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  Welcome to the wonderful month of June!   This month we will be very busy preparing for our graduation!

     During the month of June, we will prepare for graduation and celebrate our dads.  We will continue saying our prayers and learning about God.  We will have our end of the year party.  More information will be sent as it gets closer.

    Summer will arrive this month and we can’t wait. We will go outside whenever the weather permits.  Please remember to have your child dress in comfortable clothes for the playground. (Please do not send your child to school in flip flops.)   Continue to send in an extra set of clothes each day in your child’s backpack.  This should include underwear, socks and shoes, as well as an outfit.  Please check to make sure the clothes still fit your child. This will help when accidents occur.

     I ask that you continue to practice having your child recognize his/her name and the colors, shapes, numbers and letters we have learned this year. The children should continue to practice cutting at home. During the summer months, it is important that you read with your child.  Doing these things will help prepare them for the wonderful world of Pre-K!

     I am so grateful that I was able to spend this year with your children! It has been a pleasure working with them.  I will miss them! Happy summer!


       Mrs. Hoffmann

Dates to remember:                                                                                      

June 3, 2017- Donuts for Dads

June 12, 2017-Last day of Nursery  

June 13, 2017-Nursery Graduation-10AM                                                                                   



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