4th Grade

Grade 4

Welcome to fourth grade. We are looking forward to an exciting and productive school year. Here are a few guidelines to help your child transition into fourth grade smoothly.

  • All students are expected to treat each other with kindness and respect.
  • On a daily basis students should have a nutritional snack and water with them.
  • All important papers (lunch orders, homework, and any notes) should be placed into the Saint Mary School folder. Every morning students will empty their folders before class begins.
  • All important documents and or notes will be sent home in the Saint Mary School folder. Please check this folder nightly.
  • Homework is given on a regular basis. All assignments are expected to be completed in a neat manner. Missing homework will affect the student's assessment.
  • Textbooks and workbooks must be covered and neatly labeled at all times. Jumbo sized Book Sox will be the best cover for textbooks. Contact paper or brown paper are great for workbooks.
  • When a student is absent they are responsible for any or all classwork/ homework that they have missed. The student is also required to have an absent note the day they return to school, explaining the reason of their absence.
  • If there is a change in dismissal the student MUST have a note indicating the change and if someone other than a guardian is picking them up.  This will enable the  dismissal process to run smoothly.

    Provided by Saint Mary School

  • 1 Saint Mary School folder

  • 1 Assignment book

Supplied by Parents

Some items may need to be replenished throughout  the year.

*5 marble notebooks (100 page count)                        *1 metric and standard ruler

*Pencil case                                                               *2 rolls of paper towels 

*1 glue stick                                                               *1 pack of loose leaf  white paper

*1 box of colored pencils                                              *4 blue, black , and red erasable pens

*1 box of crayons                                                        *1 highlighter

*1 scissor                                                                    *5 #2 pencils

*2 boxes of tissues,                                                      *2  packs of baby wipes


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