Social Worker

March 2017 – Social Worker

Mrs. Kwasnik


P.S. I Love You Day

I am so proud of everyone that participated in our P.S. I Love You Day celebration. Despite our snow day and having to reschedule our awareness activities, the event was a success! Our Nursery – 3rd grade enjoyed hearing the story “Because Amelia Smiled,” which showed how one persons’ smile and kindness can travel the whole world. Nursery and Pre-K are spreading their ‘sunshine’ through acts of kindness, while K-3rd created their kindness chain out of acts of kindness that they pledged to perform. 4th and 5th grade collaborated in groups to create their acts of kindness posters on their Chrome books and presented them to their classmates. 6th-8th watched the Kindness Boomerang video and wrote letters of appreciation to people that have made a difference in their lives…maybe you were blessed enough to be the recipient of one of these letters! Everyone enjoyed their time in our ‘photo booth’ along with sporting their purple, showing their support for the day of awareness!

Remember to always show every individual that they are loved, needed in this world, and absolutely amazing!

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During the month of February we continued to work on our Bullying Prevention Program in grades K-5. The students focused on the ‘Refuse’ step of the program. Students learned about and practiced how to use their assertive and respectful voice to ‘Refuse’ bullying. The ‘Refuse’ step builds upon the ‘Reporting’ step. The students know that after they ‘Report’ bullying they can then ‘Refuse’ bullying that is happening to them or to another student.

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