8-2 Homework

Week of May 8th to 12th:
Due Friday, 5/12-- Two labs must be signed: 1-Radioactive Dating (Skittles) 2-Car & Ramp lab (graph) Due Thursday, 5/11-- Completed Microscope questions (You do NOT have to respond in complete sentences) Due Wednesday, 5/10--
Completed Punnett squares with probability:
Rr X RR   (R is red; r is white)
Rr X Rr
Make sure to list the probability for the genptypes & phenotypes
Week of May 1st to 5th:
Due Friday, 5/5-- Completed labs must be uploaded to Google classroom Due Thursday, 5/4-- Completed lab questions Due Wednesday, 5/3--
Car & Ramp Lab vocab is due
Week of April 24th to 28th:
Due April 24th--
A health assignment was assigned today as part of the Body Systems document.  Information about today's assignment on the Respiratory System can be found by clicking on the "Health Assignments" tab on the left side of this page.
Due April 25th--Today's assignment on the Skeletal System can be found on the Health Assignments page
Due 4/27--
Chapter 10 test must be signed and corrected
Due 4/28--
Chapter 15 & 16 key terms

If you were absent on Wednesday, 4/12, click on the "Health Assignments" tab to the left.  You must make up the assignment you missed.

Week of April 3rd to 7th:
Due Tuesday--
Completed Skittles Labs
Intro page
Data Table
Analysis questions
Any incomplete Rock Correlation labs (due last week) must be signed, completed and submitted Tuesday to improve grade.
Wednesday-Signed Rock Correlation labs are due
Friday-Continue to study for the Chapter 10 test
Monday, 4/10--Test on Chapter 10

Week of March 27th to 31st:
The  completed Skittles lab is due Tuesday, 4/4.
Due Wednesday, 3/29-- Complete the vocabulary on the Radioactive Decay lab Completed labs are due by Tuesday, 3/28
(LM pages 83-84)

Week of March 20th to 24th:
Due Wednesday, 3/22--Complete the pre-lab questions from    procedure parts 1 & 2 (LM p. 83)

 Week of March 13th to 17th:
Due Thursday--All Alka-Seltzer labs must be signed by a parent

Week of March 6th to 10th:
Due Tuesday--All completed Alka-Seltzer labs 
Students make design a cover for extra credit
Paper is available in 8A
Due Friday--Lab Follow-Up:
Draw blocks A-E as you think they would appear                                  when placed in a cup of water.

Week of February 13th to 17th:
Due Tuesday--All Chapter 8 Key Terms
Binder Check
Due Thursday--Test & Epicenter Lab must be signed
Due Friday--Key Terms :
p. 266 All
p. 272  (run-off, tributary, meander & flood plain)
p. 291 All

Week of February 6th to 10th:
1-Science binder check this Thursday, 2/9.  This will be 
counted as a quiz grade.
2-Please bring Science texts to class on Tuesday, 2/7.
3-Monday, 2/6, in class we completed the Epicenter                   labs
4-Due Friday, 2/10--Complete Chapter 8 Key Terms for 
sections 1 & 2 only.

 Week of January 30th to February 3rd:
Classwork 1/30
We created a document:
Define earthquake
Add image with epicenter & focused labeled
Add image of transform boundary
Define epicenter, focus & fault (line)
Due Thursday, 2/2---Parent Signature on two labs
(Continental Drift & Ring of Fire)
Week of January 23rd to 30th:
Due Friday, 1/27: Earthquake, Volcano & Tsunami Lab (Make sure your map has a key) Complete a cover for extra credit!!!! On Tuesday, we will finish working on the Continental 
Drift lab.
All Microscope Skill labs must be signed by Thursday.

