3B Homework:
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Friday, February 17, 2017
1. Non-Fiction book reports will be due Wednesday, March 1st when we return back from break. Do not worry about creating a book cover for this, the students will be designing their own cover in Art class. 

Have a fabulous, relaxing winter break! 

Mardi Gras Celebration will be on Tuesday, February 28, 2017! You may bring in treats for the class! Students will be making a mask for our parade on Monday! :)

Lenten Day of Prayer will be on Wednesday, March 1, 2017! Students will NOT be able to order lunch on this day. All students will have soup for lunch, which is a reminder of the suffering Jesus did for us all. All activities on Ash Wednesday will focus on our Lenten Journey. :)

A template of questions which the students must complete and answer, by March 1, for the book report went home today. Students have been reading their non-fiction books for morning work in class. The books are supposed to be on a historical non-fiction even that is of the students interest. If your child still does not have a book, they need one ASAP! The last book reports came out very nice!! I am glad to see them read, use their creative sides, and complete nice pieces of work! 

Please still study spelling/vocab./and multiplication facts!! :)

I have stapled a nightly spelling homework guide into the back of every students ELA notebook. I feel as if the students are not performing as well as they could be on their weekly spelling tests. I tell the students that spelling should be the easiest tests that they take, since all they must do is study their spelling words to prepare for the test on Fridays. I am hoping that the nightly spelling HW will help the students improve their spelling grades. :)

Students should be practicing their multiplication tables nightly! These multiplication facts should be memorized! In class we are learning multiple different ways and strategies to help up with our multiplication facts, however the easiest way to get the product, is by strict memorization. We have learned all of the times tables! Now it is up to the students to study them! :)