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February 16, 2017
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The holy season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, March 1. This is a Lenten Day of Prayer and students will have the opportunity to participate in our Soup Lunch as part of the day of prayer. We are asking each student to send in a $2.00 donation with their choice of either chicken noodle or tomato. A flyer will be sent home tomorrow with more information. Thank you.
There is no homework this evening. For those of you traveling during the winter break, safe travels to you, and we will see you when we return to school on February 27.

February 14, 2017
5B: If I requested a parent signature in your social studies notebook, please show that to me tomorrow. There is no written homework tonight. Please study for your religion test which is Thursday on Chapter 10. READ.
Happy St. Valentine's Day.

February 13, 2017
5B ONLY: SS: Complete the red review questions and the lesson review. ELA: complete p. 103 of Exercises in English if not already done so. Have all homework signed.
5A ONLY: Prepare for your chapter 10 religion test which will be on Thursday. Prepare by reading, reading, reading and reviewing the chapter 10 review. 
Tomorrow for St. Valentine's Day, you may bring in treats to share with your classmates.  Tomorrow is also casual dress down day $2.00.
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February 8, 2017
NO HOMEWORK!!! Yippee! Thank you for being so supportive and generous with the Coins for Kids campaign. 5A did great!PS: Don't forget to wear purple tomorrow for P.S. I Love You Day!
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5A ONLY: Read Ready pages 218-221. Complete charts. Have signed.
5B ONLY: Finish classwork if you did not complete(chp. 5, lesson 1, red review questions p. 157, 158, 159). Complete workbook p. 42. Have signed.
5A Religion: chp. 10 test on Feb. 15.

For homework read pp 84-91 in Common Core Writing Handbook. How can you incorporate these elements into your writing? Have page 90 signed with the sentence: "I have read these pages."

Feb. 3, 2017
5B: No homework
5A: Complete pp 40 & 41 of S.S. WKBK. Provide textbook page #s for page 41 only.

St. Mary School celebrates its students! No homework. Yippee. Tomorrow students may dress in red, white, and blue accessories to celebrate our nation. Students may also opt to wear camo in support of our troops. Remember also that our "Sock Hop" is tomorrow, and students are asked to donate socks which will be sent to our troops. Thank you for your support. 

For homework read the following pages in Common Core Writing Handbook: 26-27,30-33,110-111,122-123. In your ELA notebook, write a sentence or two about what you learned from reading the pages.
On Wednesday, we will have our Sock Hop! Please bring in a pair of socks to be donated to our troops. 
Our time at the book fair is this Thursday, Feb 2nd.

Book Fair! 5A will attend the book fair on Thursday, February 2nd! The Father - Daughter Dance is Friday, February 3rd. The Parents Association has a beautiful evening planned for all daughters and the special men in their lives. Some amazing raffle prizes are tickets to the circus, the Globtrotters, Ariana Grande, Billy Joel and so much more. Please send in your RSVP ASAP! Thank you for supporting our Parents Association.
January 25, 2017
For homework create a haiku as discussed in class: A haiku is a nature poem of three lines; the lst line has 5 syllables, the 2nd line has 7 syllables, and the 3rd line has 5 syllables. Have fun!

January 24, 2017

January 23, 2017
For homework, read over chapter 4 lessons 1, 2, 3 of social studies. 
Also, if you did not finish your procedural composition, finish it for homework and hand in tomorrow. Do NOT have it signed. Be sure to either create or print out a cover with a picture and the heading: Procedural Composition

Writing in Science: Gumdrop Houses
January 18, 2017
Read "Battery Power" on p 56 of Ready. DO NOT follow Close Reader Habits. Answer only #1, Part A and B on p. 57. Have signed.
Continue to prepare for your social studies test which will be Tuesday on chapter 4, lessons 1, 2, & 3. If you did not complete all of lesson 2 in class, complete for homework. 


January 17, 2017
Read Ready p. 54 and follow the Close Reading Hints for page 54. If you did not complete activities for Week 5 Studies Weekly, please do so.
The new date for Chapter 4 social studies test is Tuesday, January 24. Prepare.

January 10, 2017
Complete pp 39 and 40 in Exercises in English. Have signed.

January 9, 2017
For homework complete p. 35 in social studies wkbk. Provide pg #s. Have signed.

January 5, 2017
Tomorrow we will celebrate First Friday Mass at 8:30 in the school auditorium. Join us if you can!
For homework complete #2 on page 45 of Ready. Refer to #2 on page 43.

January 4, 2017
Complete pp 40 & 41 in ELA Ready. Have signed.

January 3, 2017
Welcome back and welcome to a new year!
This week we begin our "Coins for Kids" campaign. 
Thank you for all you do to help those in need.
Vocabulary pp 60, 61, 62, & 63. Be sure to complete any incomplete work from those pages. 

