7-1 Homework


Week of March 13th to 17th:
Due Thursday, 3/16--All tests must be signed & corrected

 Week of March 6th to 10th:
Due Tuesday, 3/7--Completed Chapter 6 Study Guides
Wednesday, 3/8--Test on Chapter 6
Week of February 27th to March 3rd:
Due Thursday, 3/2:
1-Signed Nature At Work labs
2-Signed Chapter 4 & 5 Tests
Week of February 6th to 10th:
Due Wednesday, 2/8--
1-Get Class Survey lab signed
2-Bring in an item to view under the microscope       tomorrow in lab.  Make sure it is in a plastic baggie.

Week of January 23rd to 27th:
All survey labs are due by tomorrow

Week of January 9 to 13th:

        Quiz on Punnett Squares Wed., 1/11
Chapter 5 Key Terms are due Fri., 1/13
Nervous System Health assignment is due Fri., 1/20

Week of January 3rd to 6th:

Check out "Class Notes" page for January notes! Due Wednesday, 1/4--Bring in a coin for lab
The following should be signed by Thursday, 1/5
Make the Right Call Lab(LM p. 27)
Unimonster Lab (LM p. 30)
 Due Friday, 1/6--Complete the last two questions on the                    Genetics Lab (coin tossing lab)

Week of December 19th to 23rd:

Punnett Square Extra Credit template
               Punnett Squares template.doc

Week of December 12th to 16th:

Due Thursday--"Quests" must be signed and corrected 
Due Friday--Signed Lab Practicals

Week of December 5th to 9th:

Tuesday, 12/6--Cell Quest
Wednesday, 12/7
--Chapter 4 Key Terms are due

Week of November 28 to December 2:

Tuesday, 11/29--Cell Bingo-Make sure you have your boards & markers!
  Wednesday, 11/30--Trimester Lab Practical
Thursday, 12/1--Completed class work is due!
  Friday, 12/2--Cell Quest (Chapter 2-4 & 3 All)-Postponed until 12/6
Week of November 14th-17th:
Tuesday, 11/15:
Quiz--study cell diagrams as well as the functions of organelles
Due Thursday, 11/17
Completed Plant & Animal Cell labs.
Please remember to answer all questions using  complete sentences.  
Check spelling before submitting your completed lab.
The highest score possible with a cover is a 5.
The highest score possible without a cover is a 4.

Week of November 7th-10th:
Due Thursday, 11/10
Complete the matching section of Cellular Compounds worksheet

Week of October 31-November 4:
Due Monday, 10/31:
All Alien and Extinct Animal labs must be signed and corrected
Due Thursday, 11/3:
Completed Cell diagrams
Due Friday, 11/4:
Signed Fire Safety sheets
Signed Tests

Week of October 24-28:
Chapter 2 Test on Thursday, 10/27
Study Key Terms
Reread your reading sheets
Review question sheets
        View online class notes
Key Terms for chapter 2 section 4 are to be completed before the end of class on Friday, 10/28.
All Plant Cell p.64 and animal Cell diagrams are due by next Thursday.

Castle Learning assignment "Chapter 2" must be completed by the start of school on Wednesday, 10/26.  Click on the link below to go to Castle Learning:

Week of October 17-21: 
Due Thursday, 10/20:
All materials for Fire Safety assignment must be brought to class so we can assemble our flip books
Due Monday, 10/24:
All Extinct Animal labs are due.  All pages must be complete.  The "Going Further" task on the last page is not included in the assignment. 

Week of October 10 - 14:
Due Friday, 10/14:
-Complete Dichotomous Key on pages 80(bottom) & 81(top) of the lab -All Chapter 1 Tests will finally be returned on Tuesday, 10/12.  Tests must be corrected and signed by a parent by Friday.

Week of October 3-7:
Due Monday, 10/3:
         -Completed Letter "d" Labs
Due Tuesday, 10/4

-Key Terms for all of Chapter 2 must be defined on loose leaf 
Due Wednesday, 10/5:
        -Microscope Labs must be signed by a parent

Week of September 26-30:
Castle Learning Assignment: LS Chapter 1 is posted.
Click on the link below:
                     Castle Learning

Chapter 1 test has been rescheduled.  It will now be given on Thursday, 9/29

Due Wednesday, 9/28
:  Completed Microscope Labs

Week of September 19-23:                                          
Due Wednesday, 9/21
-Key Terms for all of Chapter 1 must be defined on loose leaf 
-Scientific Inquiry Worksheet must be completed

Due Thursday, 9/22
Complete question #5 parts a-g on the Microscope Lab (pages 24-25)

Due Friday, 9/23
         -Completed Spongebob Safety sheets

Quiz Friday, 9/23: Steps of the Scientific Method

Chapter 1 Test is Tuesday September 27th

Week of September 12-16:  

Due Thursday, 9/15:  Read and highlight pages 22 & 23 in the Microscope Lab

Due Friday, 9/16
:  Complete the "What is Science?" worksheet

Quiz Friday, 9/16:  Identifying the parts of the microscope