Special Classes




AIS:  The students in grades 1-4 who participate in the Horizons program continue to make steady progress.  Grade one is learning new letter combinations which will assist with decoding skills.  The students in grades two and three are developing in word reading, fluency, and comprehension skills. Grade four is now in the final book in the program. They are reading longer stories which are more of a challenge. Their written responses involve restating the question and writing complete and thorough answers. 

ART:  Throughout March, students will begin to take home their sculpture projects.  Please send your child in with an empty tissue box or shoe box to help package their sculpture projects.  Students are continuing to learn about the elements of art and principles of design as they work on sculptures and paintings.  To continue to help with clean-up, please send in a pack of hand-wipes.  Thank you! 

MEDIA:  The students continue to borrow books from the library each week and now have some new books from our Scholastic Book Fair.  Thank you again for your support of our school. March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday! We will be celebrating by exploring the zany world of Dr. Seuss’s books!

MUSIC:  Middle school students will continue their piano studies throughout the month of March using MIDI keyboards and Garage Band for iPad. While working towards their black belts in Recorder Karate, the fourth and fifth graders will continue learning how to play harmonies with one another on recorder.  Students in grades first through third will begin lessons that incorporate mathematics and reading music notation.

PERFORMING ARTS:  The students have been enjoying the art of yoga. They are learning the basics while being taken on a journey through familiar stories. The Performing Arts Club is doing an amazing job working on our spring musical, The Lion King! This will be an event you don’t want to miss!

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: The students in grades 3-8 have just completed their basketball unit. The younger students learned how to dribble, pass, and shoot, while the older students learned how to participate in half-court and full-court basketball games. The students in kindergarten through second grade have learned the basic concepts and skills of basketball and participated in various games that demonstrate understanding of the skills. In the coming month, the students will begin a hockey unit which will teach them the proper way to hold the stick, pass, and shoot, and will conclude in a tournament.  The students in nursery and pre-k continued working on locomotor movements as well as expanding their knowledge of tag games and cooperative activities.

SPANISH:  Fifth graders will present their “menu of the day” in class. Students in fourth grade will share their “family tree” with their classmates. Third graders will continue working with “classroom objects”.  Second grade will continue practicing writing and listening the numbers and more math problems. First grade will learn some vocabulary of  the  “House”.

TECHNOLOGY:  Students in grades K-2 are learning the beginning stages of computer programming.  Many students are doing a fabulous job with the programming activities!  Grades 3-5 are working in Google Classroom creating legacy books using Google Slides and Google Docs.  These books will be all about the students!  Each homeroom will receive their own class-created book.  Grades 6-8 are also in the beginning stages of computer programming.  They will be working closely with a website called Gamestar Mechanic in order to get used to different programming tips and tricks.  Once students have learned different tips and tricks, they will create their own games.  Students will take part in a grade-level competition.  Will A Homerooms or B Homerooms create the more challenging games?  We will find out!