Week of March 27
7th Grade 
Work on your War of 1812 Essays
due Thursday March 30
​* Erie Canal Song extra credit due April 7th
8th Grade
World War II Exam Friday
Atomic Bomb Essays due Thursday
*World War II extra credit due by Friday
Week of March 20
7th Grade 
Read and Highlight -War of 1812 document
Complete the attached worksheet

8th Grade
Read and Highlight - The Atomic Bomb document
complete the attached worksheet

8A Write a brief summary of Korematsu v. United States
----------cite multiple resources
Week of March 13

7th Grade
Complete terms and vocabulary for 7-5 study guide

8th Grade 
Research the decision and effects of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

Compose 4 questions for a holocaust survivor.

Decide whether or not you agreed with the decision and support your position with facts.
Week of March 6

7th Grade
Monday - Wednesday
Chromebook test on US Government and US Constitution begins tomorrow and continues during the week ...please use your US Constitution folder from Google Drive to prepare.

8th Grade
Complete your WW II terms
Complete People to Know for WW II

Week of February 27

Monday- All classes bring in textbooks
8A Complete League of Nations or Appeasement Political Cartoon
Week of February 13

7th Grade
Memorize the Preamble
Preamble presentations begin Thursday.

8th Grade
Great Depression and New Deal Chromebook Test on Thursday

Extra Credit for 7th and 8th grade over the break
See the movie ---Hidden Figures ---
Bring in your ticket stub and a selfie/picture of you at the theater


Week of February 6
7th Grade 
Complete your vocabulary and key terms for your new study guide.

8th Grade
Begin vocabulary on your new study guide.
Week of January 23
7th Grade 
Read p 200-204     ans. #1-6 
Read p 206-210     ans. #1,2, & 4

8th Grade 
S.S. Project presentations begin Wednesday January 25

Read 730-734 answer #8
*Be prepared for a quiz on your reading

Week of January 16

7th Grade

American Revolution presentations begin
Friday 1/20
Be sure to continue to document your research. 

8th Grade
Read 718-729
Answer #2 & 7 on p. 722
Answer #1 & 7 on p. 729
Due Thursday 
S.S. Project presentations begin January 25
Week of January 9
7th grade 
Final copy of the Stamp Act Essay due Thursday
Test Friday on the American Revolution

American Revolution Group Projects
due January 20th

8th Grade
Read pp 704-709 answer #3 & 7
WWI Exam Tuesday January 17

Week of January 3
Grade 7
Read The Declaration of Independence on pp 176-180  Be ready for a quiz on Thursday

Grade 8
Read pp 686-690
Complete the Target Skill graphic organizer
Answer #s 1&2

Wednesday December 21
7th and 8th grade

Essays due by Friday
Week of December 12

7th Grade
Mon. Read 146-153 ans. #7  
Wed. Read 155- 160  ans. #7
Thurs. Read 168 -176 ans. #7 for both lessons
People to Know and Military due Friday
And.....Make corrections to the letters from the Mon. and Wed. homeworks!

8th Grade
Tuesday- Begin the first draft of your essay on Civil Rights of the Early 1900s  

Completed first draft Due Friday

Week of December 5

7th Grade

Monday-Read pp 140-145 and answer question #7
Tuesday-Read pp 146-153 and answer question #7
Study Guide---Vocabulary due Tuesday December 6
                 Things to Know due Friday December 9

7B Religion
Begin your Respect Life Essay
Use this link to view the 2016 Contest
Respect Life Contest

Technology Reminder 
Complete your Google Classroom Story by Wednesday..More info is on Miss Dello Iacono's page.

8th Grade-

Study Guide
Key Terms due tomorrow
People to Know due Wednesday
Places to Find due Friday 


Week of November 28
7th Grade
Read pp 108-119
answer #1-5 on p. 112
answer #1-6 on p. 118
Due Thursday
Quiz on 13 Colonies Friday 

8th Grade 
Complete your Vocabulary
Read pp. 660-666
answer # 3-5 on p.666
Due Wednesday
Week of November 21
Grade 7
Download Unit 7-3 Study Guide and begin vocabulary.
Make corrections to your essays.

Grade 8 
Download Unit 8-3 Study Guide and begin vocabulary.
Make corrections to your essays.
Week of November 14
Grades 7 & 8
All final copies of Sioux Uprising Essay Due Thursday

Wednesday - Binders will be checked for a grade and Sioux Uprising worksheets will be collected.


Week of November 7
7th Grade --Test Monday
8th Grade -- Test Tuesday

Oral presentations begin this week for both 7th and 8th grades. Have your Google Slides presentations completed. 
Thursday Nov. 3
7th Read pp 102-107
Answer # 7 & 8

Tests ** Change
7th Grade Monday, November 7
8th Grade Tuesday, November 8

Week of October 31.

7th Grade
Monday Read pp. 93-97 answer #3-5
Copy Cause and Effect flow chart from p. 85

7B Religion

8th Grade
Monday Read 590-594 & answer #3-5 on p. 594
Wednesday Read 600-605 answer #6 on p. 605

Week of October 24
7th Grade
Monday & Tuesday -Complete "People to Know" from your Study Guide
Wednesday & Thursday - Complete "Things to Know" from your Study Guide 

7B Religion
Monday Gather information for your World Hunger essay.

8th Grade
Read 572-582 & answer #3-5 on p. 577
Copy Cause and Effect flow chart on p. 581
Things to Know due Friday

Week of October 17
7th Grade
Monday      Read pp 68-72   ans. # 3-5
Tuesday      Read pp 74-80   ans. # 1 & 6
Wednesday   Read pp 81-86   ans. # 3-5
Thursday    Read pp 87-91    ans. # 1 & 5

8th Grade 
Monday  Read pp 557-561  ans. # 2,3,4,5, & 7
Wednesday    Read pp 562-566   ans. # 8
Week of Oct. 10
7th & 8th  Upload your final copies of the Sioux uprising essay to Google Drive and "share" it with me by Friday.
October 3, 2016
7th Grade
Download Study Guide 7-2
Complete vocabulary by Thursday 10/6

7B Religion
Test Thursday on 7 Sacraments,
10 Commandments, and Works of Mercy

8th Grade
Download Study Guide 8-2
Complete vocabulary by Thursday 10/6
September 26, 2016
7th grade---Read pp. 4-9 
answer # 1,2, & 6
Test Friday on Unit 7-1 Native Americans

8th grade ---Read pp. 526-533
answer # 6 on p. 533 in two paragraphs
​Test Friday on Friday on Unit 8-1 Reconstruction
September 19 & 20 

7th grade --- Complete your research for your Native American presentation.

8th grade --- Read pp. 516-524  and answer #3-5 p. 519  & 3-5 p. 524
September 12, 2016

7th grade--
-Download Unit 7-1 Study Guide
-Timelines due Friday--5 personal events & 5 historic events from 2003-2016
-Quiz on Migration Theories Wednesday

8th grade 
-Download Reconstruction Study Guide
-Timelines due Friday --- 10 events from 1865-2016
-Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday