8-2 Homework

 Please click on the "Health Assignments" tab above on the left to access Health assignments.  

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We are scheduled to have lab on Monday, 5/14.
We will play BINGO on Tuesday, 5/15.  
Please review your slideshows so that you are prepared.

Due Friday, 4/20:
Key Terms pages 512, 516, & 522

Our Chapter 10 test is scheduled for Wednesday, 4/18.

Due Tuesday, 4/17:
Study Guide p. 2 must be completed.

There is no Science on Monday, "F" Day.
Please bring your binder and text home on Friday to study.

Due Friday, 4/13:
Complete today's assignment--Study Guide p. 1 only
Complete the Rock Correlation worksheet

Due Thursday, 4/12:
Complete the questions on Early Earth worksheet
Read & highlight Eras in Early Earth

Key Term Quiz on all of Chapter 10 on Wednesday, 4/11.

Due Tuesday, 4/10:
Complete Relative Age worksheet.
You may write your responses on the back of the sheet.

 A reminder that the final Health presentation on the Skeletal & Muscular Systems is due this Thursday, 3/22.  Class time today (Tuesday, 3/20) was devoted to this assignment.

No Science homework 
New Health slideshow due next Thursday, 3/22

Due Wednesday, 3/7:
The conclusion (5-7 sentences) for the Continental Drift lab
        Two signed labs--Finding the Epicenter and Rock Shake

 Due Wednesday, 2/14:
Signed Earthquake labs

Quiz Thursday, 1/25 on The Layers of the Earth.  Please
prepare by studying your Key Terms (chapter 5), Notes on Google Classroom and the Study Guide (completed in class on Friday and corrected & discussed in class on Monday)

Due Thursday, 1/25:
Signed Bubble Gum labs

Due Tuesday, 1/23:
Signed Rock Labs

 Due Friday, 1/19:
Completed "Layers of the Earth" Study Guides.
Hard copies must be submitted by the start of class.
Google Classroom assignments must be "turned in"
before the start of class.

There will be a Key Term quiz for Chapter 5 on Wednesday, 1/17.  Please prepare by completing your Key Terms.

Quiz Wednesday, 1/10 on Rocks.  Please study the review notes compleed in class on Monday and Tuesday.

Due Thursday, 1/4:
Quiz on Rocks!
Study Key Terms & Rock characteristics

Due Wed., 1/3:
1-Completed Extra Credit Bubble Gum Lab covers
2-All completed Rock Cycle questions and Rock lab folders

Due Wednesday, 12/20:
Completed Rock Cycle lab questions are due.

Due Tuesday, 12/19:
Completed Metamorphic Rock lab questions are due.

Due Friday, 12/15:
Completed Sedimentary Rock lab questions are due

Due Thursday, 12/14:
Corrected Mineral lab questions are due by today.
(You must hand in a hard copy)

Due Wednesday, 12/13:
Completed Igneous Rock Lab questions
(You must hand in a hard copy)

Due Friday, 12/1:
All Chapter 4 "Rock" key terms must be complete

Due Wednesday, 11/29:
1-All Map projects should be signed
2-All Health assignments should be signed

 Quiz Friday, 11/17:
1-Chapter 3-1 (pages 66-74)
2-Properties of Minerals Reading sheet and worksheet
Remember that notes have been posted on the Google classroom.

Due Wednesday, 11/8:
Signed fire safety grading sheets

Due Tuesday, 11/7:
Completed Latitude & Longitude Labs.
Please check over your state borders.

Test Thursday, 11/2 on Chapter 2

Due Thursday, 11/2:
Castle Learning assignment: 8-2 Chapter 2 Test Review

Due Tuesday, 10/31:
Completed Contour Map worksheet

Looking ahead:  (10/30-11/3)
Our Chapter 2 Test is scheduled for Thursday, 11/2 and Friday, 11/3.
Monday and Thursday will be devoted to review for our test.
Use the notes and info posted in our Google classroom to help review.  

Due Monday, 10/30:
Completed Castle Learning Assignment started in class on Thursday, 10/26.  The title of the assignment is "ES Chapter 2."
There are twelve questions.
Due Wednesday, 10/25:
Completed Density Skills #2 Lab
Please make sure you have checked:
All calculations
Answers are rounded to the nearest tenth
All units are labeled
Sink or float has been filled in
Water displacement has clearly been defined

Due Thursday, 10/19:
Questions 3, 4 & 5 on the second page of the Density hand-out

Due Tuesday, 10/17:
All Chapter 2 key terms must be completed

Land form quiz on Wednesday, 10/18.  Please review the following terms: mountain, plateau, plain, coastal plain, elevation, relief and topography.

Latitude & Longitude labs must be signed by Tuesday, 10/17.

Complete the Latitude & Longitude lab questions that we started during class.  These are due tomorrow, Wednesday, 10/11.

Chapter 1 tests must be signed and corrected by Thursday, 10/5.
All Chapter 2 Key Terms must be completed by Friday 10/6.
Our Chapter 1 test is scheduled for Thursday, 9/28.
Test Topics:
Key Terms
Branches of Earth Science
Systems of Earth
Metric measurement (SI)
Lab Safety
Using a Balance Scale
September 25th:
1-Please complete the second page of the Sponge Bob worksheet by    tomorrow, Tuesday, 9/26 (I will be collecting them during homeroom).
2-Using A Balance labs must be signed and returned by Wednesday, 9/27.

September 21st:
Read and highlight the "What is Science?" worksheet for tomorrow, Friday, 9/22.

September 20th:
Read & highlight the first page of the packet by Thursday, 9/21.
Complete the "Using A Balance" lab by Wednesday, 9/27.

September 12th:
The following assignments are due by Friday,9/15:
1-Lab Safety Cartoon activity
2-Chapter 1 Key Terms
3-Lab Manual pages v-vii and x-xii