3rd Grade

Third Grade February Newsletter


There's nothing like a valentine,

to make a smile appear,

a heart-shaped card filled with kind words,

sent from someone who's dear.

A friend or even a relative,

who takes the time to say,

I like you just because you're you.

That's what is done this day.

-Martin Shaw

In religion our classes will focus on learning from the Gospels about Jesus’s sacrifice of love.  Students will understand that Jesus gave his life to save us from sin so we can have eternal life with God in Heaven.

In English Language Arts students will be working on our fourth unit which contains selections about science.  Students will be working on opinion writing, comprehension skills using visualization strategies using text and graphic features.  Grammar will focus on understanding how to use adjectives in their writing.

In math our focus will be on division facts and strategies.  Students will also learn order of operation which is a set of rules that give the order in which calculations are done to solve a problem.

If students know their multiplication facts, they will not struggle.

Please continue to study with your child.

In science students will understand how light and matter interact as well as what are light energy, heat energy, and sound energy.  

Our labs will focus on these areas.

Our social studies classes will discuss why celebrations are important to every culture, and sometimes the whole country celebrates together.  Celebrations help people remember people and things that happen in the past.

In the month of February, students will be working on their time management skills in all academic areas.  Many students are still coming to school without necessary school supplies.  Please help your child understand the importance of organizing their books and materials before coming to school.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.

The Third Grade Teachers

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