Homework Class 3A


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3A Schedule
Monday: Technology, Skills
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday:Science Lab, Spanish
Thursday: Library
Friday: Physical Education
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Always remember to study basic multiplication facts  !  
Remember Reading Bingo
Students are expected to read daily and return Bingo sheet when they have gotten Bingo
Happy Valentines Day
No Homework today because the school did a great job during Coins for Kids.
Thank you for being so generous!!
The children also received many goodies and treats.  
Journey: worksheet
Sp. Wds 10-18 3x each in cursive
Tomorrow is a Dress Down Day $2
We will have a small Valentine Day Celebration
Students may bring in goodies for their classmates
Journey: p. 187
Sp: words 1-9 on page 190 3x each in cursive 
Math: wkbk. 82

Journey : p.186
Voc: Write meaningful sentences for all Voc. Words
Spelling and Vocabulary Test on Tuesday 2/12
Math: wkbk.p. 181

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