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Grade Six

June Newsletter



During the month of June our focus will be on Jesus’ teaching on prayer. Students will examine the ways Jesus shared the Good News of Salvation. The Awards Assembly is on June 8, 2017 at 10AM. The Closing School Mass is on June 9, 2017 at 8:30AM,  All are invited to attend. 

MATH Course 1: During the month of June, students will work with both theoretical and experimental probability and its applications included in everyday life.

MATH Course 2: During the month of June, students in Course 2  will study Geometry. We will continue with area of polygons and then, calculate the surface area and volume of solid figures (3D figures).  

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS: During the month of June, students will finish reading the novel Crispin. Students will continue to complete writing activities related to the novel. Writing skills will be reviewed and practiced.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  June is an exciting month for students. Students will connect their knowledge of the ancient civilizations and technology skills to present a multimedia presentation.

SCIENCE:  We will wrap up this school year with a focus on health lessons.  We will be studying the outdoor summer safety.   These lessons will include water safety, hiking, and camping safety, as well as the four basic first-aid steps in an emergency. We will also continue our study of different types of waves. Our lab investigations will continue to reinforce learned skills, especially measurement.      


SPANISH:  Our journey is ending and for this school year, however we will discuss what we will be shopping for in the new school year. Students will use their knowledge of Spanish to focus on school supplies, clothing, choosing the correct names and colors for the items. Students will also practice how to speak formally and informally.  I wish you all a happy and safe”verano” and I hope to see you “próximo an֮o escolar.”

Reminder: Field Trip to Medieval Times is on June 5, 2017


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