8-2 Science

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Please click on the "Health Assignments" tab to the left to access Health assignments.  

Please be prepared for the start of class each day.  You must have your Elevate workbook and your science binder.  All binders should have 5 neatly labeled tabs: 1-NYS Test Prep, 2-Notes, 3-Labs, 4-Assessments & 5-Health.

Important Message:
The Yearbook Committee needs your help!!!
To complete our 8th graders memory pages, 
we are in desperate need of 
photographs of the 8th grade 
from when they were in Nursery through grade 7.

This would include (but is not limited to) 
any school events or field trips, 
Kindergarten graduation,First Communion and Confirmation.

We can only use digital photos.
Please email any pictures of your children and their friends to
Mrs. Gelling by Wednesday, 4/17 at


Due Wednesday, 4/17:
1-Signed Hot Wheels Lab
2-Quiz on Layers of Atmosphere (you may use your Chart during the quiz)

Due Wednesday, 4/10:
All classwork from Monday must be complete.
1-Complete Hot Wheels Graph (X-axis Height cm / Y axis Distance cm)
Then staple and hand in the handwritten hypothesis/procedure page, the data table from Friday's lab and today's graph.
2-Read & highlight Elevate pages 56-63
3-Elevate page 64--answer #1-4 on a Google doc

Due Thursday, 4/4:
Castle Learning Assignment NYS Test Review 1
Click on the link below: