3rd Grade

Third Grade June Newsletter 2017

With the warm weather, longer days, and summer around the corner, students will find it difficult to stay focused on their studies.  Please keep to their school routines so that your child will enjoy a successful academic month.  As always thank you for your cooperation.


In our religion classes we will understand that God kept his promise to be forever faithful when he sent his Son, Jesus.  The Church strives to be faithful to God’s covenant and to proclaim the Good News.

English Language Arts

Comprehension skills including main idea and details, cause and effect, fact and opinion, plot and theme, and generalizations will be strengthen using cold read passages which are a component of our reading series. Recognizing nouns, verbs, adjective, adverbs, pronouns and prepositions in their reading will be practiced. Grammar lessons will include mechanics in writing such as capitalization, abbreviation, combining sentences, commas, and quotations.


Our math classes will concentrate on mastering skills focusing on multiplication and division, understanding of fractions, and recognizing multistep word problems.

Social Studies

Our social studies will focus on communities past and present.   Students will understand that every community has a history that is shaped by the people who first arrived there.

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