4th Grade

 ... Red, Mini, February

February Fourth Grade Newsletter

As the school year progresses we are approaching the New York State English Language Arts and Math tests. Please encourage your child to read all directions and complete work carefully.

Religion- Students will learn all about the church, and the parts of the Mass. We will also read about and discuss how we honor God in our everyday life.

English Language Arts- We will continue to work on our third reading unit on a variety of earth and life science topics. Emphasis will be on writing skills, as well as main ideas, and supporting details across the curriculum.

Math- We will continue to work on Chapter 7 Adding and Subtracting Fractions and begin Chapter 8 Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers. The students should continue to review their multiplication facts on a regular basis.

Science-  We will continue to work on physical science . The students will begin a chapter on the effects of motion. In science lab they will test some of the laws of motion and gravity.

Social Studies- Our classes will focus on life in Colonial New York.The students will learn all about the settling of the colonies, life styles, occupations, and hardships.                      

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