Miss Cassandra Doherty


Miss Cassandra Doherty

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Wow, I cannot believe that it is already JUNE and the school year is coming to a close! We have had an amazing year here in room 3B!

We are doing many fabulous things in our curriculum here in 3B. In religion we are learning about many of the prayers and the teaching of the Church. We have gone to our first class Confession, and the students are all behaving so wonderfully during our class Masses. 

In math we are beginning to learn all about perimeter and area. The students did a nice job on our measurement chapter and are able to tell time much more confidently I feel! Please continue to review multiplication tables 1-12 nightly! Knowing their facts more fluently and quickly will only help them with their ongoing multiplication and division facts. :) 

In ELA we are continuing to work on the writing process, and how to correctly form paragraphs, letters, and essays. The students have grown tremendously on this topic since September. I am so proud! We are working a lot with our grammar, including the formation of sentences, what pronouns are, correct usage of punctuation, the parts of speech and more!

Social Studies and Science is moving along in 3B as well. The students are loving learning about the different types of communities there are around the world, and the similarities and differences among them. Science is always fun, with many hands-on, engaging lessons, and science experiments!

3B Schedule:

A days- Art
B Days- Spanish
C Days- Skills
D Days- Technology and Phys. Ed.
E Days- Performing Arts
F Days- Music and Library


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