7-1 Science

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Please click on the "Health Assignments" tab found to the left to access Health assignments.  

Please be prepared for Science.  You should have your Elevate workbook and your science binder every day.  All binders should have 5 neatly labeled tabs: Key Terms, Notes, Labs, Assessments & Health.

Our first test is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, 10/25. 
It will be on the first three sections of Chapter 1.

Please review the following:
         1-Vocabulary ("Key Terms" & lab vocabulary)
         2-Using the Microscope Lab (Ident. parts/functions & last page)
         3-Letter "d" lab (questions)
         4-Extinct Animals (dichotomous key)
         5-Scientists:  Francesco Redi, Carolus Linnaeus, Louis Pasteur
         6-Our 6 most important words (You should know these!)
         7-Viruses, Bacteria & Protists
         8-Domain Graphic Organizer

10/17:  Extinct Animal labs must be signed by Friday, 10/19.

10/5:  Completed Extinct Animal labs are due by Wednesday, 10/10

10/2: There will be a short quiz on Friday on the Parts of the Microscope as well as the functions of each part.

Please return signed
Using the Microscope Lab and Letter "d" Lab by Friday, 10/5.

Sept. 25th:
1-Letter "d" labs are due Thursday.
2-Just a reminder that all Book Order Form labs must be signed.

Sept. 20th: 
1-Signed "Book Order Form" labs are due tomorrow
2-"Microscope" labs (3 pages) are due Tuesday, 9/25
3-"Letter d" labs are due Thursday, 9/27

Sept. 11th:  Please define all vocabulary & academic vocabulary words on pages 4, 16, 26 & 38 before the start of class on Friday, 9/14.

Sept. 7th: 
No written homework.  Please have binders set up before class begins on Tuesday, 9/11.

September 6th:

Just a reminder---all binders and textbooks must be set up and in school by the start of school on Monday, 9/10.
September 5th:

It was so nice to meet all of you today!
I will see you again tomorrow.
There is no homework tonight :)