5th Grade

Fifth Grade Newsletter




During religion class this month, we will focus on the joy of our Risen Lord. Easter is a celebration of peace. We will look in depth at John’s Gospel where we find Jesus appearing to his disciples. We also learn of the institution of our first pope, Peter. We are reminded that we are called to spread the Good News of Jesus through speech and action. Also throughout the Easter season, we are reminded that God’s lasting love is with us…always.

English Language Arts

In English Language Arts classes, students will work on the comparing and contrasting of overall text structure (chronology, problem-solution, cause/effect, comparisons) of events, ideas, and concepts in two or more texts. As well, we will continue our study of grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills. Please continue to check your child’s planner and the homework site. Thank you.


As April begins, students will use order of operations to evaluate numerical and algebraic expressions. They will write and solve addition and subtraction equations that represent real world situations. Students will also solve multiplication and division problems using inverse operations. Please come prepared to class with pencils and calculators.


In science class we will continue our exploration of space. We will study the celestial bodies known as comets, asteroids, meteoroids, planets and moons. We will discuss advancements in technology that have increased our knowledge of the universe. Lab activities will be designed to support and enhance classroom experiences.

Social Studies

In social studies we will begin Unit 5:Forming a New Government. We will explore the Articles of Confederation and the legislative branch, executive branch, and judicial branches of our government.We will discover how political parties were born and read about our westward expansion. As well we will read about the contributions of significant individuals during the period following the American Revolution.

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