7-2 Homework

Please click on the "Heath Assignments" tab above on the left to access Health assignments.  

Castle Learning Assignment is due Tuesday, 11/21.
The title of the assignment is: LS-Cells and Cell Processes.
I will be grading it as a quiz so please do your best!
If you have any questions, please see me before the 21st.

All completed Plant & Animal Cell labs must be submitted by Wednesday, 11/15.  Covers must complete and the design must be related to cells.

Due Tuesday:  Signed Fire Safety grading sheets

On Tuesday, 11/7 there will be a Cell Quiz.  Please study your animal cell diagrams.  In addition, you should study the chart we created in class that lists ALL of the organelles and their functions.

Due Thursday, 11/2:
Complete the "Looking Inside Cells" worksheet
Read & highlight the "Chemical Compounds in Cells" sheet

There has been a change in the due date for Key Terms.
The Key Terms found on page 60 (last section of Chapter 2) and all Key Terms for Chapter 3 will now be due by Tuesday, 10/31.

Due Thursday, 10/26:
1-Complete Key Terms for Chapter 3
2-Get Extinct Animal Lab signed
3-Correct Chapter 2 Test and get it signed

We will finish the chapter 2 test tomorrow, Friday, 10/20.

Due Thursday, 10/19:
Please write a brief explanation for why each of the following scientists were important:
1-Francesco Redi
2-Louis Pasteur
3-Anton van Leeuwenhoek
4-Robert Hooke
5-Matthias Schleiden
6-Theodor Schwann
7-Rudolf Virchow
8-Carolus Linnaeus

To prepare for the test, please complete the following Castle Learning
assignment by Friday morning:    LS-Chapter 2
You do not have to write anything on looseleaf paper.  

Optional test preparation:  Complete the online test at phschool.com
The web code is cha-1020

Our Chapter 2 test is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, October 19th.  Please review your key terms, class notes, hand-outs and labs.  My Chapter two notes are still available on the "Class Notes" page.  This can be easily found on the menu to the upper left of my home page.

All Extinct Animal Labs are due by Wednesday, 10/18.  Please make sure you have completed all parts and checked your spelling.  Take care when completing the last page.  Remember the directives that were given in class.
All Microscope labs must be signed by a parent and returned by Thursday, 10/12.

"What is Life?" worksheets must be completed by Wednesday, 10/11.  Make sure to complete the questions at the top and the vocabulary fill-ins at the bottom.

Microscope Labs will be collected by Friday, 10/6.

Chapter 2 Notes are available.  Go to my homepage and click on the Class Notes tab to the left.

 Chapter 2 Key Terms must be completed by Friday, 10/6.
All Chapter 1 tests must be signed and corrected by Thursday.
All Letter "d" labs and Health contracts must be signed by a parent by Tuesday, 10/3.          

Chapter 1 Test Format:
Multiple Choice
Matching (Lab Safety diagrams)
Fill in Blank (Steps of Scientific Method)
Microscope Parts and Functions
Reading and interpreting data

Go to phschool.com and take the online quiz.
The web code is cha-1010

To review the parts of the microscope click on the link below:
Parts of the Microscope.pdf

Our Chapter 1 test is scheduled for Friday, 9/29.

The Letter "d" lab is due on Tuesday, 9/26.  

We will work on the Microscope Lab on Wednesday in class.  Students will be expected to complete it and then hand it in on Thursday, 9/27.

                       Image result for science
Microscope Skills lab must be signed by a parent by Friday, 9/22.

There will be a quiz on labeling the parts of the microscope on Thurs., 9/21.

The following assignments are due by Friday, 9/15:
1-Lab Safety Cartoon activity
2-Chapter 1 Key Terms 
3-Microscope Skills Lab & Parts of the Microscope