Monday - June 19th
Religion - Study theTen Commandments

Wednesday - June 7th

Lion King T-shirts may be worn with your uniform tomorrow June 8th.

Monday - June 5th
Math - Castle Learning - Decimal Division - work on loose leaf paper due Wednesday.
Study geometry terms!
Image result for geometry clipart

Tuesday - May 30th
Field Day - tomorrow!! Remember water, beach towel, and snacks.
Math - Castle Learning - due Thursday - 2 assignments -
on loose leaf paper - show all work!

Thursday - May 11th
Science - Study terms and class notes  for quiz tomorrow.
Last day for Baby Drive items!

Wednesday - May - 10th

Math  - Practice book pages 195 and 196
Field Day money due Friday!
Monday - May 8
Science - Review vocabulary terms and class notes daily for Chapter 17.
All science test were to be signed and corrected.
Binders will be checked this week - remove 1st and 2nd Trimester work.

Monday - May 1st
5B Homework: Due Tuesday, May 2nd
Submit your Google Docs "Blockly Hangman" assignment in Google Classroom.  Don't forget to check Google Classroom for more detailed instructions.
Science - Due Wednesday Chapter 16 and 17 vocabulary on index cards.

Monday - April 24th
Religion - Pay it Forward essay due Thursday.
Write (type) an essay describing a "Pay it Forward" experience of your own.
​Science - Review Chapter 16 lessons 1,2, and 3 notes and
 vocabulary - test  Friday.

Monday - April 10th
Religion - Lent Assessment tomorrow study your class notes.


 **How does the Church help Catholics spiritually prepare for Easter?

The Church helps Catholics prepare for Easter by encouraging them to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation and to forgive others.  The Church asks Catholics to do penance and turn back to God.  The Church helps us reflect on the Gospel and challenges us to become better Christians, like the saints and people of the Old Testament.  The Church also encourages us to rejoice in our blessings.

Wednesday - April 5th
Religion - Bring in your Rosary beads tomorrow. Study your Lenten notes. Test Tuesday April 11th

Tuesday - March 28​th
Math - Castle Learning - Division of Fractions - work on loose leaf paper due Thursday

Monday - March 27th
Math - Practice book page 179
Have assessment card form signed and returned tomorrow.

Thursday - March 23​rd
Math - Practice book pages 175 and 176

Tuesday - March 21st
Math - Castle Learning - Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers - all work on loose leaf paper - due Thursday

Monday - March 20​th
Math - Practice book page 166

Thursday - March 16th
Math - wear your pi day tee shirt over your uniform shirt. Tomorrow we will celebrate belated pi day. you may bring in circular treats.

Monday - March 13th
Math - Practice book pages 146, 151, 155, and 156
Tuesday  -  March 14th pi Day! (3.14) Find the  circumference and area for five circular items in your home (ex. maybe a pancake). Record the circumference and area in your notebook. Measure all diameters using your metric ruler. Use the formula for circumference C= 3.14 x d; area A= 3.14 x radius2
Terms and formulas are in your math notebook. Round answers to the nearest tenth. Use calculator for computation.
circumference- the measure of the distance around a circle
diameter - a line through the center point is called
radius - is the distance from the center of the circle to its edge (half the diameter)

Thursday -March 9th
Math - practice book page 165

Tuesday - March 7​th
Math - Practice book page 157
​Science - Projects due Thursday
Monday - March 6th
Math - Practice book page 153
Religion - Remember  to do a good deed.
Casual Dress Down Day tomorrow - $2.00

Thursday - March 2nd
Math - Practice book pages 148 and 149 complete.
Worksheet due tomorrow.
Religion - As a Lenten school project each student is asked to make one wash kit. A notice has been sent home.

Monday - February 27th
Math - Practice book pages 145 and 147
5B Remember to bring in a tee shirt for Art class Friday. You will be designing your pi day shirt.
Religion - remember treats for Mardi Gras

Wednesday - February 15th
Math - If you have not finished graphiti complete tonight
Science - Test Friday Arctic and Antarctic study notes
Religion - Chapter 10 test tomorrow

Monday - February 13​th
Math - Complete Castle Learning assignment in notebook.
Addition and Subtraction of Fraction assessment tomorrow.

Thursday - February 9th
Math - Practice book page 141 and 142

Addition and subtraction assessment Friday
​Science - study class notes Arctic and Antarctic 

Monday - February 6th
Math Practice book page 133. 
Quiz on Divisibility Rules on Wednesday
​Science continue to work on your experiments. 

Math - Practice book page 131 work in notebook
​Science - Study class notes

Thursday - January 26th
Math/Science - For each animal and one globe write one math problem. You must use whole and decimal numbers, and fractions. (example in problem 1 use decimal, problem 2 use fractions) The animals are the polar bear, seal, and penguin. The fourth problem may be about the North and South poles or the Arctic and Antarctic regions. All work must be neatly written in your math notebook. 

 Wednesday - January 25​th
Math  - Practice book page 129
Tuesday - January 24th
Math - Practice book pages 127 and 128
Science - Begin to research information regarding your science experiment topic.
Monday - January 23rd
Science -  Complete Arctic animal facts for class tomorrow.
Remember coins!

Thursday - January 19th
Math - Practice book page 125

Thursday - January 12th
Science - STUDY Chapter 4 exam tomorrow.
Due tomorrow on loose leaf paper with a heading your science project proposal. 

Monday - January 9th
Math - Practice book page 118 # 3 - 8 on loose leaf paper.
Science - Remember to have science project letter signed. Use the link under Useful Links, Science Buddies, to help find the right project for you.

Wednesday - January 4th
Math - Practice book page 112 and page 117  Lesson 5.1 only
Science - Have science project letter signed. This letter should be placed in your science binder under lab.

Tuesday - January 3rd
Math - Practice book page 111
Castle Learning - Decimals all work on loose leaf paper due Thursday
Decimal Division Assessment Friday

Wednesday - December 14​th
Math - Practice book page 101
Religion - Study for Church Liturgical Year exam

Monday - December 12th
Math - Castle Learning - Decimal multiplication - due Wednesday - all work on loose leaf paper
Religion - Liturgical Year assessment on Thursday study notes

Wednesday - December 7th
Religion - study class notes - Advent

Tomorrow, December 8th, is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a Holy Day of Obligation. We honor Mary the blessed Mother.

Science- 5A Complete rough draft for contest -
Defend New York's Forest.  If you go to your Public library get books on our state forest and bring to class on Friday.

Monday - December 5​th
Math - Practice book page 93 - work in notebook

Thursday - December 1st
Math - Practice book pages 84, 86, and 88
​Science - Study for exam.