St. Mary

Health Office

Summer Newsletter



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  1. All students new to the school, entering kindergarten, second, fourth, and seventh grade are required by state law to complete a physical examination by their family physician. Pre K students are also required to have a physical for the new school year.
  2. All new entrants must provide a complete up to date immunization record signed by their family physician.  Immunizations are mandatory for school admission unless your child has a medical/religious exemption.  Please check with your pediatrician for new vaccination requirements for school entry.
  3. Please call the health office by 8:30 am if your child is going to be absent from school.  A note explaining his/her absence must be sent in to the homeroom teacher upon their return back to school.
  4. Please complete and return the emergency cards to the health office in a timely fashion.  This information is important in the event your child becomes ill and a parental contact is necessary.  Please make sure that a SECOND contact is listed in the event the primary person can’t be located.
  5. A health questionnaire will be sent home at school’s beginning and it is important to return the form promptly.
  6. DO NOT send children into school with medication of ANY kind.  All medication must be accompanied by a physician’s order.  The form can be obtained in the health office and MUST be signed by a physician and a parent or guardian.  Medication must be brought into the health office by the parent or guardian in a properly labeled container.  If medication needs to be given on an as needed basis, it must have a physician’s permission in order to give it at school.  NO

    MEDICATION will be given in school unless a physician has given permission to give during school hours.   

  7. Inhalers must be kept in the health office.  Students are not allowed to carry an inhaler in their backpack or on their person.  If a child is self- directed, a form is available in the health office and must be filled out by student, parent, doctor, principal, and nurse.  If a student has an inhaler and it is not recorded in the health office, the inhaler will be removed from the student’s possession and remain in the office until a form is filled out or parent comes to pick up inhaler.
  8. Please notify the school nurse in the event of ANY health changes or concerns regarding your child.  A medical concerns list is shared with the teachers in the beginning of the school year to make them aware of any health issues a student may have.  Please feel free to contact the health office with any concerns or questions or stop by.


I look forward to meeting you and making your acquaintance.  I hope that it will be a healthy, productive, and enjoyable school experience here at St. Mary.  Welcome!



Stephanie K. Psomas RN