Spelling and Vocabulary Words

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Our Spelling Words for this week contain vowels + /r/
They are:
nurse, work, shirt, hurt, first, word, serve, curly, dirt, third, worry, turn, stir, firm, her, girl, perfect, hamburger

Our Vocabulary Words are:

p. 538 The Extra-Good Sunday

1.  recommended: suggested (v)

2.  ingredients: parts of a mixture (n)

3. cross: angry (adj)

4. degrees: units used to measure temperature (n)

5. festive: merry (adj)

6. tense: edgy or stressed (adj)

7. remarked: said (v)

8. anxiously: with worry or eagerness (adv) Social Studies Notes:

Social Studies Chapter 2 Review

1.goods: items you can see

2.services: work that people do

3.consumer: uses goods and services

4.producers: makes goods

5.import: bring goods from another country

6.export: to send goods out to another country

7. natural resources: is something found in nature that people use

8. human resources: are people's talents and skills

9. need: something you must have to live

10. want: something you’d like to have but do not need

11. invest: to spend now in the hope of future reward

12. capital resources: are human made items used to make other good or provide services

13. Lower shipping costs, supports local businesses, and fresher products are reasons to buy local products.

14. Shopping would be different if I were an early settler because I would have to use products from nearby and have few choices.

15. Soil, water, forests, and minerals are natural resources.

16. Everyone has to make economic choices because there are no enough resources to do everything.

17. Some capital resources that I use everyday in my classroom to get an education are book, pencils, smartboard, chromebooks.

18. Explain how your education is an investment in your future?