Health Assignments

Revised Illegal Drugs Assignment:
Please make sure to research then describe the following groups of illegal 
All revisions are due by 3/31.

Illegal Drugs
Please list and describe the five categories of illegal drugs.
This assignment should be completed by Tuesday, 3/21 on a slice of loose leaf paper.

Nervous System Assignment 

(Due January 20th)
Central Nervous system
Peripheral Nervous System

spinal cord
brain stem
2. Describe five things you can do to keep your brain healthy

Communicable Disease Assignment:

(Due November 22nd)
 List the following:
1-Five communicable diseases
    You will not receive credit for listing
    any of the examples discussed in class
2-Five things we can do to help stop the
            spread of communicable disease
This assignment may be typed or handwritten.  
Please check your work for spelling and grammar errors before you hand the assignment in.

First Aid Project: (due November 16th)
Choose an emergency situation that would require first aid to be administered to a victim.  Then list the steps that need to be taken to administer first aid.
Description of requirements:
1-Must be typed
2-Use a full heading
3-Make sure to write your title ( 1st Degree Burns, Electric shock, etc.)
4-List the steps needed to administer first aid using bullets
5-Use a border or at least one graphic image

Fire Safety Project
Grade 7:

All materials must be brought to class by October 20th.
We will put the flip books together in class on October 20th.


The class lesson is attached below:
Fire Safety 2016.pptx