Social Worker

February 2017 Mrs. Kwasnick – Social Worker 

From the classroom…

During the month of January grades K-5 finished their second lesson in our Bullying Prevention Program. The students focused on the ‘Reporting’ step of the program. Students learned when it is necessary to report, why it is necessary to report, and who they should report to. The ‘Reporting’ step evolves from the students taking their feelings of empathy and putting them into action, therefore showing compassion. We focused on the concept that everyone deserves to be treated with RESPECT and made to feel safe in their school environment. The students are ready to put their ‘Up-stander’ skills to use!

To go along with our topic of reporting, I want to pose this question to you. Does your child feel heard? Test this question out, go ahead and ask them. Some of you may be surprised to hear that they respond “no.” As adults, life is busy  so it can be easy to overlook the everyday details of our children’s lives, but as the quote above shares, their everyday details are big to them. We all need a listening ear, so if you are not doing the listening your child will find someone who will. Let’s look at a few ideas for maintaining that listening role in your child’s life:

Ask them to share the best and worst part of their dayAsk them to give you details. If they have a problem that needs to be solved, ask them to share their ideas for solutions first. Make eye contact when they are talking with you. Create an environment that is one-on-one time. Avoid interrupting them. Thank them for reaching out to you.