8-1 Homework

Week of May 15th to 19th:
Due Wednesday, 5/17-- Read & highlight the first section of chapter 11 Due Tuesday, 5/16--
Please complete Chapter Review Part C for Chapter 10.

Week of May 8th to 12th:
Due Friday, 5/12-- Read and highlight the last section of Chapter 10 Due Thursday, 5/11-- Answer questions #1-16 on RB pages 255-257 Due Tuesday, 5/9--
Read & highlight RB pages 250-255
Week of May 1st to 5th:
Due Friday-- Completed worksheet #3 Due Thursday-- Completed worksheet #2 Due Wednesday, 5/3-- Weather worksheet due
Due Tuesday, 5/2--
Read & highlight first section of RB Chapter 9
Finish Study Guide
Complete RB Chapter 8 Review (evens only)
Week of April 24th to 28th:
Due April 27th-- Complete questions 12-26 on RB pages 203-205 Due April 26th-- Read & Highlight RB up to page 203
Complete #1-22 on Weather Study Guide
Due April 25th--
RB questions pages 195-197 #1-13
Read & Highlight RB pages 197-200
Due April 24th--
Complete Castle Learning "Chapter 7"
Read & highlight RB pages 193-195
Complete Chapter Review RB pages 188-191 

Week of April 10th to 12th:
On Tuesday we will go over Friday's work and then begin RB Chapter 8.

Week of April 3rd to 7th:
Due Tuesday--Read & highlight RB pages 170-177
Due Friday--Read and highlight the remaining pages of Chapter 7.  Try to complete the questions on RB pages 186-188 #13-26

Week of March 27th to 31st:
Due Monday, 3/27--Complete the following:
Read & highlight RB pages 159-161
Answer assigned questions Part A & Part B on RB pages 161-166
        Due Wednesday, 3/29--Castle Learning assignment
In addition complete the even numbered questions
on RB pages 161-163
Chapter 6 Test--Wednesday, 3/29

 Week of March 20th to 24th:
Due Thursday, 3/23 Define vocab on LM p. 191 Complete Study Guide page 1 Due Tuesday, 3/21
Bring lab manual to class
Make sure you have read & highlighted RB p. 149-155

Week of March 13th to 17th:
Due Wednesday--Read & Highlight RB p. 149-155
Due Thursday--Complete lab vocabulary on LM p. 185
Due Friday--Please correct Mid-Terms and get them signed by a parent.  In addition, please complete questions 1,3, & 4 on Lab Manual pages 188-189.

Week of March 6th to 10th:

Due Tuesday, 3/7:
1-Read & highlight RB pages 122-131 2-All completed Alka-Seltzer Labs


Week of February 27th to March 3rd:
Due Friday, 3/3:
Completed Mid Term Exams

Week of February 13th to 17th:
Complete Soil Formation sheet #4 for Tuesday.
Due Wednesday:
Answer questions on RB pages 104-105
Read & Highlight RB p. 105-108

Week of February 6th to 10th:
Due Tuesday, 2/7--Read & highlight RB pages 98-100
         Complete the Weathering worksheet

Week of January 30th to February 3rd:
Due Monday--Chapter 3 Review Part C evens
Take home test will be given out Monday and due   
Nervous system assignment is now due Fri., 2/3

Week of January 23rd to 27th:
    Due Friday, January 27th
Lab #16: Crustal Boundaries
Lab #17: Continental Drift
Due Wednesday, February 1st
Nervous System Assignment (see Health 
assignment tab)
Week of January 9th to 13th:
Due Tuesday, 1/10
Complete the Lab Report Sheet information
for Tampa 
Due Wednesday, 1/11
Dear Abby Letter
Tests signed & corrected
Due Friday, 1/13
RB questions p. 70-72 1-15 odd
Epicenter lab is due Wednesday, 1/18.

Week of January 3rd to 6th:

Check out "Class Notes" page for January notes! Due Friday, 1/6--Candy Lab (#14)
Due Monday, 1/9--Rock Cycle Lab (#13)
Due Wednesday, 1/11--"Dear Abby " Letter

Our next Extra Help is Monday, January 23rd.

Week of December 19th to 23rd:
Castle Learning Assignments:
My apologies that I was unable to post these on Saturday.  The weather caused some problems.  The following assignments originally due by Wednesday, 12/21 will now be due by Thursday, 12/22:
8-1 Minerals & Rocks Test #1
8-1 Minerals & Rocks Test #2
Test: Wednesday, 12/21
Metamorphic Lab: 12/23

Week of December 12th to 16th:

Take Home Quiz due Monday, 12/19 Metamorphic Rock labs are due by
Wednesday, 12/21
Our Chapter test will take place on Wednesday, 12/21.

