7-1 Science

Life Science   Image result for microscope clipart 

Please click on the "Health Assignments" tab found to the left to access Health assignments.  

Please be prepared for Science.  You should have your Elevate workbook and your science binder every day.  All binders should have 5 neatly labeled tabs: Key Terms, Notes, Labs, Assessments & Health.


Completed Grasshopper Labs are due Wednesday, 4/17.
Information is available on the Google Classroom and should be used for reference when completing the written lab work.
Please note:
If you are absent on 4/17, your lab will be collected on Monday, 4/29, when we return to school.

Looking ahead:
Sea Star Dissection Lab...May 2nd
Stony Brook PA Health Fair...May 9th
Frog Dissection...May 16th