3B Homework:
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
1. Math pgs 177-178
2. Journeys pgs 136 and 140
3. Spelling HW- ABC order
4. Study for spelling/vocabulary tests Friday! 

Spelling words:
unfold, rejoin, untie, reheat, unfair, unclear, repaid, rewrite, unhurt, recheck, unlucky, unwrap, reuse, unsure, reread, unsafe, redo, unbuckle, unknown

Vocabulary words:
guided- led or steered in the right direction
rippled- flowed or covered with small waves
arrival- the act of coming to a place
twisted- wound together
aboard- onto a ship or other mode of transportation
bay- sheltered water area
lava- melted rock that flows from a volcano
anchor- big hook that keeps a ship in place
spotted- caught sight of
voyage- a long trip

Several students did not return 
Re-registration forms. Another form was sent home. Please check your child's folder.

The students received a "Lenten Egg Tree" activity today for homework. They are to color in an egg as they complete an activity throughout the duration of Lent. The colored in eggs are due back to school the last day before Easter Recess, April 12, 2017! 

Please study spelling/vocab./and multiplication facts nightly!! :)

I have stapled a nightly spelling homework guide into the back of every students ELA notebook. I feel as if the students are not performing as well as they could be on their weekly spelling tests. I tell the students that spelling should be the easiest tests that they take, since all they must do is study their spelling words to prepare for the test on Fridays. I am hoping that the nightly spelling HW will help the students improve their spelling grades. :)

Students should be practicing their multiplication tables nightly! These multiplication facts should be memorized! In class we are learning multiple different ways and strategies to help up with our multiplication facts, however the easiest way to get the product, is by strict memorization. We have learned all of the times tables! Now it is up to the students to study them! :)