5th Grade

Fifth Grade June Newsletter 2017

 As we end this school year we will remember all with which we have been blessed.  We will pray for all fathers on Father’s Day and for our nation on Flag Day.  Classroom lessons will allow students to understand how to live a moral life.  They will better understand how to respect themselves as well as others.  May the peace of Jesus be with each of you during the months we are apart, and we wish all families a very happy, healthy, and safe summer.     


Math: During the month of June, students will be studying two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures. The students will use definitions to identify and describe characteristics of these figures. We will also learn how to find volume of rectangular prisms. . Homework will continue to be given on a daily basis and will involve identifying types of triangles and quadrilaterals.


ELA: During the month of June, we will continue to work in our Ready book , Chapters 16 and 17. We will also review parts of speech, elements of writing, and elements of poetry. 


Social Studies: During this month, we will learn of the struggles and successes of our founding fathers as they worked to establish a new country.  As such we will explore the obligations of being Americans. As Americans we not only have rights, but obligations as well.  We will discuss the importance of good citizenship and how to be involved in our communities.


Science: June lessons will teach students to construct rockets while understanding the science of launching rockets. We will host the younger grades to our space museum where they can see all the projects the students have constructed. 


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