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High frequency words will be introduced and posted. Please 
create flash cards for your child. They need to memorize these words. 
Our Story this week is lesson 21: Zin Zin Violin 
Please review high frequency words daily with your child the list will begin to grow quickly in the new year. 
High Frequency words : I Like the and see we to a  short  a is on my stop  go no yes love  come me for not my with  you and what are now  from find but came on this
will into your be that who go here soon for they up  short a e i o u  (Word Families)  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 

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Students will be reviewing counting numbers. We will continue adding and subtracting using a number line .   We will begin  Chapter 9 in the Go Math math series. Please create addition flash cards with sums and differences up to 10 for your child to memorize. Please be aware I will now be leaving completed work in the students work books. It is in preparation for first grade !  

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The students will learn about how Jesus wanted us to treat and care for one another . We will be discussing why we go to church and need to pray. 



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