5th Grade

Fifth Grade May Newsletter 2016


Religion:  May is the month of our patron saint,  Mary.  Students will understand how special a mother she was to Jesus, just as our own mothers are special to us.  Students will be able to identify devotions to Mary, learn how Mary is the Mother of the Church, and appreciates that Mary always looks out for us.  In addition, we will pray the rosary in her honor and celebrate her crowning with a prayer service on May 3rd.


Math: During May we will be learning how to compare and convert measurements. The students will use appropriate customary and metric units and conversion tables.   Homework will continue to be given on a daily basis.  Please encourage your student to ask for help when unsure of how to solve a problem.


ELA and Literacy:  During the month of May, we will conclude unit 3 of Journeys and begin unit 4 which will continue to challenge students with more complex texts.  We will continue our study of grammar with adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, additional types of pronouns, as well as continue to hone proper mechanics and writing skills.


Social Studies:  During the month of May we will follow as the country expands its territory in North America and its power in the Western Hemisphere. We will also explore how the Industrial Revolution dramatically changed the way Americans lived and worked.


Science:  The month of May we will discover areas in which technology has improved human lives. Students will extend and refine knowledge of ways that, through the science processes and knowledge, people can solve problems, make decisions, and form new ideas.


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