3rd Grade

Third Grade April Newsletter

Open the windows and open the door

and let the fresh breezes blow in, blow in.

Jack Frost has gone to his home in the north

and all of a sudden it’s Spring!

The third trimester is well underway.  Now that spring is here and warmer weather is upon us, it will be difficult keeping our students focused.  We hope that together we will continue to assist our students to do their very best.  We are in need of more tissues, wipes, and paper towels.


In religion we will focus on the word Catholic, which means “open to all.”  We will learn that Jesus sent his apostles to proclaim the

Good News of God’s love to the entire world.

English Language Arts

We will continue with the fifth unit and strengthen our comprehension skills.  Students will recognize main ideas and supporting details in their reading as well as using text and graphic features.  We will be reading and writing regularly.  Students will also recognize nouns, pronouns, verb, adjectives, and adverbs

in their reading and will practice using them in their writing.


Students will be working on measurement and data in Chapter 10.  Problems will be solved involving measurement and estimation of intervals of time, liquid volumes, and masses of objects.  We will also be continuing to practice multiplication and division skills as well as strengthen knowledge of fractions.


Our science classes will concentrate on electrical energy and how electrical energy can be controlled.   Students will assemble and explore a closed circuit and investigate how electricity moves through circuits.

Social Studies

Our social studies classes will focus on the natural resources in an area that help people live and communities grow.  Students will also recognize the importance of conserving resources.


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