Wednesday - February 15th
Math - If you have not finished graphiti complete tonight
Science - Test Friday Arctic and Antarctic study notes
Religion - Chapter 10 test tomorrow

Monday - February 13​th
Math - Complete Castle Learning assignment in notebook.
Addition and Subtraction of Fraction assessment tomorrow.

Thursday - February 9th
Math - Practice book page 141 and 142
Addition and subtraction assessment Friday
​Science - study class notes Arctic and Antarctic 

Monday - February 6th
Math Practice book page 133. 
Quiz on Divisibility Rules on Wednesday
​Science continue to work on your experiments. 

Math - Practice book page 131 work in notebook
​Science - Study class notes

Thursday - January 26th
Math/Science - For each animal and one globe write one math problem. You must use whole and decimal numbers, and fractions. (example in problem 1 use decimal, problem 2 use fractions) The animals are the polar bear, seal, and penguin. The fourth problem may be about the North and South poles or the Arctic and Antarctic regions. All work must be neatly written in your math notebook. 

Wednesday - January 25​th
Math  - Practice book page 129
Tuesday - January 24th
Math - Practice book pages 127 and 128
Science - Begin to research information regarding your science experiment topic.
Monday - January 23rd
Science -  Complete Arctic animal facts for class tomorrow.
Remember coins!

Thursday - January 19th
Math - Practice book page 125

Thursday - January 12th
Science - STUDY Chapter 4 exam tomorrow.
Due tomorrow on loose leaf paper with a heading your science project proposal. 

Monday - January 9th
Math - Practice book page 118 # 3 - 8 on loose leaf paper.
Science - Remember to have science project letter signed. Use the link under Useful Links, Science Buddies, to help find the right project for

Wednesday - January 4th
Math - Practice book page 112 and page 117  Lesson 5.1 only
Science - Have science project letter signed. This letter should be placed in your science binder under lab.

Tuesday - January 3rd
Math - Practice book page 111
Castle Learning - Decimals all work on loose leaf paper due Thursday
Decimal Division Assessment Friday

Wednesday - December 14​th
Math - Practice book page 101
Religion - Study for Church Liturgical Year exam

Monday - December 12th
Math - Castle Learning - Decimal multiplication - due Wednesday - all work on loose leaf paper
Religion - Liturgical Year assessment on Thursday study notes

Wednesday - December 7th
Religion - study class notes - Advent

Tomorrow, December 8th, is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a Holy Day of Obligation. We honor Mary the blessed Mother.

Science- 5A Complete rough draft for contest -
Defend New York's Forest.  If you go to your Public library get books on our state forest and bring to class on Friday.

Monday - December 5​th
Math - Practice book page 93 - work in notebook

Thursday - December 1st
Math - Practice book pages 84, 86, and 88
​Science - Study for exam.

Wednesday - November 30th
Math - page 28 only of worksheet.
Science - Chapter 3 Assessment Friday - study
Religion - Remember to do a good deed for Advent.

Tuesday - November 29​th
​Math - Practice book pages 85 even only.

Monday - November 28
Math - Practice book pages 81 and 82

Tuesday - November 22nd
Science - Correct and have signed science quiz and test.
Math - Assessment tomorrow addition and subtraction of decimal numbers.

Monday - November 21st
Math - Practice book pages 77 and 78
On page 78 only Lesson 3.12

Wednesday - November 16th
Math - Practice book page 67 work in notebook
Science - Quiz on Chapter 3 terms - spelling also of terms tomorrow!
All flashcards due.

Tuesday - November 15th
Math - Practice book page 61 work in notebook

Monday - November 14th
Math - Practice book pages 57 and 58
Science - begin to review chapter 3 terms
Due Thursday flash cards for chapter 3  terms

Tuesday - November 8​th
​Science - STUDY for chapter 2 exam

Monday - November 7th
Math - Practice book pages 55 and 56
Science - Chapter 2 test Wednesday. Have science quiz signed and corrected - write the definition two times each.
Religion - Remember non-perishable food items- do good deeds for food!

Thursday - November 4
Science - Study Types of cells and vocabulary for quiz tomorrow.

