7-1 Homework

Week of May 15th to 19th:
Due Wednesday, 5/17-- Completed Sea Star labs
(Many of you completed them in class on Monday and have already handed them in)
Week of May 8th to 12th:
Due Friday, 5/12--
Signed Worm Labs
Completed Grasshopper Labs
Sea Star handout must be read, highlighted and annotated
Please remember, you must be up to date with ALL assignments by May 12th to be able to participate in the Sea Star Dissection lab scheduled for Monday, 5/15.

Week of May 1st to 5th:
Due Friday, 5/5--
Completed Worm Labs (LM pages 77-81)
Please remember, you must be up to date with ALL assignments to be able to participate in the Grasshopper Dissection lab scheduled for Friday, 5/5.

Week of April 10th to 12th:
We will take the chapter 7 test on Tuesday, April 11th.
All folders will be collected tomorrow.  Make sure they are complete.

Week of April 3rd to 7th:
Please study your notes on Viruses, Bacteria, Protists and Fungi.
Since I did not get to meet with your class for review yet, the test will be moved to the second half of Monday's class.  Tomorrow (Friday) we will begin our review.
Week of March 27th to 31st:
All revised Health assignments are due by Friday, 3/31.

Week of March 13th to 17th:
Due Thursday, 3/16--All tests must be signed & corrected

 Week of March 6th to 10th:
Due Tuesday, 3/7--Completed Chapter 6 Study Guides
Wednesday, 3/8--Test on Chapter 6
Week of February 27th to March 3rd:
Due Thursday, 3/2:
1-Signed Nature At Work labs
2-Signed Chapter 4 & 5 Tests
Week of February 6th to 10th:
Due Wednesday, 2/8--
1-Get Class Survey lab signed
2-Bring in an item to view under the microscope       tomorrow in lab.  Make sure it is in a plastic baggie.

Week of January 23rd to 27th:
All survey labs are due by tomorrow

Week of January 9 to 13th:
        Quiz on Punnett Squares Wed., 1/11
Chapter 5 Key Terms are due Fri., 1/13
Nervous System Health assignment is due Fri., 1/20

Week of January 3rd to 6th:

Check out "Class Notes" page for January notes! Due Wednesday, 1/4--Bring in a coin for lab
The following should be signed by Thursday, 1/5
Make the Right Call Lab(LM p. 27)
Unimonster Lab (LM p. 30)
 Due Friday, 1/6--Complete the last two questions on the                    Genetics Lab (coin tossing lab)

Week of December 19th to 23rd:

Punnett Square Extra Credit template
               Punnett Squares template.doc

Week of December 12th to 16th:

Due Thursday--"Quests" must be signed and corrected 
Due Friday--Signed Lab Practicals

Week of December 5th to 9th:
Tuesday, 12/6--Cell Quest
Wednesday, 12/7
--Chapter 4 Key Terms are due

Week of November 28 to December 2:

Tuesday, 11/29--Cell Bingo-Make sure you have your boards & markers!
  Wednesday, 11/30--Trimester Lab Practical
Thursday, 12/1--Completed class work is due!
  Friday, 12/2--Cell Quest (Chapter 2-4 & 3 All)-Postponed until 12/6
Week of November 14th-17th:
Tuesday, 11/15:
Quiz--study cell diagrams as well as the functions of organelles
Due Thursday, 11/17
Completed Plant & Animal Cell labs.
Please remember to answer all questions using  complete sentences.  
Check spelling before submitting your completed lab.
The highest score possible with a cover is a 5.
The highest score possible without a cover is a 4.

Week of November 7th-10th:
Due Thursday, 11/10
Complete the matching section of Cellular Compounds worksheet

Week of October 31-November 4:
Due Monday, 10/31:
All Alien and Extinct Animal labs must be signed and corrected
Due Thursday, 11/3:
Completed Cell diagrams
Due Friday, 11/4:
Signed Fire Safety sheets
Signed Tests

Week of October 24-28:
Chapter 2 Test on Thursday, 10/27
Study Key Terms
Reread your reading sheets
Review question sheets
        View online class notes
Key Terms for chapter 2 section 4 are to be completed before the end of class on Friday, 10/28.
All Plant Cell p.64 and animal Cell diagrams are due by next Thursday.

Castle Learning assignment "Chapter 2" must be completed by the start of school on Wednesday, 10/26.  Click on the link below to go to Castle Learning:

Week of October 17-21: 
Due Thursday, 10/20:
All materials for Fire Safety assignment must be brought to class so we can assemble our flip books
Due Monday, 10/24:
All Extinct Animal labs are due.  All pages must be complete.  The "Going Further" task on the last page is not included in the assignment. 

Week of October 10 - 14:
Due Friday, 10/14:
-Complete Dichotomous Key on pages 80(bottom) & 81(top) of the lab -All Chapter 1 Tests will finally be returned on Tuesday, 10/12.  Tests must be corrected and signed by a parent by Friday.

Week of October 3-7:
Due Monday, 10/3:
         -Completed Letter "d" Labs
Due Tuesday, 10/4

-Key Terms for all of Chapter 2 must be defined on loose leaf 
Due Wednesday, 10/5:
        -Microscope Labs must be signed by a parent

Week of September 26-30:
Castle Learning Assignment: LS Chapter 1 is posted.
Click on the link below:
                     Castle Learning

Chapter 1 test has been rescheduled.  It will now be given on Thursday, 9/29

Due Wednesday, 9/28
:  Completed Microscope Labs

Week of September 19-23:                                          
Due Wednesday, 9/21
-Key Terms for all of Chapter 1 must be defined on loose leaf 
-Scientific Inquiry Worksheet must be completed

Due Thursday, 9/22
Complete question #5 parts a-g on the Microscope Lab (pages 24-25)

Due Friday, 9/23
         -Completed Spongebob Safety sheets

Quiz Friday, 9/23: Steps of the Scientific Method

Chapter 1 Test is Tuesday September 27th

Week of September 12-16:  

Due Thursday, 9/15:  Read and highlight pages 22 & 23 in the Microscope Lab

Due Friday, 9/16
:  Complete the "What is Science?" worksheet

Quiz Friday, 9/16:  Identifying the parts of the microscope