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Welcome to Kindergarten!

  We are having a fun filled year with your children.  Kindergarten is a wonderful time in your child's life.  They grow and learn new things everyday.
 I'm sure your child will love their years of learning at St Mary's too!

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Weekly Information

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 A Day     Library

  B  Day     Art      
 C  Day    Music   
                     D Day Spanish and Performing Arts 
                    E Day     Technology and Skills
 F Day    Phys. Ed.

Week of June 12th


Kindergarten Graduation will be on June 13th in the school auditorium at 1 pm. Bring your camera. Your children have practiced very hard to make this day special.  

Summer Birthday's
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If your child has a summer birthday and would like to celebrate it in school, then please send me a note to let me know what day next week you would like to celebrate it.
It has come to my attention that there are several children who took home the wrong jackets last gym day. Please check your child's jacket and see it if belongs to them. All jackets should be labeled with their name. Thank you!
 The reader will be going home on Thursdays.  Review Book 2 
Please make sure you have your child cut the review words that were sent home with the progress report, and glue them on index cards.  Build a word library with them. Keep them in a baggie in a safe place.  The children will be tested on them.

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Lunch Program 
Make sure your lunch order is in the baggie that was provided.
Do not mix other money in that baggie.  It is only for lunch and pretzels.

Before Care and After Care begins this week.
Be sure to let me know the days your child will be attending.


In your child's folder you will see their homework notebook and Math booklet. The children need to complete the letter pages each night.  The math booklet will be due on Friday.  Work nightly with your child to assure accuracy. Parents are asked to sign their child's homework everyday. 

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Please check out our Photo Gallery by tapping on the link to the left!

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 The children are practicing letters in their workbook.  Please review their letters at home.  I am working with them to form the letters correctly and write on the line.

We learned the words I, and, like, the, and see.  Please practice these words at home with your child.

Practice these words at home .  Have fun making sentences!  We will be testing the children on these words as well as the sounds of letters.We will be learning rhyming patterns too.  We also are having fun doing lots of Fall activities!

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In kindergarten Math we will be learning to count, and write numbers 1-20.  Please review with your child at home.  We will work daily to strengthen these skills.  Practice counting with your child. We are also learning greater than and less then.  Review these concepts at home.

Snack and Lunch

The children are bringing in lunch coupons and pretzel coupons.  Please make sure the coupons are always in their folder. 



The children will be learning about God Our Father.  Practice the Our Father and the Hail Mary 

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