Special Classes




AIS: The students who work in the Horizons program have come such a long way this year! I am so proud of everyone! There was significant improvement shown in both decoding and reading comprehension skills. The students continue to work toward grade level and mastery of basic skills. Remember to keep reading over the summer!! Enjoy, and be safe!! J

MEDIA: Please remember if you have any St. Mary School library books at home they must be returned. We have had a wonderful time in the library this year getting lost in our books!  Continue embracing your love for reading over the summer!! Reading while lying on the beach, poolside, or while traveling are perfect ways to let your imagination shine!  Happy Reading!

MUSIC: Thank you to everyone who participated in our Spring Choral Festival last month, especially to the 8th graders, for their kind words and gift! This month, grades Nursery through Kindergarten will continue rehearsing for their upcoming graduations. Also, grades 4th and 5th will be doing a short recorder performance at the SMS Follies on June 6 in the auditorium. I wish everyone a happy and safe summer! 

PERFORMING ARTS: Thank you for a fabulous year! The Early Childhood Dance Program did a beautiful job at their recital “The SMS Follies.” Our school production of Disney’s The Lion King was an experience beyond words! The performances were truly remarkable. Congratulations to all the students involved! Performing Arts Club, Cubby Choir and the Stage Crew were excellent!  Thank you to everyone who came out to support your friends and family in this wonderful school tradition.  It proves that we have an amazing school community that supports each other’s efforts and our school!  We have an incredible program here at St. Mary School with amazingly talented children.  I am so proud of all of their accomplishments!

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: The students have been working hard to finish the fitness test, to achieve the scores necessary to earn one of the fitness awards. Over the course of the year the students in grades 3-8 have completed the mile run, the sit and reach stretch, push-ups, sit-ups, and shuttle run and those that have qualified for the awards will be receiving those shortly. The students in the younger grades will be finishing out the school year playing games that will continue to further develop their locomotor skills as well as their ability to play respectfully with others.

SPANISH: Second graders will learn and practice “the days of the week”. The 3rd grade classes will practice the numbers 0 – 100 as a dictation exercise and will write them. The 4th graders will end with “la familia” and 5th graders will end with “time & colors”.  I wish all of you  a happy and safe “verano” and,  I hope to see you “próximo año escolar” 2017-2018.

TECHNOLOGY:  Students in grades three through eight did a wonderful job learning about Google Classroom and Gmail.  I am so proud of students in grades four through eight taking on the challenge of mastering their Chromebooks this year!  At first, it was tricky but all students managed to do a wonderful and responsible job managing their Chromebooks.  First grade and second grade are working in a virtual classroom called  If students remember their “secret” pictures/words, they can login to our virtual classroom at home by going to my website!  I am overjoyed that Kindergarten has successfully, and confidently, learned to login to the St. Mary School desktop computers.  This month, they are working on their reading skills.  Congratulations to all on another fantastic year!  Thank you for making my first year at St. Mary’s School so wonderful and welcoming.  I wish you all a relaxing summer! =)