Important News

This week our story is "Jake's 100th Day of School".  We will be celebrating the 100th day of school all week.  Anything you would like to bring in that has to do with the number 100 please do.  It can be 100 items, a book about the 100th day, make a picture that has 100 on it.    
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We had a nice visit from our Mystery Reader, Caden's mom.  We loved the story, the moose puppets we made, and the lollipop was a nice surprise!

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Our letter of the week is "L" for Love and Lincoln.  We will be talking about presidents this week and friendship!  We enjoyed are "g" words.  Some of them were Goofy, goldfish, and gum.
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Happy Valentines to everyone!

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Hope everyone has a great President's Week!  We hope Rhys and Maya enjoy their birthdays when we are off next week!
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The Taste Of The Town is the end of March and it is a great fun event at Fat Fish.  The class baskets are wonderful at this event!  Please turn in your basket donation to Mrs. Schaper by March 1st!   As always thanks for all your support   

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