Special Classes


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AIS:  Students who participate in the Horizons program are making great progress!  Grade 1 is starting to use letter combinations in decoding.  Grade 2 students are becoming more independent with story reading.  Students in grades 3 and 4 are developing in automaticity, fluency, as well as reading comprehension. Keep up the great work! J

ART:  Congratulations to all students who had their artwork shown at the Art Show on January 30th!  This month, students are continuing to learn about the elements of art and principles of design.  Nursery through 2nd grade is working on projects that help with fine motor coordination.  Third through 7th grade is working on sculpture projects.  Eighth grade is learning color theory and painting techniques.  To continue to help with clean-up, please send in a pack of hand-wipes.  Thank you!

MUSIC: In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, early childhood classes will learn “That’s Amore” in addition to our continuing studies in musical opposites.  Students in grades 4 and 5 will continue their recorder studies. Fifth graders will be beginning playing in 2 and 3 part harmonies. Sixth through 8th graders will continue their introduction to piano.  They will practice improvising simple melodies to a pre-recorded accompaniment.  They will also learn basic chords to accompany each other. 

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: In the month of February, the students in the middle school are beginning a basketball unit that will conclude with a tournament. The students to this point have learned the proper way to dribble, shoot, and execute both the chest and bounce passes. The elementary level students are also beginning a basketball unit that will have them developing the skills of the game. The nursery and pre-k students are working on tag games, and are progressing nicely in their abilities to perform loco-motor tasks. The students will learn more challenging tag games and continue to work cooperatively with their classmates.   

SPANISH:  Fifth graders will continue working on “la comida”, and they will create a “menu of the day”. Fourth grade will continue learning members of the family, and they will do a “family tree”. Third graders will play guessing classroom objects. Second grade will be practicing math operations, addition & subtraction from numbers 1 – 20. First graders will identify everything in a “salón”.  

TECHNOLOGYIn technology this month, students in Kindergarten through second are working on algorithms.  They are learning how the computer "thinks" and, in turn, students are interacting with the technology accordingly.  Students in third through fifth grade are learning further tips and tricks in Google Drive and Google Classroom.  Students are specifically focusing on Gmail and Google Slides.  In grades six through eight, students are working on becoming appropriate digital citizens in our technology-based society.  Students are learning what it means to be a functioning digital citizen in today's society along with how to behave in a digital world.  This information is very important for all students because they will need this information in order to begin our introduction to coding later on in the year.

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