8-2 Homework

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Our Chapter 1 test is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, 9/28.
September 25th:
1-Please complete the second page of the Sponge Bob worksheet by    tomorrow, Tuesday, 9/26 (I will be collecting them during homeroom).
2-Using A Balance labs must be signed and returned by Wednesday, 9/27.

September 21st:
Read and highlight the "What is Science?" worksheet for tomorrow, Friday, 9/22.

September 20th:
Read & highlight the first page of the packet by Thursday, 9/21.
Complete the "Using A Balance" lab by Wednesday, 9/27.

September 12th:
The following assignments are due by Friday,9/15:
1-Lab Safety Cartoon activity
2-Chapter 1 Key Terms
3-Lab Manual pages v-vii and x-xii