7th & 8th Grades

May Newsletter

Grades Seven & Eight

Grade 7:  During the month of May we will learn about Mary, the Mother of God, our spiritual mother and the Mother of the Church.  She reminds us to reach out to her because she is our advocate so we are never alone. During the month, we will pray the rosary and crown Mary our queen.
Grade 8During the month of May we will remember the Blessed Mother and celebrate our devotion to her by praying a decade of the rosary every day.  In addition, we will begin our study of prayer. Students will create their own personal prayer booklets.

Grade 7: In May students will discover how the Civil War impacted human lives, physical infrastructure, economic capacity, and governance of the United States. We will examine the roles of women, civilians, and free African Americans during the Civil War.
Grade 8:  During the month of May we will complete the unit on the Cold War and explore how the Civil Rights Movement began in the postwar era in response to long-standing inequalities in American society.  This eventually brought about equality under the law but slower progress on economic improvements.  



MATH 7:  Students taking Math 7 will be studying perimeter, area, surface area and volume.  In addition, we will be working on the application of these skills in our daily lives.
MATH 8:  During the month of May students in Math 8 will learn how to solve a system of inequalities.  We will then begin studying about functions and their real world applications.
MATH Algebra 1:  Students taking Algebra I will continue their work with functions.  They will compare linear, exponential, square root and quadratic models. We will also begin reviewing key concepts that have been covered throughout the year to prepare for the upcoming Math Regents exam.

Grade 7:  Students will begin to read the novel Lyddie, written by Katherine Paterson. This novel tells the story of a young girl who goes to work in the Lowell mills, and explores the issue of working conditions in industrializing America. The unit builds students’ background knowledge about working conditions and how it affects workers.  In addition the unit will focus on plot, character, and setting and their interaction in literature. Vocabulary and grammar lessons will continue throughout the month
Grade 8:  Students will complete the novel, Night and then write a extended simile or extended metaphor of themselves.  Vocabulary and grammar lessons will continue throughout the month. 

Grade 7:  During the month of Mayo, seventh graders will learn to explain what they have to do, what they are going to do, and what belongs to them and to others. 
Grade 8:  During the month of Mayo, students in eighth grade will begin to discuss movies, museums and theater. In addition, they will discuss cultural events. Finally, they will practice past actions using verbs ending  in er  and  ir.


Grade 7:  During the month of May, we will be finishing our study of all living organisms with an emphasis on plants and the flow of energy in a food web.  Lab experiences will continue to support concepts taught in class.
Grade 8:  During the month of May, students in the eighth grade science classes will complete their study of astronomy. Laboratory investigations will include exploring rotation and planetary orbits.  In addition, concepts and skills for the New York State Intermediate Level Science Assessment will continue to be developed.
REGENTS EARTH SCIENCE:  Students in the Regents Earth Science course will complete their study of astronomy.  Laboratory investigations will include the construction of elliptical orbits and the analysis of star magnitude.   As the month progresses, we will begin preparation for the Earth Science Regents exam.  To be successful in this course, a daily review of concepts is strongly recommended.



The Teachers of Grades Seven and Eight.