Homework Class 3A

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November 22, 2017
Please remember to bring in a unopened toy for the needy in partnership with
Saint Vincent de Paul.
Math: Study all multiplication facts in Math notebook
Chapter 4 test on Tuesday November 28th.
Blessings to all this Thanksgiving!!!

Today as part of our Science class students made butter and learned about chemical and physical changes.
We then enjoyed the butter during our Thanksgiving Feast!!! Students enjoyed the fruits of their labor and had fun as well.
Please study multiplication facts, we will be playing multiplication Bingo tomorrow.
Our next Math Test will be on November 28, 2017
November 20, 2017
Math wkbk.p. 85-86
Study multiplication facts
Science: Test tomorrow

Chapter 1    Notes

-position: an object’s location, or where something is

-motion: is the change in the position of something

-speed: the rate at which,or how fast, an object changes its position

force: a push or pull

friction: is a contact force that opposes the motion of an object

magnetism: is a noncontact force that pulls on and attracts

gravity: a noncontact force that pulls objects toward one another
  1. Friction makes it hard to ride a bicycle on grass.

  2. Numbers, position words and maps are ways to describe an object’s position.

  3. When you push a moving swing hard it will move faster.

  4. Applying a greater force to a rolling object will make it roll faster.

  5. The pull of gravity affects an object’s weight.

  6. Magnetism is a noncontact force.