Mrs. Lisa Santoro

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Tomorrow, 9/22/17, will be a special dress down for the recent hurricane victims.  Your donation is greatly appreciated!

Spelling Words 9/18/17
1.  wet     7.  left
2.  job      8.  help
3.  hug     9.  plum
4.  rest     10. nut
5.  spot    11. net
6.  mud    12. hot

The vocabulary test on Friday will include the definitions below.  It will also be on reading a glossary and dictionary, which will are covering in class.  Please review this with your child.  Thank you.

Vocabulary Words 9/18/17

1.      spend – to give your time to do something

2.      stuck – not able to move

3.      visit – go to see someone

4.      cousin – the son or daughter of an aunt and uncle

5.      piano – a musical instrument

6.      remembered – not forgotten

7.      porch – an outside place, with a roof, that leads to the door

8.      crown – something special worn on the head

Below is our schedule:

A day - gym
B day - technology
C day - art
D day - library and Spanish
E day - music
F day - performing arts

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