St. Mary

Health Office

April 2017 Bunny and Egg

Dear Parents/Guardian,

    SPRING! It is hard to believe that we are looking to celebrate spring; the school year is rapidly passing. What a wonderful time of year where all of nature seems to awaken from a long winter’s nap and everything comes alive.  

    There are still several students in need of a physical.  This is a state mandated requirement for all students in pre-k, kindergarten, second, fourth, seventh and those new to the school.  A reminder letter was sent home.  If your child was examined by your family doctor, please send in the form. If you do not have your child examined by your family doctor, the school doctor will do the physical and you will have to go to his office in Bayport.  All physicals MUST be in the health office no later than May 1st. If a physical is not done, your child can be excluded from school for non-compliance as this is a NEW YORK state requirement.         

   Students entering sixth grade will be required to receive a Tdap vaccination and a second varivax (chicken pox).  A form letter will be sent home for you to take to your pediatrician to sign and date, and then return to the health office. Kindergarten entrants also will be required to have a second varivax vaccination.  If you have any questions about these or other vaccines required for school attendance, please consult your pediatrician.  Seventh grade students are also required to receive the meningitis vaccine. Please consult with your pediatrician about these shots.

    Growing up.  Boys and girls in the fifth grade are beginning to

blossom and develop into young men and women.  At the end of the month, a film about puberty will be presented to the boys and girls.  Mr. Casali, the gym teacher, will conduct the presentation for the boys and I will conduct it for the girls.  Date and time will be announced and a letter that will go home with the details.

    As the warm weather approaches, children are outside enjoying the outdoors.  If your child suffers from any medical condition (allergies, asthma, bee stings, etc.), please let me know.  There are medical conditions that can be life threatening and it’s important to know any information that will ensure the safety and well being of your child while in school.

    Thank you for all the assistance and cooperation that you give me in order to ensure the safety and well being of your children while in school. I do appreciate all that you do to help me do my job efficiently and effectively.  I wish all the families and students here at St. Mary a blessed and glorious Easter. GOD BLESS.


Stephanie K. Psomas RN