Health Assignments
Body Systems Slideshow:


1-No text may be copied and pasted.  All information MUST be written in your own words.
2-All web pages/websites that have been used for information or graphics MUST be copied onto your Work Cited page to give proper credit to the "owner" of that information. * In addition, all graphics MUST also be cited directly beneath where they appear on your slides.
     Slide 1: 
Title Slide--Must include title, author & a graphic*
     Slide 2: Respiratory System--Must include main functions & graphic*
     Slide 3: Parts of Resp. Sys.--Must include list of parts & graphic*
     Slide 4: Diseases/Disorders of the Resp. Sys.--List & graphic*
     Slide 5: Effects of Smoking on the Respiratory System & graphic*
     Slide 6: Title slide-The Nervous System & graphic*
     Slide 7: Main Functions of the Nervous System & graphic*
     Slide 8: What is a Neuron? & graphic*
     Slide 9: Describe the Central Nervous System & graphic*
     Slide 10: Describe the Peripheral Nervous System & graphic*
     Slide 11: List major diseases/disorders of the Nervous System & graphic*
     Last Slide(s): Work Cited/Bibliography 

Fire Safety Assignment:

(Due Friday, October 19th)
Pick one theme to discuss in your project.
Be creative and do your research! 
       PSA--one minute in length
       Video--up to two minutes in length

Goal Assignment:
(Due Tuesday, 9/25)
  • List at least three short-term goals (one physical, one social & one emotional)
  • List at least three long-term goals
  • May be written in pen
  • May be typed
  • Must have a full heading

Please see me by Monday, 9/24 if you have any questions or concerns.