7-2 Science

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Please click on the "Health Assignments" tab on the left to access Health assignments.  

Please be prepared for Science class.  You should have your Elevate workbook and your science binder every day.  All binders should have 5 neatly labeled tabs: Key Terms, Notes, Labs, Assessments & Health.

Due Tuesday, 2/12: 
1-Completed Punnett Square Activity (submitted via Google Classroom) 
2-Completed Slideshows (11 slides plus Bibliography)

Due Thursday, 2/7:  Completed Coin Toss/Inheritance of Traits Labs

Due Wednesday, 1/30:
Pedigree Charts must be signed by a parent
(You may have a note with the grade signed in your planner in place of bringing back the project)

Due Thursday, 1/17:
SpongeBob worksheet page 2

Due Thursday, 1/10:
1-SpongeBob worksheet page 1
2-Key Term Quiz (open chromebook/binder)
3-Bring in a coin for lab

Monday, 1/7:
Please complete today's classwork from the Google Classroom:
Disease Part 2 before the start of school tomorrow.

Due Monday, 1/7--Cell tests must be signed and corrected
Due Tuesday, 1/8--All vocabulary from our new topic (Lesson 7) must be defined