Wednesday - November 2nd-

Religion - Remember you must have the following  information about your saint:
1. Years of birth and death (if available)
2. Family life of saint
3. Events in the saints's life which show holiness
4. Description of how the saint influences your call to holiness  
Math - Practice book complete pages 38, 40 , and 42. 
​Science - Chapter 2 Cells to Systems Assessment next
Wednesday, November 9th

Monday - October 31st -
Health - due Wednesday - Home Fire Safety  -  In complete sentences answer the following questions:  
How many smoke detectors, carbon monoxide, and fire extinguisher are in your home? Where are they locate? Describe your  escape exit from your bedroom and one other room in your home. If you have a pet/s who is responsible for their safety? Where is your family's meeting place?

Thursday - October 27
th -
Enjoy Trunk or Treat!
Religion Your World Hunger essay is due
Wednesday, November 2nd.
This year's topic is Who Can Stop World Hunger?

Typing is not mandatory but is most appreciated. Your essay is to be roughly 100 words. Be creative (what novel idea do you have to stop world hunger?),practical (is your idea doable?), concise (get to the idea/point), and neat.

Tuesday - October 25th
Math - Practice book page 49 - work on loose leaf paper.
Religion - Rosary test will be on Thursday, 10/27.You will be assessed on your knowledge of the prayers and the mysteries of the Rosary. You will be required to know how to spell the mysteries and know the order of the mysteries. As well,know the days on which the different mysteries are prayed. 
BE sure to know the following words spelled correctly: Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, Baptism, Proclamation, Institution, Transfiguration, Eucharist, Scourging, Carrying, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension, Assumption, Coronation. All spelling counts. 

Monday - October 24
Class trip tomorrow. Wear your gym uniform. Bring in a healthy snack and know your shoe size!
Math - Complete textbook page 93 #13 - 21 if you did not complete in class.
Religion - Have quiz signed and corrected.
Study the Luminous Mysteries.
Science - Review Chapter 2 notes. 

Thursday - October 20th
Casual Dress Down - $2.00
Index  cards due tomorrow.
Make sure you have your Castle Learning login and password.

Wednesday - October 19​th​​
​Math - Practice book page 43 - work in notebook
​Science - Chapter 2 vocabulary - make flashcards on 3 by 5 index cards-
​Due Friday - Study terms

Tuesday - October 18​th
​Math - Practice book page 41 complete - all work in notebook 
Show check for problems that were circled in class.

Monday - October 17th
Math - Review class notes - get a good nights sleep -
math IOWAS tomorrow

Thursday - October 13th
Science - Define terms for Chapter 2 on loose leaf paper.
Have science test signed and corrected on loose leaf paper.

Tuesday - October 11th
Math - Practice book page 37 work in notebook.
Castle Learning - Division - work on loose leaf paper due Thursday

Wednesday - October 5th
Math - Have math test signed.
Science - Read pages 22 - 25. Study class notes.

Tuesday - October 4th
​Math - Practice book page 32
​Science - Chapter 1 test Friday

Monday - October 3​rd
​Math - Practice book pages 25 and 26
​Science study class notes for chapter 1

Thursday - September 29th
Math - Complete in notebook Go Math textbook page 29 #11 - 18
Remember  to return signed club forms.

Wednesday - September 28th
Math - to prepare for Friday's test - STUDY the Properties of Numbers and complete your Castle Learning assignment. 
Science - Continue to review class notes.

Tuesday - September 27th
Math - Login in to Castle Learning - remember to write down your password. Chapter 1 assignment due Friday on loose leaf paper.
Casual Dress Down Day tomorrow - $2.00

Monday -September 26th
Religion - study for Chapter 1 exam tomorrow.
Math -  Complete Practice book pages 13 and 14.
Study Properties of Numbers.
Science - Study class notes Chapter 1

Thursday September 22nd
Math - Complete practice book pages 11 and 12
Have math quiz signed

Science - Download lesson 2 notes

Remember gym tomorrow - D day!
Return Chrome Book forms signed.

Wednesday September 21st
Math - Practice book pages 9 and 10

Tuesday September 20th
Math - Study notes on Properties of Numbers.
Practice book page 31 - show all work.

Science bring in a tennis ball if you have one!

Monday September 19th
Math - Property of Numbers quiz Wednesday.
On loose leaf paper define the properties and give two examples on each property. Commutative Property of Addition and Multiplication, Associative Property of Addition and Multiplication, Distributive Property, Identity Property of Addition and Multiplication.

Wednesday September 14th
Math - Practice book pages 5 and 6

Tuesday September 13​th 
Math - Practice book pages 3 and 4

Tuesday September 6th - Give all forms to your parents to complete.

September 13th Summer math packet due.