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Children may bring Valentine's to school for their friends on Valentine's Day. There are 15 students in the class. I ask that each child who brings Valentines to school brings one for each child. Please do not address them to each student, just sign them from your child. This will make the distribution easier.

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Anyone who missed Kindergarten graduation pictures or was not happy with the pictures will need to call Sandcastle Photography to have them re-taken. The re-takes will be on February 18th at Sandcastle. The phone number is :

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Our class is running low on paper towels, tissues and baby wipes. We would appreciate any donations of these items you are able to make.

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Please make sure your child has all of his/her books in school. I will store the unit 2 books in my closet. Anyone who does not have their books must check with their district. We are using our books and the children all need to have them in school.

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Winter uniforms must be worn each day. Please make sure your child is in full uniform.

    Check your child's folder daily for any important information!
Kindergarten Class Schedule
Tuesday-Skills & 
Thursday-Music & 
Science Lab
Friday-Art &
Phys. Ed.


Our new words will be "are and now".  We will review our high frequency words and continue to recognize the letters and sounds of the alphabet. We will practice writing letters and continue using rhyming words and learning that nouns name people, places, things and animals and that verbs are action words. We will learn what middle sounds are and name what we hear. We will also talk about synonyms and antonyms. This week we will also learn about capitalization and punctuation. Children are learning to blend sounds to make words and learning to read word families. We have learned the short a sound and we are learning to write sentences. Our stories this week will focus on what we see in the sky.


    We will continue chapter 7 which will focus on comparing two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.


We will  learn that "Friends and Families are Special Gifts from God."

We will continue to learn about weather and the seasons.

Social Studies

We will learn about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

 Please remember to check the homework page and your child's folder each night for homework assignments.


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