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You Got the Power!

Superheroes use the power within themselves to be extraordinary heroes

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Students in grades K-4 picked out a super power (social/emotional skill) and wrote how they could use this power to help others


A superhero is somebody who is: brave, strong, nice, fast, cool, smart, amazing, and a fighter

Superheroes: have power, lead exciting lives, wear capes, and almost always win in the end


Check out your Super Gal or Super Guy displayed, this month, on the bulletin board outside Mrs. Scotto-Lavino’s classroom

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Turn the Mental Health Stigma Inside Out

Erase the Stigma!

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What is a mental stigma?

A stigma is a negative “label” that creates negative feelings, attitudes, and beliefs about mental health, and can lead to discrimination as well as reluctance to ask for help

Stigmas causes ­čí¬ fear, mistrust, and discrimination

Stigma stops ­čí¬ people from getting the help

*All emotions are important and helpful at times

*We can have more than one feeling about an event

*Sadness is important and can foster connection with other people

*Feelings about past events can change over time

*Expecting someone to be happy all the time is impossible

*Emotions may look a little different for each person