4th Grade

Fourth Grade April Newsletter

Religion: We will begin unit 3 in our religion book. In this unit we will learn about the Fourth through the Eighth Commandments. The students will also review the procedures and prayer responses for Mass.

English Language Arts: We will begin Unit 4 in our Journey’s series. In this unit the theme is one of individual contributions. The students will also continue to work on their writing and grammar skills. New York State ELA Tests are on April 2nd and 3rd.

Math: The students will continue to work on geometry, measurement, and data. Students will learn how to measure angles, use customary and metric units of measurement and time, and to find area and perimeter. The New York State Math Assessments are on May 1st and 2nd. Students should review multiplication and division skills at home.

Science: The students will continue to work on LifeScience. The students will explore plants, animals, ecosystems, and habitats. Students will be working with many hands-on activities in the science lab.

Social Studies: The students will learn about the growth of New York State and the Industrial Revolution. They will explore New York’s contributions to the economy and development of our Country.

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