8-2 Science

 Earth Science   Image result for earth clipart
Please click on the "Health Assignments" tab to the left to access Health assignments.  

Please be prepared for the start of class each day.  You must have your Engage workbook and your science binder.  All binders should have 5 neatly labeled tabs: 1-NYS Test Prep, 2-Notes, 3-Labs, 4-Assessments & 5-Health.

Week of Sept. 17th: Lab #1: Using A Balance and Lab #2: Latitude & Longitude must both be completed and handed in by Friday, 9/21.  If you have any questions or concerns, please see me before Friday.

Sept. 12th: Please make sure you have completed reading & highlighting ELEVATE pages 5-21 before the start of class on Thursday, 9/13.
Sept. 10th:  All Chapter 1 Vocabulary must be defined by Tuesday, 9/11.
This includes all words listed on pages 4, 12 & 24

Sept. 7th:
  No written homework.  Please have binders set up before class begins on Monday, 9/10.
Sept. 6th:  Please complete the Triple Beam Balance hand-out for tomorrow.

Sept. 5th:  No homework tonight.  We will prepare for our first lab by discussing the parts of a triple beam balance as well as the procedure for using one.
Sept. 4th: Please make sure to bring your Science textbook (Elevate: Earth) to class tomorrow.2