8-1 Homework

Please click on the "Heath Assignments" tab above on the left to
 access Health assignments.  

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Due Tuesday, 11/28:
Completed Igneous Rock Labs

Due Tuesday, 1/21:
Completed Mineral Lab

Quiz on Minerals on Friday, 11/17.  Remember that notes have been posted on your Google classroom.

 Due Tuesday, 11/14: 
Completed Latitude & Longitude Labs
Corrected & Signed tests

Due Thursday, 11/9: Completed Contour Map labs Due Wednesday, 11/8: Health assignment--recipe Due Monday, 11/6: Read & highlight the first section of RB Chapter 2 Due Tuesday, 10/31: RB pages 34-35 (2-14 even) and pages 37-38 (33-37)
Our Chapter 1 Test is scheduled for Thursday, 11/2.
A new Castle Learning assignment has been posted. It will be due by Thursday, 11/2.

Use the notes, vocabulary and sample topographic  worksheets posted in our Google classroom to help review.  

Due Friday, 10/27:
Castle Learning assignment 
8-1 Latitude & Longitude (8 questions)
Reminder: Fire Safety Projects are due this Friday, 10/20.

Due Thursday:
Topography Worksheet #2
Completed Earth's Shape lab

Due Wednesday, 10/18:
Complete Lat./Long. Lab page 48
Due Thursday, 10/19:
Lab #4: Earth's Shape 

Due Monday, 10/16;
Read and highlight the first page of Friday's Contour Map hand-out.  Then complete questions 1-5 on the second page.
Click on the link below to watch "The Walking Man" ppt viewed in class on Friday the 13th:
Topographic (Walking Man).ppt

Due Thursday, 10/12:
  The first 8 questions on the four page worksheet 
 RB pages 24-25    # 16-28
Graphing Analysis Labs are due on Wednesday, 10/11.
All tests must be signed and returned by Thursday, 10/5.
Our first test is scheduled for Thursday, 9/28.  It will cover the RB Intro chapter.  

There is a 20 question Castle Learning assignment available.
The title is "Introduction to Earth Science."
Please try to complete this assignment prior to Thursday's test.
You may access this web site by clicking on the link below.
                             Castle Learning

Due Wednesday, 9/27:
Complete Chapter Review pages 10-15 odds

Due Tuesday, 9/27:
Complete RB pages 9-10 question #24-31.

Quizzy on Monday, 9/25 on density, % deviation(aka error) & scientific notation.

Density worksheet is due Friday, 9/22.  It will be collected during homeroom since we do not meet for science.
RB pages 6-7 (#16-23) are due by Thursday, 9/21
Sunspot Lab questions(#6-10) are due by Thursday, 9/21.

 Completed Sunspot graphs are due by Tuesday, 9/19.
The following assignments are due by Friday,9/15:
1-Lab Safety Cartoon activity
2-Read and highlight Review Book Introductory Chapter