5th Grade

March Newsletter, Grade 5


As we begin our Lenten journey, students will be writing daily reflections in their religion notebooks. During Lent, students will recognize that we are asked to pray, to fast, and to give alms. We will have a number of opportunities to reflect on the Stations of the Cross and to enter more fully into the Lenten season.

English Language Arts

In English Language Arts classes students will be working on Lesson 11: Unfamiliar Words in which students determine the meaning of general academic and domain-specific words and phrases in a text relevant to a Grade 5 topic or subject area.   Lesson 12: Comparing Text Structures, Part 1: Chronology, Problem-Solution will help students identify and compare the text structure of multiple texts by drawing evidence from informational texts to support analysis and reflection. We will also focus on persuasive argument in our writing.


As March begins, students will practice the skills of multiplying and dividing of fractions.  These skills must be mastered by the end of fifth grade.   Please continue to work with your child at home. Homework will continue to be given on a daily basis.  Please encourage your child to ask for help when unsure of how to solve a problem.


In science class we will begin our exploration of space. We will study the celestial bodies known as comets, stars, asteroids, meteoroids, planets and moons. We will discuss advancements in technology that have increased our knowledge, of the universe. Lab activities will be designed to support and enhance classroom experiences.

Social Studies

In social studies we will begin a unit on the American Revolution. We will explore the causes and effects of the war, meet the significant individuals, and analyze the outcome of the war and what it meant to the new world of America.

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