a lima bean seed to identify and label its parts.  Students will be growing their own plant in a clear casing in order to observe the stages of plant growth.

Health:  Students will learn about allergies and what causes them. They will find out about seasonal allergies and food allergies and what happens to your body during an allergic reaction. They will also learn how to prevent allergic reactions and stay healthy.

Social Studies:    This month we will be studying chapter 4, People Who Supply Our Goods and Services.  In this chapter, students discover how food production and consumption is a process that often starts on the farm.  They will know the difference between producers and consumers and how they are connected through the selling and buying of goods and services.

We wish you a very blessed and Happy Easter!


Mrs. Santoro and Miss O’Hara

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