MAY 2017

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Dear Parents/Guardian,

    May is upon us yet it seems like yesterday that we were starting a new school year. The months have flown by and we wonder where did the time go? This newsletter contains some important information in preparation for the upcoming school year.

     Physicals are a state mandated requirement for ALL students in pre kindergarten, kindergarten, second, fourth, and seventh grades.  Physical forms will be sent home for these students. Please make an appointment now with your pediatrician in order to have the required physical.

     Tdap is a vaccination that is mandated for ALL students entering sixth grade. This is a prevention vaccine for pertussis; otherwise known as whooping cough. A form will be sent home with all fifth grade students in preparation for this requirement.  Varicella, otherwise known as chickenpox, is mandated for all students in kindergarten and sixth grade. Meningitis is now a mandatory vaccination for all students entering the seventh grade. Please discuss these and any other vaccination requirements with your pediatrician. Forms will be sent home in order to document the vaccination date.

     The eighth grade trip is rapidly approaching.  A medication form will be sent home with every student in eighth grade.  If your child takes ANY KIND of medication, whether it be daily or on an as needed basis (example: Tylenol, Advil), this form MUST be filled out and returned to the homeroom teacher WITH the necessary medication NO LATER than May 31st. There will be NO medication accepted after that date. If your child needs ANYTHING please send in the form and medication by that date.  If you have any questions, please call the health office.

    The warm weather arrival has health concerns unique to the temperature change.  The students are outdoors and windows are left open in classrooms.  If your child has any medical concerns such as heat intolerance, bug bite reactions, breathing difficulties, etc. please make me aware of these issues.  I advise the students to pack a water bottle and make sure it stays filled during the school day in order to ensure they stay hydrated during the warmer weather.

     Once again, this is a friendly reminder about our head friends otherwise known as lice. Lice can be a year round issue.  Please make sure your child takes the important measures of prevention. Encourage NO SHARING of toys, head gear, or hair ornaments. Girls keep hair tied up in braids, ponytails or in a bun on top of the head. Please do not have hair flying in the wind. Remember, NO HUGGING!  If necessary you can give your friend a high five. When outdoors playing in common tick hot spots, please take the necessary precautions to prevent a tick bite.  Please contact the Suffolk County Health Department if you have any questions or concerns regarding this. You can also go to their website.

      I thank you for all the help and assistance you give me regarding your children. The cooperation I receive helps to ensure the safety and well being of your child during school hours. If you have any questions or concerns, please do no hesitate to call the health office.



Stephanie K. Psomas RN