Special Classes



AIS:  Welcome back to school!  I hope your summer was filled with many blessings and lots of fun.  The Horizons reading program is designed to build reading skills, such as phonics, spelling, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.  Students who were in the Horizons reading program last school year will continue to build their skills this year.  First graders who enter the program for the first time this year will receive a permission slip.  I look forward to meeting you!


ART: A new school year is here! Welcome back, it is going to be a very exciting school year in art. We will be creating many new projects using different mediums. Get ready to learn all about different artists!


MEDIA: Welcome back to school!  I look forward to seeing you in the library! We have a great year ahead of us and many new books and eBooks to enjoy! What was the best thing you read this summer? How about giving us a podcast about it or a book review!

MUSIC:  Welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a great  summer. Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten can look forward to starting the school year by exploring nursery rhymes through singing and movement; experience call and response through echo singing; and build confidence in singing through repeated practice. First graders will learn to distinguish between beat and rhythm in a series of games and lessons on hand drums.  Second and third graders will learn to identify the notes on the musical staff.  Students in grades 4th and 5th can look forward to starting our new recorder program. Middle school students will be studying the piano and composition on a variety of new songwriting apps for the iPads. Please check the music web page for information on sign-ups for Choir and Bell Choir.


PHYSICAL EDUCATION: I am so glad to be at St. Mary’s School. I hope you are as well! I look forward to a  year of fun with all of you! We will start out the year with a soccer unit for the students in grades 3-8, and an introduction to fitness and tag unit for the students in grades k-2. The nursery and pre-k students will be learning about personal space and how to move safely in the gym without bumping into each other.


SPANISH: ¡Bienvenidos!  Welcome Back! I hope you all enjoyed your summer vacation!  This month we will review the topics and vocabulary we learned in “español” last year!  I am sure this will be a wonderful and enriching year in Spanish!


TECHNOLOGY:  It’s so good to see you back in school.  I’m looking forward to sharing some exciting projects and skills with you that build on what we did last school year. Students in grades K-3 will be working on their skills within Microsoft Word. Grades 4-8 will utilize web-based tools like Google Docs and Google Slides and engage in fun and interesting project-based learning.

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