7th & 8th Grades

Seventh and Eighth Grade Parent Newsletter

April Newsletter  2019       

Grades Seven & Eight

By Your Cross and Resurrection You have set us Free!


Grade 7:  The seventh grade will continue to focus on the liturgical season of Lent. As a school community we are actively involved in prayer, sacrifice, and almsgiving.  We will discuss the Catholic approach to the season and develop a better understanding of the Passion of Jesus as we begin our preparation of the Living Stations performance on Wednesday, April 17th. Please join us in the school auditorium at 10 AM for this very solemn meditation of the Stations of the Cross.

Grade 8: During the month of April, class lessons will continue to focus on the liturgical season of Lent. Students will be reminded that Lent is a time of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. During this time of Lent we take time to prepare for the celebration of Christ’s Death and Resurrection by completing many different types of activities.



Grade 7:  In March we begin our study of Westward Expansion by the United States and how driven by political and economic motives, our nation expanded its physical boundaries to the Pacific Ocean.

Grade 8:  This month we begin our study of World War II and how the aggression of the Axis powers threatened United States security and led to its entry into the war. We will investigate the nature and consequences of warfare during WWII that transformed the United States and the global community.


MATH 7: Students taking Math 7 will finish up solving multiple-step equations and writing equations to represent real-world situations. The next topic will be perimeter, area, and volume.

MATH 8: During the month of April, students taking Math 8 will finish studying linear equations.  The next topic will involve solving system of equations graphically and algebraically.

MATH Algebra 1: Students taking Algebra I will work on several topics during the month.  One topic will be to study and graph quadratic functions. Next, we will take a closer look at exponential functions and their applications in real-world situations.


Grade 7: In April students will begin a study in literary analysis. They will determine what constitutes a good literary analysis and will use historical fiction for the task. Further, students will identify the characteristics of a literary analysis and identify the thesis, topic sentence and supporting details of a literary analysis; they will then use these in their own response. . Vocabulary and writing assignments will be aligned with our literary analysis studyl.

Grade 8: During the month of April, students will engage in argumentative writing. They will discover what makes good argumentative writing and explore logical relationships. They will identify the characteristics and structure of argumentative writing and use these in their own writing.  Our grammar will focus on sentence structure in writing and verb use.

                                                                S c i e n c e

Grade 7:During the month of April, we will continue our study of human body system interaction.  Students will observe and analyze how systems interact to carry out all the necessary functions for growth and survival.  Our lab experiences will support these lessons.

Grade 8:During the month of April, students will continue their study of Earth’s atmosphere.

We will analyze daily as well as seasonal weather patterns.  In addition we will begin our study of dewpoint and relative humidity.  Students will learn how to analyze and construct weather station models.


During the month of April, students will complete their study of weather and  begin a unit on the electromagnetic spectrum and incoming solar radiation. We will begin to prepare for our last topic, space. To be successful in this course, a daily review of concepts is strongly recommended.  


Grade 7: During the month of Abril, Seventh graders will talk about the plurals of adjectives,  verbs “ser, preferir, deber”. We will listen and read about leisure activities and schedules; talk and write places to go and activities to do during free time.

Grade 8: In Abril, students will end our chapter with the plurals of adjectives; verbs ser, preferir, debe. Also, we will talk and write places to go and activities to do during free time; besides we’ll read about leisure activities and schedules.


The Teachers of Grades Seven and Eight

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