4th Grade

Fourth Grade March Newsletter

Clover, Four-Leaf Clover, ...

Religion- During the month of March, we will discuss The Stations of the Cross.We will visit St.Mary Church and meditate and pray at each station. During Lent we remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and we turn to Him in prayer and penance. Activities and lessons will reflect on ways to make Lent a time of renewal.

English Language Arts-  We will begin our fourth reading unit, the theme is individual contributions. Students will be preparing for the New York State E.L.A. Test. We will continue to work on our writing and comprehension skills which will be integrated in all subject areas. State tests are scheduled for March 28th , 29th, and 30th.

Math- We will begin a chapter on fractions and decimals, and then move on to a chapter on two-dimensional figures. Students should review basic math skills at home .

Science- In science, we will complete our work on physical science and move on to a unit on life science. In life science we will explore: plants, animals, and ecosystems. Science labs will focus on lessons and skills taught in class.

Social Studies- We will continue to focus on life in Colonial New York. The students will learn about the settling of New York and the many cultures that attributed to its history.

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