St. Mary School

Health Office

February 2017

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Dear Parents/Guardian,

     Well, winter has arrived and hopefully it will take away the cold, wintry weather quickly. I wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day. Winter recess is right around the corner and I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing week home from school.  

     There are students who have not had a physical done by their doctor. Physicals are required for all students in pre-k, kindergarten, second, fourth, seventh and all new students. I have sent reminder letters home because this is a New York State mandated requirement. Please have the completed physical form into the health office no later than April 24. A child can be excluded from school for non-compliance.  If you have any questions, or conflict with your health insurance, please inform me.

     Scoliosis screening has been completed. The screening was conducted on all students in grades five, six, and eight.  If there was a concern, a referral letter was sent   home. Please make sure you follow up with your pediatrician. It is important that any concerns are addressed and evaluated by your doctor.

     If your child develops any new medical concerns, please inform me.  If your child is on ANY kind of medication, please let me know. In order to help ensure your child’s safety and well being while in school, this information is very important and it helps me to better take care of your child.

     I have included with this month’s newsletter WHEN TO KEEP YOUR CHILD HOME FROM SCHOOL.  Please make sure you read the important guidelines listed and follow them.  When you send a sick child to school, not only are you compromising your child,, but you are putting the other students AND staff in jeopardy of also getting sick.

    I don’t like to sound like a broken record, BUT, please reinforce to your child the importance of NOT sharing head gear and keeping all hats/coats separate from other children.  This should also be adhered to when your child attends after school activities, attends girl scouts/boy scouts events, participates in sleepovers, or any place where there is head to head contact. Unfortunately, lice have become resistant to certain pediculosides that have been used in the past to treat them. If you have any concerns or questions, please give me a call.

     Thank you for your help in taking care of your children while they are here in school. I greatly appreciate the assistance.  If you ever have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to call the health office.



Stephanie K. Psomas RN