6th Grade



You're off to great places. Today is your first day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!-Dr. Seuss

As a new school year is upon us, we the teachers of grade six, are looking forward to helping your child continue on their educational journey. We feel privileged to be working with your children. With God’s blessings we will have a joyous and rewarding year. The following guidelines have been created to help promote a positive and successful learning environment. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, help, and prayers.


  • Students are to come to class prepared with the proper materials at all times. Each and every day they need pens, pencils, loose leaf paper, folders, and notebooks.
  • Students need to attend class regularly and arrive to school on time.
  • Homework, projects, and other assignments are an integral part of the overall grade; therefore they should be completed carefully and on time.
  • Extra help and enrichment classes are held on scheduled Thursdays according to the school calendar. Students will be invited to attend each session.
  • As members of the St. Mary School community, students are to conduct themselves as representatives of the Christian faith showing respect to each other as well as to adults.
  • Religion class focuses on our Christian living and putting our faith into action. As part of religion formation, students are required to do five or more hours of community service each trimester.

Items to be Supplied by Parent

Scientific calculator (Texas Instrument TI-30XIIS)

Black, blue, and red pens

Pencils (#2 preferred)

Pencil case (soft)

Colored pencils


Glue Sticks


4 1”binders

3 folders with 2 pockets

2 -100 page marble notebook

Spanish-English Dictionary
3 packs of reinforced loose leaf paper (children need loose leaf paper all year long)

1 pack of reinforcements

1 Pack of 4x6 lined index cards

3 Packages of dividers

1 ream of white computer paper

6 boxes of tissues

3 rolls of paper towels

4 packages of baby wipes

Items to be Supplied by St. Mary School

1 School planner

1 St. Mary School folder

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