3rd Grade

Third Grade May Newsletter

Spring makes the world a happy place,

You see a smile on every face.

Flowers come out and birds arrive,

Oh, isn't it grand to be alive?


In religion we will understand the Church is the Body of Christ, to which all members belong.  Stewardship is the way we appreciate and use God’s gifts-including our time, talent, and treasure and the gift of creation-to serve God and others.

English Language Arts

We will be working on our sixth unit which focuses on values.  Students will understand how having a goal help us succeed.  We will concentrate on drawing conclusions, summarizing text, and context clues.  Students will also strengthen their understanding of parts of speech and how using adjectives and adverbs in their writing helps make writing interesting


In math students will learn how to tell time and use measurement to describe the size of something.  Weaknesses are seen in both addition and subtraction with regrouping and basic multiplication and division facts.  Please study with your child daily.


In science students will investigate electricity moves through circuits and will identify some materials that conduct electricity.  Our science labs will help students understand these concepts.

Social Studies

Our social studies classes will focus on the natural resources in an area that help people live and communities grow.  Students will also recognize the importance of conserving resources.

Once again we hope students improve their penmanship, proofread their work, master multiplication, and not make careless mistakes.  These goals can only be met with your help.

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