December 21, 2016
There is no homework this evening.
Tomorrow is a Santa Helper Dress Down. It is $2.00.
Thank you.

December 20, 2016
Exercises in English p. 82.
Bake Sale tomorrow, December 21st.

December 19, 2016
Tomorrow the Jr. St. Vincent de Paul Society is holding a Christmas Bake Sale. Please support them by buying goodies at lunch.
There is no homework this evening.

December 15, 2016
Complete page 77 in Exercises in English. Have signed.

December 12
Complete pp 47-48 in Exercises in English. Have signed.

(Remember to bring in your shirt box and supplies.)


December 7, 2016
Read Los Melones for Friday.
There will be a Liturgical Year assessment on Thursday, December 15. Review all notes/handout.
Each class has been asked to provide for a neighbor in need this Christmas. Monica, who is three, asked Santa for a doll. As well she is in need of an outfit. Thank you for helping to make Monica's Christmas (and her mom's) a bright one. Please have monetary donation in for Tuesday, December 10th. Thank you.

December 6, 2016
Finish reading Las Guayabas
Complete page 30 of Exercises of English if you did not complete it already.

December 1, 2016
You will be quizzed on subject and object pronouns.
Read Los Papayas in Esperanza Rising (pp 23-38).

November 30, 2016
For homework continue on the work I was talking about in class. Parents, please allow your child to complete this assignment on their own. Thank you. 

November 29, 2016
For homework locate 10 unfamiliar words from pp 1-22 of Esperanza Rising. Write the words on loose leaf paper, determine the part of speech for each word, write the definition of each word, and write a synonym for each words. Have signed. Since we did not have the Esperanza quiz today, be prepared for it tomorrow.
5A: Have your religion quiz signed.

November 28, 2016
Complete either "Use Your Vocabulary - Challenge" or "Fun With Words" in your Vocabulary book, Chapter 4. Assignment must be completed on loose leaf paper. 
Read Esperanza Rising pp 1-22. Be sure to have the book in school each day. 
November 22, 2016
Complete pp 24 of Exercises in English and either p. 26 or p. 27 (your choice- but not both).

November 21, 2016
Make test corrections and have test and corrections signed.
Finish part A on p. 23 of Exercises in English.Have signed. 
Remember that if you did not order lunch for tomorrow's feast, you must bring in lunch. NO OTHER LUNCH WILL BE AVAILABLE. 

November 16, 2016
For homework, complete pp 28 & 29 in Ready. Answer ONLY questions 1, 2, 3, & 4.

November 15, 2016
Tomorrow is your ELA test.
As a wise man once said, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." Benjamin Franklin

November 14, 2016
Complete pp 26 & 27 in Ready. 
Continue to study for your test on Wednesday. You each were given a study guide.

November 9, 2016
Complete vocabulary pp 44 & 45. If you did not complete vocabulary pp 42 & 44 passages during class, please do so. 
Continue to prepare for your ELA test scheduled for Wednesday, November 16.
Please consider taking a bicycle chance for the Jr. St. Vincent dePaul.
​The National Jr. Honor Society is asking for food donations. Thank you for all you do in helping our neighbors. 

November 8, 2016, Election Day!
Complete pp 67 & 69 in Journeys. Follow the directives I gave in class. Be sure to continue to review for your ELA test for next Wednesday, November 16. See below.
5A: All saint compositions are due tomorrow if you have not already submitted it.
Tomorrow is dress down day.
Please remember to purchase your bicycle raffle for the Jr. St. Vincent dePaul.  Help them to help others.  
Please also donate food items for the food drive. It always feels so good to help others. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!

PS Grade 5 went to Mass today and were beautifully and reverently behaved! But of course!

Complete p 79 & 81 in Journeys. Choose a couple of them and try to diagram. Have signed.
Your ELA test will be on November 16. It will be on diagramming subjects, predicates (AV and LV), Direct Objects, Indirect Objects, Subject Complements, and prepositional phrases.
Make corrections to your vocabulary test. Have signed.
Please bring in food items for the food drive. We are called to feed the hungry through our corporal works of mercy. 

November 2, 2016
Continue to study for your vocabulary chapters 1, 2, & 3 test which is tomorrow.
Ex. in Eng p. 14 Part A & B are to be completed if not completed in class. Have signed.
Ex. in Eng p. 139 #1, 2, 3, 4 are to be completed if not completed in class. Have signed.
A second copy of the World Hunger essay is needed.
Print out a picture (bust only)of your martyr for class tomorrow. Thank you.

Happy All Hallow's Eve! October 31 2016
Tomorrow is All Saints Day, a Holy Day of Obligation.
Continue to study for your vocabulary chapter 1, 2, & 3 test on Thursday.
Your World Hunger essay is due Wednesday, 11/2/16.

