8-2 Homework


Week of March 27th to 31st:
The  completed Skittles lab is due Tuesday, 4/4.
Due Wednesday, 3/29-- Complete the vocabulary on the Radioactive Decay lab Completed labs are due by Tuesday, 3/28
(LM pages 83-84)

Week of March 20th to 24th:
Due Wednesday, 3/22--Complete the pre-lab questions from    procedure parts 1 & 2 (LM p. 83)

 Week of March 13th to 17th:
Due Thursday--All Alka-Seltzer labs must be signed by a parent

Week of March 6th to 10th:
Due Tuesday--All completed Alka-Seltzer labs 
Students make design a cover for extra credit
Paper is available in 8A
Due Friday--Lab Follow-Up:
Draw blocks A-E as you think they would appear                                  when placed in a cup of water.

Week of February 13th to 17th:
Due Tuesday--All Chapter 8 Key Terms
Binder Check
Due Thursday--Test & Epicenter Lab must be signed
Due Friday--Key Terms :
p. 266 All
p. 272  (run-off, tributary, meander & flood plain)
p. 291 All

Week of February 6th to 10th:
1-Science binder check this Thursday, 2/9.  This will be 
counted as a quiz grade.
2-Please bring Science texts to class on Tuesday, 2/7.
3-Monday, 2/6, in class we completed the Epicenter                   labs
4-Due Friday, 2/10--Complete Chapter 8 Key Terms for 
sections 1 & 2 only.

 Week of January 30th to February 3rd:
Classwork 1/30
We created a document:
Define earthquake
Add image with epicenter & focused labeled
Add image of transform boundary
Define epicenter, focus & fault (line)
Due Thursday, 2/2---Parent Signature on two labs
(Continental Drift & Ring of Fire)
Week of January 23rd to 30th:
Due Friday, 1/27: Earthquake, Volcano & Tsunami Lab (Make sure your map has a key) Complete a cover for extra credit!!!! On Tuesday, we will finish working on the Continental 
Drift lab.
All Microscope Skill labs must be signed by Thursday.

Week of January 9th to 13th:
Tests must be signed and corrected by Thursday, 1/12.
Candy Labs must be signed by Friday, 1/13.
Bring scissors and glue sticks to lab on wed., 1/18
Health assignment due Fri., 1/20

Week of January 3rd to 6th:
Check out "Class Notes" page for January notes! Due Thursday, 1/5--Chapter 5 Key Terms (pages 124, 132, 136, 141 & 150)
Due Monday, 1/9--Completed Density of Candy Labs
Your conclusion should include the following:
--a description of what density is
--how to find density
--what substance's density do we compare other objects to
--why you predicted whether each candy would float or sink
--were your predictions correct?

Week of December 19th to 23rd:
Castle Learning Assignments:
My apologies that I was unable to post these on Saturday.  The weather caused some problems.  The following assignments originally due by Tuesday, 12/20 will now be due by Wednesday,12/21:
8-2 Minerals & Rocks Test #1
8-2 Minerals & Rocks Test #2
Test: Tuesday, 12/20

Week of December 12th to 16th:
Wednesday, 12/14 ---We will work on the Rock labs
Looking ahead...Test on Chapters 3 & 4
        will be Tuesday, 12/20

Week of November 28 to December 2:
Due Tuesday, 11/29: Key Terms Chapter 3 Mineral worksheet Due Thursday, 12/1: Topographic Map lab (Teacher throws canister from plane...)

Week of November 14th to 18th:
Chapter 2 "Packets" must be completed and handed in
  by Tuesday, 11/22.  

Week of November 7th to 10th:
On Monday, 11/7 we will start working on our topographic map projects.
The list of features is attached below:
Topographic Map Project.docx Borderline Case lab must be signed by Tuesday, 11/8.
Latitude & Longitude labs must be signed by Wed., 11/9

No Science class Thursday, 11/10.  It is F day and science drops out of your schedule.  Please remember to check the "Health Assignments " tab at the left to view the requirements for the First Aid assignment that is due Wednesday, 11/16.   

Week of October 31- November 4:
Due Thursday, 11/3:  
Completed Latitude & Longitude labs
Signed Bubble Gum Labs      

Week of October 24- 28:
Due Monday, 10/24:
All completed Bubble Gum labs are due.  Please make sure to include the following:
2 Data Tables
2 Graphs
Analysis Questions (#1-6 in complete sentences)
Conclusion (5-7 sentence paragraph)
The analysis questions and conclusion question are attached below:
                        Bubble Gum Lab Questions.doc

Due Wednesday, 10/26:
All completed USA map labs are due
Due Friday, 10/27:
Complete the questions on page 2 of the Rules for Contour Lines worksheet

Week of October 17- 21:

Due Monday, 10/17:
Completed bar graphs (graphs must be colored in)

Week of October 10 - 14:
Due Wednesday, 10/12:
-All Chapter 1 Tests must be corrected and signed by a parent

Week of October 3-7:

Due Tuesday, 10/4

-Key Terms for all of Chapter 2 must be defined on loose leaf 

Week of September 26-30
Castle Learning Assignment: 8th Grade Earth Science is posted.
Click on the link below:
                     Castle Learning

Due Wednesday, 9/28--All classwork from Friday & Monday:
          -Complete test review on text p. 29
          -Complete Nature of Technology worksheet
          -Complete test review on text page 30 (#17,19 & 24-26)
The Chapter 1 test has been rescheduled for Thursday, 9/29
Study Suggestions:
     Key Terms
     Branches of Earth Science
     Systems of Earth ("spheres")
     Scientific Method-Steps, types of variables, graphing results 
     Using a Balance Scale (diagram & questions)

Week of September 19-23

Due Friday, 9/23
           -Complete the "Study of Earth Science" worksheet (handed out yesterday)  
           -Read & highlight the "Nature of Technology" sheet (given out today)                                    -Triple Beam Balance labs must be signed by Monday

Chapter 1 Test scheduled for Wednesday, 9/28

Week of September 12-16

Due Wednesday, 9/14:  Complete Lab Manual page X

Due Thursday, 9/15:   Define all Chapter 1 Key Terms

Due Friday, 9/16:
                 Completed Triple Beam Balance Scale Labs (Lab Manual pages 3-6)
                 Read and highlight "The Study of Earth Science" sheet