Special Classes





AIS:  Students in Horizons program continue to make amazing progress in decoding and reading fluency.  Grade one students are continuing to learn new letter and letter combinations sounds, which include long vowels. They will also be introduced to using quotation marks. Students in grade two and three are continuing to work on comprehension skills and reading fluency. 


ART: Happy Spring! Flowers are in bloom in art class. Students are making flowers in an array of different media. Kindergarten is making 3-D hyacinth flowers. First graders are finishing up their clay frogs. Students in third to fifth grade are working on a Country-Wide Americanism poster contest. Sixth grade is learning about Indian art and making henna hands on paper. Eighth-grade learned about Aboriginal artwork and are designing their own, inspired by some of the native artworks they’ve seen. We are in need of hand wipes to help with cleanup. If you can, please send in a pack of hand wipes. It is much appreciated. :)


MEDIA: We are welcoming spring in library!  We are excited to announce we will be having a Spring Buy One, Get a Book FREE Book Fair!  For every book you buy you get a free book of your choice!  This will be a great time for picking up fun and exciting books to read this summer. The dates for the Book Fair are, April 9th, 10th and 11th.  Each class will have a scheduled time to come to the book fair. More specific details will be sent home! 


MUSIC:  Students in middle school are busy sampling found objects.  They will be creating songs with their homemade sounds. With April showers in mind, early childhood students will learn how to sing rain songs from around the world.  2nd and 3rd graders will create rain storms and tell other sound stories with a variety of percussive instruments.  Choir will begin rehearsing for our spring concert in May. 


PHYSICAL EDUCATION: The students in grades 3-8 are finishing up hockey and will begin the second round of physical fitness testing.  Once completed the students will be playing kickball and capture the flag outside. The students in nursery through second grade will continue working on games that promote teamwork, honesty, and respect towards each other. 

SPANISH: During the month of April, students in Fifth grade will learn “El tiempo y las estaciones”, weather & seasons. Fourth graders will work on “La comida”, food. Students in Third grade will learn “Los números” 1-50, they’ll practice and write them.  Second graders will work on “La casa” & “Cosas de la casa”, house & items in the house. Finally, students in First grade will work on “La familia”, family.


TECHNOLOGY:  During April our students in kindergarten and first grade are continuing to master their fine motor mouse skills as well as getting comfortable with the layout of the keyboard within an online learn-to-type program. Grades 2 through 5 are practicing their research skills and working in word processing systems to restate information gathered from reliable internet sources. Grades 6 through 8 will be utilizing online testing portals to improve their computer-based testing skills as well as designing digital brochures to accurately summarize information found from reliable internet sources.



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