ST. MARY SCHOOL


APRIL 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

    SPRING!  All creation seems to “sing” as everything comes alive and experiences a rebirth from the cold dismal days of winter. It is a season that is rejoicing with life.

    Allergy season swings into full gear this time of year. It is VERY IMPORTANT that if your child suffers from allergies/asthma that the medication they take to prevent a serious episode is taken as directed by your doctor. If your child needs to use any breathing medication (inhaler, nebulizer), please make sure that it is available here at the health office in the event that it becomes necessary to use during the school day. Gym classes are held outside and the students actively participate so having these medications on hand is vital. If your child suffers from any reaction to bug bites or bee stings, please notify me. It can be a life threatening situation if the reaction is severe enough.

      In preparation for September 2019-2020 school year, there are certain immunization requirements for students entering school. All students entering sixth grade MUST receive the Tdap vaccination. All students entering seventh grade are required to receive the meningitis vaccine.   Students must show proof of having received these vaccinations. A form will be going home that specifically addresses these requirements. Please check with your pediatrician for any concerns or questions regarding this matter. Physicals are required for all new students and students in pre k, kindergarten, first, third, fifth, and seventh grade.   If there are ANY medical concerns, I will be sending home the necessary forms.

    Pediculosis capitas is not a favorite topic of discussion BUT in a school setting it does come up every now and again; LICE. Please remind your daughters to keep long hair tied up and not swinging in the wind. Please do not share head gear of any kind nor “borrowing” of hair brushes/accessories.

If involved in activities out of school with other children, teach your kids to follow simple steps of prevention. If there are ANY questions or concerns, a call to the health office is always appreciated.

    Thank you for your assistance and support. Blessed Easter to all.


Stephanie K. Psomas RN