Who We Are

In light of our mission, our Beliefs are that St. Mary School will: 

  • Help students build a personal relationship with God.
  • Enable students to experience the Gospel-centered message through service and prayer.
  • Create a Catholic climate that contributes to the formation of students as active participants in the parish and school communities.
  • Engage students to pursue their own intellectual development through critical thinking, innovation, and rigorous curricular standards in order to become problem solvers. 
  • Create learning experiences with the uniqueness of each student in mind.
  • Partner with parents to support students in their learning, as they search for knowledge, meaning, and truth.
  • Develop mutually respectful relationships by providing opportunities for ethical, intellectual, and social growth within the curricular areas as well as extracurricular activities. 
  • Provide a wide range of activities that support social interaction, physical interaction, physical development, and creative expression. 

The Faculty and Staff of St. Mary School