Kindergarten News October 2018


The students will be learning that God is the creator of all things.  We will learn that about building a friendship with Jesus and that when we pray we talk to Jesus.  The students will be involved in religion lessons daily and are beginning to learn the Our Father and The Hail Mary.  


We will continue unit 1 in our reading series.  In this unit we will learn that rules at school are important to keep us safe. That families are important to us and why people work to help in their communities. We will also continue to learn letter sounds.  The students will have a daily phonics lesson. We have learned these high frequency words ( I, like, the, and). Please write these words on index cards and practice them daily so your child will memorize them.  They must memorize them. These words will be posted on the class websites. Please check the websites daily for important information and updates.


In math the students will continue Chapter 1.  We have learned to sort objects. The students will  continue to use math vocabulary words such as: alike, same , different, small , big. They will  count and put groups together. We will move on to Chapter 2, count and write numbers 0 to 5. .  We are actively involved with using manipulatives in class to learn to count. Please practice counting and grouping objects with your Kindergartener at home.

Daily homework will begin this month.  Students are expected to complete math and handwriting.  The math is on the back of the lesson of the day and handwriting will be in the red handwriting book. Please complete and  put both in your child's folder to be reviewed the next day.

It is important to  remember to check the St. Mary School Calendar for important school events, and classroom  websites for daily messages. We look forward to seeing you at our school wide Halloween celebration Trick or Trunk.  Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Miss Bilello and Mrs. Mrs. Hoffmann      


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