Special Classes



ART: I am so proud of all my students, especially the class of 2019! Congratulations graduates on a job well done! This month we will be wrapping up any unfinished projects. Be on the lookout for next year’s calendar. You may recognize the artwork representing one of the months. Please continue using your skills learned in class and have a blessed summer!

MEDIA: Please check at home to see if you have any books that belong to our school library.  St. Mary School library books have a bar code on the back inside cover.  We have had a wonderful time in the library this year getting lost in our books! Many thanks again to all the students and parents who participated in our two Book Fairs this year! Continue to embrace your love for reading over the summer!! Reading while at the beach, poolside, or while traveling are perfect ways to let your imagination shine!  Have a happy and safe summer!

MUSIC: Thank you to everyone who participated in our Spring Choral Festival, as well as the Performing Arts Club performance of Disney’s, Frozen Jr. I’d especially like to thank the 8th graders for their kind words and gift! This month, grades Nursery through Kindergarten will continue rehearsing for their upcoming graduations. Best wishes to all of our graduates! I hope everyone has a happy and safe summer!


PHYSICAL EDUCATION: The students in grades 4-8 have completed the physical fitness test in its entirety, and will begin to have their choice of activities as we close out the school year.  We learned a new game- “Australian Kickball” and now for the next few classes’ volleyball, basketball, and soccer will be set up outside and the students can choose the activity they wish to participate in. The students in nursery through grade 3 will finish out the year with some fun cooperative team games. It was such a pleasure teaching my first year here at St. Mary’s!  I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

SPANISH: Fifth graders will practice how to write “fecha” dates. Students from grade Fourth will conclude our project ”El menu”.   Third grade  will practice “Los numeros 1-100” through math problems.  Second graders will work on “La ropa”. Finalmente, First graders will learn “La comida”.  I would like to thank all of you for your support this school year. Also, wish you a happy and safe “verano”.

TECHNOLOGY:  Students in grades three through eight did a wonderful job learning about Google Classroom, Docs, Forms, and Slides.  I am so proud of students in grades four through eight for continuing to grow in their Chromebook abilities and especially to grade three as our newest Chromebook users! All students did a wonderful and responsible job managing their Chromebooks this year. Kindergarten, first and second grade continue to learn how to log onto the computer, navigate Google Chrome and utilize many tools found in Microsoft Word. Congratulations to the Graduating class of 2019!  



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