5th Grade

Fifth Grade Parent Newsletter

Fifth Grade Newsletter December 2018

Religion:  During the month of December, we will spend time focusing on the season of Advent and how we as Christians prepare for the coming of our Lord.  Additional lessons will focus on prayer and worship as ways to show love for God and thank him for our blessings. As we approach the Christmas season, we remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Math:  As we begin chapter 3, students will explore multiplication. Students will learn about multiplication properties, patterns, estimation, and multiplication of two and three-digit numbers. Students should continue their nightly math log. Prodigy questions will be set to reinforce what we are learning in class and is an excellent resource to use for math practice.

English Language Arts:  

We will begin reading short stories from all genres using the Journey’s textbook.  As well we will continue with our study of parts of speech and how they present themselves in writing; knowledge of such creates better writing and speaking skills.

Social Studies:  During the month of December, we will begin the study of “The Age of Exploration,” which explores the journeys of many famous explorers.

Science:  During this month, we will continue our exploration of matter by learning about states of matter, physical and chemical changes, and mixtures and solutions. Students will participate in lab activities to deepen their understanding of matter.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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