Religion 8A


Love Thy Neighbor Essays:
Typed copy due by Thursday, 2/2
Three paragraphs:
First--basic information about the person
Second--describe some interesting things you learned
Third--Describe what you admire about the person you interviewed

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Due Friday, December 2nd:

Please look at the Respect Life link below so that you can choose which type of project you will do.  I will be collecting this information tomorrow.

            15th Annual Respect Life Contest  
All 7th & 8th grade students will be participating in this contest as part of our Religion curriculum. The following link provides information regarding the different categories of assignments as well as the specific requirements for each:
                      Respect Life Contest and Rules

All Community Service sheets are due by Tuesday, November 22.

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A Place to Meet Jesus (Meditation):

Where do you feel Jesus' presence?
In response to our meditation, answer this reflection question in a well written, 5-7 sentence paragraph.  This assignment may be typed or handwritten.  All reflections
must be 
submitted by Tuesday, 11/15.


World Hunger Essay
*Due October 28 (typed with full heading)
*Please hand in two copies
*150 word essay – Who Can Stop World Hunger?
*Judged on: creativity, sensitivity, clarity, conciseness and neatness

Who Can Stop World Hunger?
Do you think one person can stop world hunger?
Can politicians, scientists, and world leaders stop world hunger?
Can the media help to stop world hunger?
Can religious leaders help to stop world hunger?
Can students and teachers help to stop world hunger?
Can many people working together as a team help to stop world hunger?

Suggested Websites:

Due Wednesday, 9/14:

Please finish de
corating your cards for the Gennesaret retreat for those suffering from serious illnesses.

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Chapel Dates:
        Group 1: Strength and Courage
Monday, 10/3
                        Typed Reflection due Wednesday, 10/12
        Group 2: Thursday, 10/13
                         Typed Reflection due  Thursday, 10/20
        Group 3: Friday, 10/21
                         Typed Reflection due Friday, 10/28
Group 4: Monday, 11/7
Typed reflection due by Wednesday, 11/16
Group 5:
Group 6: