Health Assignments

Nervous System:
(due Friday, February 3rd)
1-Define the following terms
spinal cord
Central Nervous System
Peripheral nervous System
Somatic Nervous System
Autonomic Nervous System
2-Sketch the brain.  Make sure to label the following parts:
cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, temporal lobe and frontal lobe
3-Describe three disorders of the brain

Peer Pressure:

Write a "Dear Abby" letter asking for advice about a peer pressure situation--due by Wednesday, January 11th.

Define Peer Pressure and then describe at least one example of peer pressure--due by December 19th.

Communicable/Noncommunicable Disease:
(Due November 22nd)
After doing some research, select one communicable disease
and one noncommunicable disease.  Record the following information on the 5 X 8 index cards given out in class:

Name of disease
Region of world (if any)
The two completed index cards will be collected on Tuesday, 11/22.  If you are going away for the holiday, kindly submit them in beforehand.

First Aid Project: (due November 16th)
Choose an emergency situation that would require first aid to be administered to a victim.  Then list the steps that need to be taken to administer first aid.
Description of requirements:
1-Must be typed
2-Use a full heading
3-Make sure to write your title ( 1st Degree Burns, Electric shock, etc.)
4-List the steps needed to administer first aid using bullets
5-Use a border or at least one graphic image

Fire Safety Project
Grade 8:

All completed projects must be submitted by Friday, October 21st.


The class lesson is attached below:
Fire Safety 2016.pptx