Mrs. Lisa Santoro

Lent Cross by wezlo


*Monday is "F" day so children will have gym again.

Next week students will have a test on the information given on their War of 1812 study guide. They are also working on a project which may require some objects you may have around the house. Some items needed include Play Dough, empty tissue box, tissue paper, and pipe cleaners. If you have any of these items and can spare them, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send them in with your child on Monday. Thank you!
We will be having a chapter 8 math test next week on measurement in customary units. Below are videos about the Burning of Washington and the Battle at Fort McHenry.

We are collecting "Wash Kits" during this Lenten Season.  If you would like to buy an item in bulk such as Chapstick, students can put the kits together in class.  Thank you to those families who have sent in your Wash Kits already!  I appreciate all your support and all you do for St. Mary School.

A day - library
B day - music
C day - art
D day - skills/performing arts
E day - Spanish/technology
F day - Physical Education