Spelling and Vocabulary Words

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Our Vocabulary Words are:

P.359 Young Thomas Edison

Essential Question: What special traits must an inventor have?

1. invention: an original device, system, or process (n)

2. experiment: a test to find out or prove something (n)

3. laboratory: a place where scientist work and do experiments (n)

4. genius: a great mind (n)

5. gadget: a small useful machine or device (n)

6. electric: powered by electricity, a form of energy (adj)

7. signal: a sound, motion, or other sign that gives a message (n)

8. occasional: happening from time to time (adj)

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Our Spelling words this week contain the vowel sound in "talk" They are: talk, cross, awful, law, cloth, cost, crawl, chalk, also, raw, salt, wall, lawn, always, soft, small, often, strawberry Image result for children playing in the snow free clipart