Spelling and Vocabulary Words

Spelling Words
Words with aw, al, o 1. tall 7. soft 2. saw 8. paw 3. dog 9. ball 4. draw 10. yawn 5. call 11. log 6. fall 12. small

Vocabulary Words
grain- tiny particle, like a piece of sand
pod- a soft shell that holds seeds
soak- get very wet
soften- to make soft
root- part of a plant that is underground and soaks up water
shoot- part of a young plant that grows straight up from a seed
tasty- having flavor that tastes good
nutrition- part of food that is good for your health, like vitamins

High Frequency Words Our weekly high frequency words should be practiced with your child at home. These words are added to our word wall for students to use in their daily language and writing. ball, done, hear, learn, leaves, only, our, through, were, young