8-2 Homework

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Quiz Friday, 11/17:
1-Chapter 3-1 (pages 66-74)
2-Properties of Minerals Reading sheet and worksheet
Remember that notes have been posted on the Google classroom.

Due Wednesday, 11/8:
Signed fire safety grading sheets

Due Tuesday, 11/7:
Completed Latitude & Longitude Labs.
Please check over your state borders.

Test Thursday, 11/2 on Chapter 2

Due Thursday, 11/2:
Castle Learning assignment: 8-2 Chapter 2 Test Review

Due Tuesday, 10/31:
Completed Contour Map worksheet

Looking ahead:  (10/30-11/3)
Our Chapter 2 Test is scheduled for Thursday, 11/2 and Friday, 11/3.
Monday and Thursday will be devoted to review for our test.
Use the notes and info posted in our Google classroom to help review.  

Due Monday, 10/30:
Completed Castle Learning Assignment started in class on Thursday, 10/26.  The title of the assignment is "ES Chapter 2."
There are twelve questions.
Due Wednesday, 10/25:
Completed Density Skills #2 Lab
Please make sure you have checked:
All calculations
Answers are rounded to the nearest tenth
All units are labeled
Sink or float has been filled in
Water displacement has clearly been defined

Due Thursday, 10/19:
Questions 3, 4 & 5 on the second page of the Density hand-out

Due Tuesday, 10/17:
All Chapter 2 key terms must be completed

Land form quiz on Wednesday, 10/18.  Please review the following terms: mountain, plateau, plain, coastal plain, elevation, relief and topography.

Latitude & Longitude labs must be signed by Tuesday, 10/17.

Complete the Latitude & Longitude lab questions that we started during class.  These are due tomorrow, Wednesday, 10/11.

Chapter 1 tests must be signed and corrected by Thursday, 10/5.
All Chapter 2 Key Terms must be completed by Friday 10/6.
Our Chapter 1 test is scheduled for Thursday, 9/28.
Test Topics:
Key Terms
Branches of Earth Science
Systems of Earth
Metric measurement (SI)
Lab Safety
Using a Balance Scale
September 25th:
1-Please complete the second page of the Sponge Bob worksheet by    tomorrow, Tuesday, 9/26 (I will be collecting them during homeroom).
2-Using A Balance labs must be signed and returned by Wednesday, 9/27.

September 21st:
Read and highlight the "What is Science?" worksheet for tomorrow, Friday, 9/22.

September 20th:
Read & highlight the first page of the packet by Thursday, 9/21.
Complete the "Using A Balance" lab by Wednesday, 9/27.

September 12th:
The following assignments are due by Friday,9/15:
1-Lab Safety Cartoon activity
2-Chapter 1 Key Terms
3-Lab Manual pages v-vii and x-xii