3B Homework:
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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

1. Exercises in English pgs 33-34
2. Next 2 pages in Phonics
3. Field Day tomorrow! Please bring in a water bottle and a towel. Students are to wear their GYM shorts, with their FIELD DAY T-shirt, WHITE socks, and SNEAKERS. 

Spirit Week Schedule:
Monday 5/22/16- Crazy Hat Day! Wear or make a crazy hat
Tuesday 5/23/17- Third graders wear a purple shirt and purple accessories with their GYM shorts
Wednesday 5/24/17- Students wear their Field Day T-shirt with their GYM shorts. Bring plenty of water to drink for Field Day!!!

Students may wear their summer uniforms from now until the last day of school! The end is near already! :)

Please study spelling/vocab./and multiplication facts nightly!! :)

I have stapled a nightly spelling homework guide into the back of every students ELA notebook. I feel as if the students are not performing as well as they could be on their weekly spelling tests. I tell the students that spelling should be the easiest tests that they take, since all they must do is study their spelling words to prepare for the test on Fridays. I am hoping that the nightly spelling HW will help the students improve their spelling grades. :)

Students should be practicing their multiplication tables nightly! These multiplication facts should be memorized! In class we are learning multiple different ways and strategies to help up with our multiplication facts, however the easiest way to get the product, is by strict memorization. We have learned all of the times tables! Now it is up to the students to study them! :)