Week of 1/14 Homework

ELA: Work on ecosystem project (diorama and essay)

Math: Study for math test tomorrow
The topics covered on the math test are: 

-division rules
-relating multiplication and division
-estimating quotients
-use models to divide
a. area models
b. arrays
-number patterns

Friday: Rest. Relax. Read. 
*Work on your diorama/essay if need be*

Ecosystem Project Expectations: 

In class students are to complete:
-an overview of each ecosystem on google docs (with their group)
-a presentation with their group on their specific ecosystem
-a poster board (provided 1/16) that depicts their ecosystem (with their group)

At home:
-using a shoe box students are to create a diorama that depicts the ecosystem they have been assigned. The shoe box will be completed at home and is due 1/23.
-a 100 word essay on the ecosystem they have been assigned (much of the research has been conducted in class, so they should format this information into an essay using their research IN THEIR OWN WORDS! Due 1/23)

Here is an example of a diorama!
Image result for shoebox diorama

Image result for multiplication and division

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