Health Assignments

Due Wednesday, 11/8:
Healthy Meal Project
Please log on to the google classroom to see the directions for this
assignment.  A two-column template is attached. 

Due Monday, 10/23:

Fire Safety Projects--Kindly select one of the two options below:
        Public Service Announcement--approximately 30 seconds
Video--up to 2 minutes
You may present your project live or via an electronic device.
You do not have to present in front of the whole class.
Please try to be creative and keep the theme simple. 

Due Monday, 9/25:

Please complete your Health contracts.
Your contract should begin with the following sentence:

During the 2017-2018 school year 
I promise to try to:

Then list a minimum of five goals you choose to work on this year.  These goals may be related to your physical, emotional, or social health.  They may also pertain to areas you might like to improve at school, sports, etc.

When your list is complete, add your signature on the bottom right side of the contract.

Remember that you may type or hand write this assignment.  If you use clip art, please cite the specific source you have taken the artwork from at the very bottom of your page, beneath your signature.