Important News


This week we will be reading books about being thankful.  Any Thanksgiving books you have please share with us. 
We enjoyed the "F" words.  Some of our words were football, Flounder, and flamingo.  Good job Pre-K.  We will be reviewing all previously taught letters this week.  No new letter since it is a short week.       

We enjoyed our visit from Jackson D's dad.  We heard a hilarious story about a donkey and had fun coloring the donkey sheets.  Thanks also for the yummy munchkins.  

We collected 88 food items and Mrs. M. and Mrs. Zahn brought in 12 more to reach our goal of 100 items.  Thanks so much for the food brought in this week from Rhys, Anabelle, Gabriel, Jackson D., Madison, Harrison, Bridget, and Alexa who took the time with her cousin to decorate a large box and fill it with tons of food.  

We will be collecting socks from now until the end of the month. Thanks to Caden, who brought in our first pair!

Wednesday-12:15 pm dismissal
Wishing everyone a blessed and filling Thanksgiving!

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