October 27, 2016

Continue to review your prepositions.
Your World Hunger essay is due Wednesday, November 2nd. This year's topic is Who Can Stop World Hunger?
Typing is not mandatory but is most appreciated. Your essay is to be roughly 100 words. Be creative (what novel idea do you have to stop world hunger?),practical (is your idea doable?), concise (get to the idea/point), and neat.
October 26, 2016
Continue to study your prepositions. You will be quizzed again tomorrow.
Complete Fun with Words on vocabulary pg. 34.
Complete Part B and C on p. 10 of Ex. in Eng. and #s 1, 3, 7, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, and 18. Be sure you review for your Rosary test which is tomorrow. Vocabulary chp 1, 2, and 3 test is on 11/3/16.
October 25, 2016
5A: vocabulary p. 28 passage; p 29 parts of speech for passage.
5B: vocabulary p. 28 and 29 passages.
Preposition quiz tomorrow. 
Religion test on Thursday. Study Rosary vocabulary words.
Know names of prayers and on which beads they are said; days of mysteries, and mysteries in order.

October 24, 2016
Complete vocabulary pp 30, 31, and part 2 on page 32. Have signed.
Continue to review the prepositions. You will be quizzed throughout the week. 
Rosary test will be on Thursday, 10/27.You will be assessed on your knowledge of the prayers and the mysteries of the Rosary. You will be required to know how to spell the mysteries and know the order of the mysteries. As well,know the days on which the different mysteries are prayed. 
BE sure to know the following words spelled correctly: Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, Baptism, Proclamation, Institution, Transfiguration, Eucharist, Scourging, Carrying, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension, Assumption, Coronation. All spelling counts. 
Looking ahead: your vocabulary test on chapters 1, 2, & 3 will be Thursday, November 3

Tuesday, 10/25, is our field tri
p to United Skates. Remember to dress in your gym uniform.

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October 20, 2016
5A & 5B: Vocabulary pp 18 (if not already completed), 23 & 24 (Fun with Words only). Much of this is already completed. Have signed.
5A: Ready book. Read "When Stars Explode." Do not answer questions. Tomorrow is a dress down day $2.00.
Prepare for your religion test on the Rosary which is next Thursday, October 27.  You are required to know the names of the prayers, the mysteries (spelled correctly and in proper order), and which prayers are said on what beads. Refer to the hand out I gave you and your religion book.
October 19, 2016
If your child received an interim, please sign the white copy and return it to school tomorrow. Thank you.
Complete vocabulary pp 20-22: synonyms and antonyms. Have signed. 

October 18, 2016
For homework, please complete pp 16, 17, & 19 of Vocabulary. Have signed. 

Important Notice! Important Notice! Important Notice! Important Notice!
Please check your St. Mary School calendar for extra help days. It is scheduled only on certain Mondays and not every Monday as in the past. Teacher will give permission slips to those students who are requested to stay. Thank you!

October 17, 2016
Be sure to study for your social studies test which is tomorrow.

October 13, 2016
5A ONLY: Ready book pg. 14, read "How Pluto Stopped Being a Planet."
Complete only the graphic organizer on pg. 17. Have signed.

5B ONLY: Ready book pp. 21 and 22. Have signed.
Continue to prepare for your chapter 1 social studies test on Tuesday, 10/18.
Tomorrow is a 12 noon dismissal.
October 12, 2016
: Ready book pp 12 & 13. Read "Identifying Constellations" and answer only #1 on page 12 (graphic organizer). Have signed. Also make any corrections to Community Hero.
5B ONLY: Ready book pp 18, 19, 20. Read from "When Stars Explode." Do not answer any questions. You are to only read the article to a parent/grandparent. Have signed. Also make any corrections to Community Hero.
5A & 5B: Continue to prepare for your social studies test on chapter 1 for next Tuesday, 10/18.

October 11, 2016
5A only: Ready pp 10 & 11; SS workbook pp 4 & 5
Review for your lesson 1 social studies test on Oct. 18.
Refer to resource page for notes.
5B only: Ready p 16; SS workbook pp 4 & 5
Review for your lesson 1 social studies test on Oct. 18. 
Refer to resource page for notes.

October 6, 2016
Continue to memorize the prepositions from p. 89 in Exercises in English for your quiz tomorrow.
As well, we will continue typing in the tech lab so be prepared with your community hero.

October 4, 2016
In Exercises in English complete page 9 part A & B and page 13 part A.
Complete the way we did them in class.
The rough draft of the hero in your community is due tomorrow. 
Religion: complete any prayers that you still have not finished. Copy the Mysteries of the Rosary (pp. 386-387) into your notebook.

