5th Grade

Fifth Grade February Newsletter 2017


A new command I give you: Love one another

as I have loved you.  John 13:34-35

Colorful, Prismatic, Chromatic, Rainbow, Spiked, SpikesColorful, Prismatic, Chromatic, Rainbow, Spiked, SpikesColorful, Prismatic, Chromatic, Rainbow, Spiked, Spikes

During the month of February, students will begin Unit 4: The Church.  Students will recognize the Church’s mission to bring Christ to the world as well as recognize the Church as an assembly, a gathering of the People of God, the Body of Christ. We will study the four Marks of the Church and distinguish Christ’s Church: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.

Math:  During the month of February, we will continue the unit on fractions and mixed numbers. Concepts covered throughout the month will include: equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, operations with fractions and converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. Students will learn how to use their calculators to perform operations with fractions.

ELA and Literacy:  During the month of February, we will begin a unit of poetry.  We will study structure and technique. Students will read both classic and contemporary poems to develop an understanding and appreciation of poetry.  As well students will have the opportunity to write their own poems.   Also, students will work on obtaining information and comprehending non-fiction pieces.

Social Studies:  During the month of February, we will continue with Unit 2: Connections Across Continents where students will learn of the struggle to found colonies. We begin with difficult times colonists faced in Virginia and end with the founding of the 13 colonies. As well students will read about respecting religious freedom and describe the accomplishments of significant colonial leaders such as Roger William and Anne Hutchinson. 

Science:  During this month, students will complete our unit on the Polar Regions. We will discover why these regions are critical to all life on Earth and the features that make the Polar Regions unique. Students will present their science experiments at the end of the month.


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