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   Kindergarten is a wonderful time in your child's life.  They grow and learn new things everyday.
 I'm sure your child will love their years of learning at St Mary's too!

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Weekly Information
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Our Class Schedule
A Day- Library
B Day- Music
C Day-Gym
D Day-Spanish
E Day-Technology and Art
F Day-Performing Arts
 Please follow the school calendar to keep track of letter days.  We follow an A-F day schedule.

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This week we will read "Move". We learned the words I, like,the, and, see, we.  This weeks word is "a"
.  If your child has a favorite story, send it in.  We will read it together.  We are also working on the beginning sounds of words.
In both Kindergarten classes (KA and KB)
we read the days of the week, the number words, the weekly sight words, and  the months of the year.

It has come to my attention that some parents think we don't do them in both classes.  We do!  Your child can tell you that we review and sing these words daily.  
Here are the words that we review daily:
One, two, three, four, five
September, October
Red, brown, blue, yellow, green, orange,black, white and pink
Our Reader will go home this week.  Have your child read the lesson with you.  Return the book tomorrow.

In math we are learning numbers #1-10.  Practice counting and writing numbers at home. We are also learning greater than and less than.  

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November 15th-Progress Reports go home
November 17th-Casual Dress Down Day $2.00
Parents Association Trivia Night is Nov. 17th, at 7pm  Adults only.
Hope to see you there!

Crayons, tissues and wipes are community property.  That means we share everything.

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Lunch Program 
Make sure your lunch order is in the baggie that was provided.
Do not mix other money in that baggie.  It is only for lunch and pretzels.

Before Care and After Care is everyday.
Be sure to let me know the days your child will be attending.

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Please check out our Photo Gallery by tapping on the link to the left!


The children will be learning about God Our Father.  Practice the Our Father and the Hail Mary 

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