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Important News :

Happy Valentines Day

Please keep these dates in your calendar. 
KA is in need of crayons, paper towels and tissues. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. 

Registration forms are due.  Please send in your re registration forms for next year as soon as possible.  

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Happy 100th Day of School.  No Homework tonight .  

Thursday , February 14th is  Extra Help :
I will send a note to invite your child for extra help. 

 On Thursday , February 14th, we will be having a small class Valentines Celebration.  The children will be allowed to pass out Valentines to their friends. You may send in Valentines or small treats etc.  We ask they be peanut free. 

Graduation Picture Re- Takes:
If you are unhappy with or your child missed having his/her  picture taken you must contact Sand Castle Photo directly.
You will have to set up an appointment and take your child to the studio on February 18th. 

Thank you for your support for Coins for Kids  . We beat our goal.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  No homework on Thursday, February 14th as a special thank you . 




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Lesson 15 in our reading series:

This week our story is
What a Beautiful Sky 
What ca we see in the sky? 

We will learn that sentences have a subject a and a  verb.  We are learning to write our own sentences in class.  
This week in class we continue  learning rhyming words and reviewing letter sounds .  We will also continue  practicing  writing our first and last names.    Please practice with your child daily how to hold the pencil and write his or her name. 

Please check the sight word tab for for this weeks words .

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We will  finish  chapter 7.  We are learning  three  dimensional shapes and patterns .  It is important that you add number words  one-ten color words and shape words to the high frequency word list.  

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   Chapter 12:
We learn about God with our Friends. 
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Students must bring a snack,lunch  and  drinks for the school day , in a labeled lunch box. If you are purchasing lunch please label the coupon with your child's name and be sure to circle the choice. Please put the coupon in your child's lunch bag and put the lunch bag in their folder.  If your child attends aftercare please send an extra snack labeled Aftercare.  

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 Kindergarten Students will use the Playground  on a rotating basis.  The rest of the week the students will be outside in the back parking lot.  Please send a small inexpensive toy that your child can play with on these days.  Please be sure it is labeled and fits in their backpack.  

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Dismissal Procedures:
If your child attends aftercare regularly please write a note indicating the days he or she will attend. 
If there is a change in your dismissal procedure please send a note explaining how he or she will get home.
 ex : car rider/ school bus

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All supplies of crayons , tissues and baby wipes are community property and will need to be replenished during the school year.  

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 I am looking forward to working with you and your child.  My email address is 
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