Oct. 3, 2016

Continue to memorize and practice the list of prepositions on p. 89 of your Exercises in English workbook. Let me know when you are ready to take your test.(You have until Friday of this week.)
For homework think about a hero in your community and why he or she is a hero. Write a rough draft of 250 words or less in your ELA NOTEBOOK. You may show me tomorrow or Wednesday.
September 29, 2016
For students waiting for their Scholastic Book Order, there was a problem with the account. I spoke with Scholastic today and the order is on its way. Thank you for your patience.
Continue to prepare for your singular/plural possessive noun test. Review all the packets you have as well as Ex. in Eng. 
Some students did not complete the written portion of the Castle Learning homework assessment. Writing out the sentences correctly is part of the assignment. Please submit that part by tomorrow for credit. 
Begin memorizing the prepositions. You will decide which day next week you are ready to take a test. 
​Please return all club permission slips as soon as possible. Thank you. 
If you did not bring in your gig-a-thon money today, please do so tomorrow.

September 27, 2016
There will be a quiz on singular possessive and plural possessive nouns on Friday. You must memorize the three rules for making singular and plural nouns possessive. They are in your Exercises in English, your notebook, and under resources. For homework complete the Castle Learning assignment. You may hand in the assignment tomorrow or Thursday. You must write out the correct sentence for each answer on loose leaf. You must do that as you go along and not after you have answered them all because you will not be able to go back to the sentences. 
September 26, 2016
ELA 5A only: In your vocabulary book, complete pp 10, 11. Have signed.
ELA 5B only: In your vocabulary book, finish completing all pages...except: do not do the passages on pp 8 & 9; do not complete "Use Your Vocabulary-Challenge!"; and do not complete p 14. Have signed. 
Finally, for those of you who still do not have enough Great Seal of America information, please further research. As I explained in class, do not bring printed out information. You are to read, learn, and use bullet format for the information. ALL writing and typing will be completed in school.
Continue to study for your chapter 1 religion test, which is tomorrow. 
All notes are under research.

 Important Notice! Important Notice! Important Notice! Important Notice!
Please check your St. Mary School calendar for extra help days. It is scheduled only on certain Mondays and not every Monday as in the past. Thank you. 

September 22, 2016
If you need to gather more information for your Great Seal of America report based on the paper I gave you today, please do so. 
Study for your religion test for Tuesday, 9/27.

​September 21 2016
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Tomorrow is individual picture day. Please be sure to have the picture form and payment. 
Important paper were given to the youngest/only pertaining to our upcoming Gig-a-thon and to student use of technology. Please sign the forms and return to school. Thank you!
For ELA homework, complete p. 53 of Exercises in English. Have signed. If you did not finish the class work of copying "Article Adjectives" notes from p. 159 of Ex. in Eng., be sure that you complete the notes. For all students who did not have their books in class today, you will need to complete p. 43 of Ex. in Eng.
Religion test on Chapter 1: God's Plan for Creation, 
Tuesday, 9/27. STUDY!
Chapter 1 religion notes can be found under my resources page. You may print them out or refer to them when preparing for the test. 
September 20, 2016
Tomorrow is class picture day. ALL students are to be in proper uniform. 
For homework: 5A & 5B: Using your bedroom description which you did for last night's homework, on loose leaf paper continue the class assignment if you did not complete it. On the left hand side, write all the adjectives and on the right hand side write the nouns modified by the adjective(s) on the left. For example:
fuzzy, pink  carpet
As well, complete p. 42 of Exercises in English. Have signed. Copy "descriptive adjective" and "proper adjective" from p. 159 of Exercises in English into your ELA notebook. 
In social studies: If you did not complete the Great Seal, be sure to finish it for homework OR for tomorrow morning's classroom morning work. Be sure to diagram the parts of the Great Seal.
September 19, 2016,
In your ELA notebook, describe your room. Underline all adjectives. Have signed.

September 15, 2016
5A and 5B complete p. 7 in Exercises in English. Have signed.
Copy notes from p. 6 into your ELA notebook.

September 14 2016
5A: Exercises in English, p. 6
5B: Exercises in English, p. 5

September 13, 2016
5B only: complete pages 3 & 4 of Ex. in English. Have signed.

September 8, 2016
If you did not complete pp 3 & 4 in Exercises in English during class, please complete it for homework. 
All supplies and books are due to school tomorrow. As well, the name psalm on the flash drive is due tomorrow. Thank you. 
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September 7, 2016 homework:

If you did not finish your letter to your future you, you are to complete it for homework. If you did not complete name psalm, it must be completed in your ELA notebook. The name psalm will be typed at home and saved to your flash drive. Have it typed and saved to the flash drive and bring it into school by Friday, 9/9/16. It will be printed out in school. Finally, if you did not complete pages 1 & 2 of Exercises in English, please complete. 

Week of September 6, 2016:

Please submit your summer reading during the first week of school. 
Please have all necessary supplies: required textbooks (available at BOCES), notebooks, pens, pencils.