Sight Words

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my the to is and go I on stop see like know we a yes they up here go for have soon come now who me are be that not how will for of into my from many with find came you this where what but your 
good said was then ate could she all when her over some he no away by must there look when do down what only little just have help one every ask walk off take our day too show 

September October November December January 
Sunday  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday 

Red Blue Yellow Green Blue Purple Black Brown Gray White Pink

Short a word families:
at: cat sat mat etc
ap: cap tap map etc
ag: bag tag sag etc
am: Sam Tam Pam etc

Short i word families:
it: pit kit sit
ig: big pig dig 
ill:pill still will

Short e word families:
en:Ben ten men
eg:beg leg peg
ed: ed Ted Ned 
et: bet pet let set 

Short o word families :
od: pod 
og: frog 

Short u :
ug: bug rug 
ud: mud 

Keep rhyming and blending with the word families.  The lists grow quickly.

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