8-1 Science

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Earth Science 

Please click on the "Health Assignments" tab to the left to access Health assignments.  


Due Monday, 2/28:
1-Complete Castle Learning assignments:
    --Weathering & Erosion
2-Read and highlight RB pages 141-147
3-Complete the second Drug Assignment--"Drug Research"(started in class on 2/14) and turn in on Google Classroom.  Copy of assignment is attached below:
                             Drug Research.docx

Due Thursday, 2/13:
Complete both Health assignments on the Google Classroom, Respiratory System and Drug Addiction.  Then turn them in.

Due Monday, 2/11:
1-Complete questions 1 & 3 on lab page 127
2-Complete the weathering worksheet

Due Wednesday, 2/6:
RB p. 104-105 and 108-109 evens only 

Due Monday, 2/4:
Signed & Corrected tests

Due Tuesday, 1/29: 
1-Answer questions 2-16 even RB p. 96-97
2-Read & highlight RB p. 98-99

Our test on Chapter 3 is scheduled for Wednesday, 1/23
A test review Castle Learning assignment entitled "8-1 Dynamic Earth (Chapter 3 Review) has been posted.  It has 30 questions ranging in difficulty levels.  Try to complete approximately 10 questions per sitting. This will allow you to go back and read your notes in areas of concern.  Another test review assignment will be posted Tuesday night for extra test review.
      Click on this link for access to assignments:  Castle Learning

Important:  The labs will now be due Friday, 1/25.  This will give you an extra day to prepare.  Tomorrow, Thursday, 1/24, we will finish the last part of our test.
Due 1/25: Two labs--
1-Continental Drift
2-Plate Boundaries
Due 1/23:
Castle Learning--Plate Tectonics (mandatory)
Due 1/22:
RB pages 87-91 #2-42 even
Castle Learning--Earthquakes (mandatory)
Due 1/18:
Last day to hand in hard copy of Smoking Assignment

Due 1/15:
1-Finding Epicenters Lab (p. 165-170)
2-Patterns of Crustal Activity Lab (p. 145-147)
Due 1/14:
1-Read & highlight Reference Table Workbook (RTW) p. 65-68
2-Complete RTW Set 1 on pages 68-69

Due Monday, 1/7:
1-Read & highlight RB pages 79-82
2-Complete odds on RB pages 74-75

Due Friday, 1/4:  All completed Bubble Gum labs must be submitted

Due Jan. 2nd: Castle Learning "Earthquakes"

Due 12/6: 2 page rock hand-out (in class notes in binder)
Due 12/11: Metamorphic Rock Lab
Due 12/12: "THT"--Will be handed out Thursday, 12/6

November 26th:
Sedimentary Rock Labs are due Tuesday, 11/27 (This will be the first lab of the second marking period)
Sedimentary Rock "Castle Learning" is due by Friday, 11/30

November 19th:
Igneous Rock "Castle Learning" is due Tuesday, 11/27.
Sedimentary Rock labs are also due 11/27.

November 13th:
Due Wednesday, 11/14--RTW Read & highlight p. 91-93.
Then answer questions RTW p. 93-94 (set 1)
Due Thursday, 11/15--Mineral Lab
Due Friday, 11/16--Castle Learning "Minerals (due 11/16)
Due Monday, 11/19--Igneous Rock Lab

November 8th:
Due Tuesday, 11/13--
RB Questions 18-31 on pages 48-49
RB Read & Highlight pages 49-50
I have not assigned a due date for the Mineral Lab yet.
Looking ahead, it will probably be due next Thursday, 11/15. 
It will not be due before that.

November 7th:
Due tomorrow(Thursday, 11/8)  
Read & Highlight  RTW pages 83-85
Answer questions RTW page 86-87 (1-12)

October 30th:

1-Read & Highlight RB pages 45-48 (Igneous Rocks)
2-Please make any corrections to your test.  You may do this right on the test paper.  Just highlight the correction.  Get the tests signed and return them by Monday, 11/5.

October 29th:
1-Complete vocabulary on Lab Manual p. 69 (Minerals)
2-RB pages 44-45 evens only