Mrs. Lisa Santoro

Enjoy your winter break!

We are in need of tissues, if you could send them in after the vacation.  Thank you very much!

There will be a meeting on Monday, February 27th at 7 pm
in the auditorium for all students receiving their First Holy Communion at St. Mary's Parish.  Fr. Don will be speaking with them about Confession.  Banners will also be distributed at this meeting.  

The Parents' Association's Wishing for Spring Fling Night of Comedy is being held on Friday, March 10th in the school auditorium.  We are asking for each student to contribute a suggested amount  of $10 (or whatever you feel comfortable donating) that will be used to create a basket with a theme specifically chosen by our class.  Thank you always for your support!

A day - library
B day - music
C day - art
D day - skills/performing arts
E day - Spanish/technology
F day - Physical Education