7th & 8th Grades


Seven and Eight



Grade 7:   During the month of June, we will begin explore the parts of the Mass and the significance of each part 

Grade 8:  Students will continue their study of prayer.


Math 7 - Students taking Math 7 will continue to cover geometry concepts during the month of June.

Math 8 - Students taking Math 8 will continue working on concepts related to the Algebra 1 Course.

Algebra 1 – Students will continue to review for the upcoming regents exam.



Grade 7: During the month of June, the seventh grade will finish the novel, Lyddie.  As a concluding activity, students will plan a dramatization of their favorite scenes from the novel. They will be able to include dialogue or use improvisation.



Grade 7:  During the month of June, Grade 7 will shift gears and focus on some geography. Students will use location terms and geographic representations such as maps, photographs, satellite images, and models to describe where places in the United States and other nations are in relation to each other, to describe connections among places, and to evaluate effectively the benefits of particular places for purposeful activities.



Grade 7: During the month of June, we will be finishing our study of all living organisms with an emphasis on plants and the flow of energy in a food web.  Lab experiences will continue to support concepts taught in class.

Grade 8: We will continue of study of the Earth and its place in the universe.

Regents Earth Science:  We will continue preparing for the Regents Earth Science exam.



Grade 7: Students will learn to talk about family and to describe “la casa”. They’ll learn the verb “to have” telling their age, what have to do, what they are going to do as well what belongs to them and to others.  I would like to express to you a pleasant and safe “verano” and I hope to see you “próximo año escolar”.

With Graduation rapidly approaching for the eighth graders, we would like to remind you of some important dates.

Important June Dates

June 6 - Graduation Dance (6-9 PM)

June 7 - Eighth Grade Day of Prayer (During school day)

June 7 - Graduation Cruise (5-9 PM)

June 13 - Algebra 1 Regents (St. John the Baptist High School)

June 15- Earth Science Regents (St. John the Baptist High School)

June 16 - Graduation Mass 10 AM

                Graduation Ceremony 4 PM


When caps and gowns are distributed, please check them immediately for any problems.  Students wear the gown ONLY to the Graduation Mass.  BOTH the cap and gown are to be worn to the Graduation Ceremony.



Thank you,

The Teachers of Grades Seven and Eight