Sight Words

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Sight words are words that your child must see and read quickly.  They  must be memorized .  The students will get new words weekly.  We ask that you create flash cards and study daily with your child.  I will post all the sight words for you to see.

I, like , the , and 
see, we, to,a 
come, me, with, my, you, what, are, now 
is, of , many ,how,so,where, should, could, where 
find, from ,came,but, this, on
go ,here,soon,for,they,up

Short A word families : at, am ,ag,an, and 
Long A word families :  ake,ame,ay.ate

Short I word families:  ig, it, in, ish 
Long I :  ind, ine, 

Short O wor families : ot, op, 

Please practice :
   color words
days of the week 
number words