Religion 8A

Trimester 3 Community Service Sheets are due by mid-May.
Chapel Information:
Wisdom Reflections are due by Thursday, 3/22

CSW Quilt projects are due by Friday, 1/19.
They will be forwarded to the Administration first thing Monday morning.

Respect Life Projects:
See Google classroom
Due 12/4: Project Type and short description
Due 12/11: Parent permission form
Due 12/12: Completed project

 World Hunger Essay:
All rough drafts were due by 10/26.
Your final completed copy is due Thursday, 11/2.

Community Service Sheets:
Your Community Service hours must be logged on the Community Service sheet.  Remember to get these sheets signed by the appropriate contacts.  These sheets will be due by November 15th for the first trimester**Eighth grade students must complete a minimum of 5 service hours each trimester.  If students need assistance setting up service hours, many of our school clubs are in need of volunteers.  Please see me for club information at St. Mary School.  Students interested in being nominated for NJHS must complete additional hours.   Extra Community Service sheets are available by the computer station in 8A.

**Special note: Our NJHS Thanksgiving Food Drive begins 10/29. You can earn an hour of community service by donating non-perishable foods.