8-1 Science

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Earth Science 

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Sept. 19th: No written homework tonight.  There will be a quiz on RB pages 1-15 on Tuesday, 9/25.  Completed Density Labs must be submitted by the start of class on Monday, 9/24.
Sept. 18th:
Reminder---The Sunspot Lab is due tomorrow!
Sept. 17th:
Today in class we went over the homework.  We also completed RB page 9-10 (24-31).  Then we worked on the questions on p. 8 of the Sunspot Lab.  The following assignments were given:
1-The Sunspot Lab (with a completed conclusion of at least 5 sentences using vocab words) is due Wednesday, 9/19. 
2-Due tomorrow:  RB page 13 (#23-29) and RB p. 14 (#33-35)

Sept. 13th:
  The following assignments are due by Monday, 9/17
1-RB page 4 (#1-11)
2-RTW page 41 (All)

Sept. 12th: 
 1-Complete RTW p. 38 (7-11)
2-Lab #2: Density--Complete definitions (we worked on at the start of class today)

Sept. 10th:
Please complete RB p. 5 #12-15

Sept. 7th:
All completed Sunspot Graphs are due Monday
Sept. 6th:  Due tomorrow 
1-Please read and highlight RB p. 1-3 
2-Input the first 10 points on the graph from the Sunspot lab
            (You may complete the graph if you'd like)   
Sept. 5th:  No homework tonight.  We will continue to work on the Sunspot lab tomorrow.
Sept. 4th:  Please bring your lab manual to class tomorrow.  We will begin working on our first lab.