Welcome to 5A

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​​Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! Welcome to our returning parents and students and a special welcome to our new parents and students of grade 5. This is a year of tremendous growth: changing classes, more teachers, new concepts, 
and greater responsibilities. 

 My name is Marytheresa Donohue, and I am thrilled to be  part of the St. Mary School family. As well as being a teacher of English language arts and social studies, I am blessed to teach religion and be part of an environment that fosters Catholic values. Daily we will pray together and listen to God's Word. We will explore our Catholic faith so that we can more fully respond to God's call. 

The ELA program focuses on developing a stronger writing style, introduces both new vocabulary and varied reading genres including both fiction and non-fiction, and reinforces grammar and listening skills. 

The grade 5 social studies program stresses geographic, economic, and social/cultural understandings related to the United States, Canada, and nations in Latin America today. These perspectives build on and reinforce historic and political content about the United States included in the grade 4 social studies program. Students
 explore our country's past observing how our great nation came to be as well as continue to develop an understanding of the world in which we live. 

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