Week of December 5th to 9th:

Igneous Rock Lab--Due next F Day, 12/13
Sedimentary Rock Lab--Due next A Day, 12/14

The following link is very helpful as we introduce Igneous Rocks

                  Igneous Rock Lesson (Regents Earth Science)

Week of November 28th to December 2nd:
Due Thursday, 12/1-- Complete questions on RB pages 48-49 Read & highlight RB pages 49-50 Complete vocab on Igneous Rock Lab T
he following labs are due 11/29:
Constructing a Contour Map
Mineral Identification

Week of November 21 to 23:
Please be prepared to hand in the following labs by 11/23:
Earth's Shape
Constructing a Field Map

Week of November 7th to 10th:
Due Monday, 11/7:
Read & highlight RB pages 39-43
Due Wednesday, 11/9:
Completed Topic 2 Packets

 Week of October 31- November 4:
Due Monday, 10/31:
Complete RB pages 29-34 (#29-52)
Due Wednesday, 11/2:
Castle Learning Assignment--Regents Chapter 1 Review, 11/2
Due Thursday, 11/3:
Work on problems in review packet given out in class today.  Focus on       questions that you need to review.
Chapter 1 Test (Part 1) will be given Friday, 11/4.

 Week of October 24-28:

Due Monday, 10/24:
All completed Bubble Gum labs are due.  Please make sure to include the following:
2 Data Tables
2 Graphs
Analysis Questions (#1-6 in complete sentences)
Conclusion (5-7 sentence paragraph)
The analysis questions and conclusion question are attached below:
                        Bubble Gum Lab Questions.doc

Due Wednesday, 10/26:
Completed Latitude & Longitude labs.  Question # 1 is NOT assigned.  All remaining questions must be completed.

Due Thursday, 10/26
   Take-Home Quiz--you may use your reference table...no other resources
Earth's Shape labs will be due November 3rd. 

Week of October 17-21: 

Due Wednesday, 10/19:
Vocabulary words for lab #5 are due.  Please define the words on a separate slice of loose leaf paper

Week of October 10-14:

Due Tuesday, 10/11:
All Graphing Analysis labs must be submitted
Read & Highlight RB pages 20-23
Due Thursday, 10/13:
  Answer questions 12-28 on pages 23-25 in RB
Due Friday, 10/14:
Complete bar graph of "Avg. % Mass Lost vs. Brand of Gum"

Week of October 3-7:
Due Monday, 10/3:
         All Tests must be corrected and signed by a parent
Due Wednesday, 10/5:
        Earth Science Misconceptions Sheet
        Density Review Sheet
Due Thursay, 10/6

Completed Graphing Analysis Labs are due RB pages 19-20 Questions parts A & B

Week of September 26-30:
Castle Learning Assignment: Introduction to Earth Science is posted.  
Click on the link below:
Castle Learning

"Introduction to Earth Science" test
 is scheduled for Wednesday, 9/28
Due Tuesday, 9/27: Three questions handed out in class today.  These must be completed on a separate sheet of paper.  Show ALL work.
Due Thursday, 9/29:  Density Lab
Due Friday, 9/30
       -Read and highlight RB pages 16-19

Week of September 19-23:

Due Wednesday 9/21
: Complete the vocabulary on the first page of the Sunspot Lab

Due Friday, 9/23:
              -Completed Sunspot Labs are due
Due Monday, 9/26:  
               -Completed Density Labs are due
               -Review Book pages 14-15 odds 

Quiz on "Intro"
on Thursday, 9/22

Our first test is scheduled for Wednesday, 9/28

Week of September 12-16:

Due Monday, 9/12: Complete questions #16-23 on RB pages 6-7

Due Tuesday, 9/13
: Complete questions 24-31 on RB pages 9-10
                               Read and highlight RB pages 1-4

Due Wednesday, 9/14:  Complete Density Lab Report Sheet #2
                                    Complete even numbered questions on the 
                                    Density hand-out from today's class

Due Friday, 9/16:  Complete questions 1-14 on RB pages 4-5

Quiz on Density Friday, 9/16 (do the odd numbered questions on last night's homework and/or the Set 2 sheet for extra practice :)