Mrs. Lisa Santoro


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Please note:  Students who are receiving their First Holy Communion from class 2B must arrive by 12:15 pm.  The Mass will begin at 12:30 pm. 
Friday we will have vocabulary and phonics tests.

didn't see; not noticed; look past

Exercise: activity that moves the body

Depended: counted on; relied on counted on; relied on someone who is looked up to for doing something important or brave

Studied: Learned about a subject

Sprang: jumped up quickly

Sore: a feeling of pain or discomfort

Gazing: looking at something fondly
Spelling words

Horn morning
Story Shore
Fork Short
Score Born
Store Tore
Corn Forget



Wednesday will be a casual dress down day ($2.00).

Friday is the box tops N.U.T. card dress down if you received a card.

A day - library
B day - music
C day - art
D day - skills/performing arts
E day - Spanish/technology
F day - Physical Education