Week of January 9th to 13th:
Tests must be signed and corrected by Thursday, 1/12.
Candy Labs must be signed by Friday, 1/13.
Bring scissors and glue sticks to lab on wed., 1/18
Health assignment due Fri., 1/20

Week of January 3rd to 6th:
Check out "Class Notes" page for January notes! Due Thursday, 1/5--Chapter 5 Key Terms (pages 124, 132, 136, 141 & 150)
Due Monday, 1/9--Completed Density of Candy Labs
Your conclusion should include the following:
--a description of what density is
--how to find density
--what substance's density do we compare other objects to
--why you predicted whether each candy would float or sink
--were your predictions correct?

Week of December 19th to 23rd:
Castle Learning Assignments:
My apologies that I was unable to post these on Saturday.  The weather caused some problems.  The following assignments originally due by Tuesday, 12/20 will now be due by Wednesday,12/21:
8-2 Minerals & Rocks Test #1
8-2 Minerals & Rocks Test #2
Test: Tuesday, 12/20

Week of December 12th to 16th:
Wednesday, 12/14 ---We will work on the Rock labs
Looking ahead...Test on Chapters 3 & 4
        will be Tuesday, 12/20

Week of November 28 to December 2:
Due Tuesday, 11/29: Key Terms Chapter 3 Mineral worksheet Due Thursday, 12/1: Topographic Map lab (Teacher throws canister from plane...)

Week of November 14th to 18th:
Chapter 2 "Packets" must be completed and handed in
  by Tuesday, 11/22.  

Week of November 7th to 10th:
On Monday, 11/7 we will start working on our topographic map projects.
The list of features is attached below:
Topographic Map Project.docx Borderline Case lab must be signed by Tuesday, 11/8.
Latitude & Longitude labs must be signed by Wed., 11/9

No Science class Thursday, 11/10.  It is F day and science drops out of your schedule.  Please remember to check the "Health Assignments " tab at the left to view the requirements for the First Aid assignment that is due Wednesday, 11/16.   

Week of October 31- November 4:
Due Thursday, 11/3:  
Completed Latitude & Longitude labs
Signed Bubble Gum Labs      

Week of October 24- 28:
Due Monday, 10/24:
All completed Bubble Gum labs are due.  Please make sure to include the following:
2 Data Tables
2 Graphs
Analysis Questions (#1-6 in complete sentences)
Conclusion (5-7 sentence paragraph)
The analysis questions and conclusion question are attached below:
                        Bubble Gum Lab Questions.doc

Due Wednesday, 10/26:
All completed USA map labs are due
Due Friday, 10/27:
Complete the questions on page 2 of the Rules for Contour Lines worksheet

Week of October 17- 21:

Due Monday, 10/17:
Completed bar graphs (graphs must be colored in)

Week of October 10 - 14:
Due Wednesday, 10/12:
-All Chapter 1 Tests must be corrected and signed by a parent

Week of October 3-7:

Due Tuesday, 10/4

-Key Terms for all of Chapter 2 must be defined on loose leaf 

Week of September 26-30
Castle Learning Assignment: 8th Grade Earth Science is posted.
Click on the link below:
                     Castle Learning

Due Wednesday, 9/28--All classwork from Friday & Monday:
          -Complete test review on text p. 29
          -Complete Nature of Technology worksheet
          -Complete test review on text page 30 (#17,19 & 24-26)
The Chapter 1 test has been rescheduled for Thursday, 9/29
Study Suggestions:
     Key Terms
     Branches of Earth Science
     Systems of Earth ("spheres")
     Scientific Method-Steps, types of variables, graphing results 
     Using a Balance Scale (diagram & questions)

Week of September 19-23

Due Friday, 9/23
           -Complete the "Study of Earth Science" worksheet (handed out yesterday)  
           -Read & highlight the "Nature of Technology" sheet (given out today)                                    -Triple Beam Balance labs must be signed by Monday

Chapter 1 Test scheduled for Wednesday, 9/28

Week of September 12-16

Due Wednesday, 9/14:  Complete Lab Manual page X

Due Thursday, 9/15:   Define all Chapter 1 Key Terms

Due Friday, 9/16:
                 Completed Triple Beam Balance Scale Labs (Lab Manual pages 3-6)
                 Read and highlight "The Study of Earth Science" sheet